Standings: End of Week 12 (June 16, 2024)

Normally my sympathy is for the victims of natural (and supernatural) catastrophes like tornados and dragons. But today I find myself sympathizing with the catastrophes themselves.

Haviland Dragons42.9929.01.5970.0
Portland Rosebuds41.1630.84.5721.8
Canberra Kangaroos38.7733.23.5384.2
D.C. Balk37.9434.06.5275.1
Peshastin Pears37.4434.56.5205.6
Cascadia Glaciers35.6736.33.4957.3
Flint Hill Tornadoes35.0037.00.4868.0
Pittsburgh Alleghenys34.9137.09.4858.1
Salem Seraphim31.5740.43.43811.4
Kaline Drive28.2443.76.39214.8
Old Detroit Wolverines22.1149.89.30720.9