Cascadia Glaciers31.1925.81.5470.0
Haviland Dragons31.0725.93.5450.1
Canberra Kangaroos30.6426.36.5380.6
Portland Rosebuds30.3626.64.5330.8
Peshastin Pears29.4727.53.5171.7
D.C. Balk29.3927.61.5161.8
Pittsburgh Alleghenys28.3328.67.4972.9
Flint Hill Tornadoes27.7629.24.4873.4
Salem Seraphim27.2329.77.4784.0
Kaline Drive20.4436.56.35910.8
Old Detroit Wolverines15.8841.12.27915.3

“Whew!” said Dustin this morning, when he looked at today’s standings. “Finally! Ronald Acuña is no longer cluttering up our roster. We can go ahead and take over the league now.”

(Editor: Come now. There is no actual evidence Dustin said anything like this. Admit it: you made that up.)

Look, it’s bad enough to have an expansion team in first place. What does that say about the rest of us? And to do it right after his star player goes on the MLB IL for the rest of the season?

(Editor: I am aghast at your ungracious attitude. Take a deep breath, look at the stats from yesterday… and don’t begrudge the Glaciers their moment in the sun. It may be fleeting, and with them carrying around that huge contract for the rest of the season, and on until 2028… Have some compassion.)

Compassion is what you want? OK, here’s some compassion for you: I feel bad for the Dragons. They only needed a draw with the Glaciers and they could recover their position atop the league. And the Glaciers were not exactly tearing the cover off the ball. Jose Siri and Joey Ortiz each went 2 for 3 with a double and a walk, but the rest of the offense struggled, so the team ended up going .250, .333, .313. Bryan Abreu provided a lone scoreless inning. However, that lone inning was enough to stave off any replacements, and brought the weekly pitching numbers up to 22.6 ip, 2 er, for an ERA of 0.80.

MLB 0.65 v. Canberra 0.35