Standings: Week 12, game 3 (June 12, 2024)

Portland Rosebuds40.3528.65.5850.0
Haviland Dragons40.2428.76.5830.1
Peshastin Pears37.1931.81.5393.2
Canberra Kangaroos36.5832.42.5303.8
D.C. Balk36.0332.97.5224.3
Cascadia Glaciers33.6535.35.4886.7
Flint Hill Tornadoes33.4335.57.4846.9
Pittsburgh Alleghenys32.4036.60.4708.0
Salem Seraphim30.4838.52.4429.9
Kaline Drive27.7541.25.40212.6
Old Detroit Wolverines21.1347.87.30619.2

By yesterday morning, EFL standings showed Haviland first and Portland second every day since May 31. Today, for the second time this year, Portland is in first place, with Haviland in second. The last time this happened, after games of May 28, it only lasted one day. The Glaciers swooped into first on the 29th, held on for a day, and then got flushed out in a fiery Dragon restoration.

The Glaciers are on the move again (see below), but not currently threatening to usurp first place. The revolution at the top reverberated all the way down the standings. Or at least, the relevant section of the standings. Let’s take these implications one R at a time.

Portland 0.86 v. Canberra 0.14

  • See what I mean about reverberations all the way down the standings? What are the Rosebuds afraid of, that they would go to all that trouble to undermine the LAST PLACE Wolverines?

Rah! Rah! Go T’s!

Flint Hill 1.16 v. MLB (-0.16)

Kaline played well on both sides of the ball, batting .297, .366, .378, and getting 5.7 great innings (1 earned run) from Adam Civale. Relief pitcher Ian Hamilton struggled, chulking with 1 1/3 innings pitched but 3 earned runs allowed,, which brought the Drive daily ERA up to 5.14. With their replacement load standing at 3 ip now, the Drive adjusted ERA for the week is now 3.64.

Pittsburgh’s batters almost matched the Drive (.244, .320, .444), but Allegheny pitchers did not, compiling 10.7 innings and 7 earned runs for a daily ERA of 5.89, which almost doubled the A’s weekly ERA from 1.57 to 2.74. This shoved the A’s under .500 in raw winning percentage for the week.