Standings: Week 15 Final

Portland Rosebuds52.5137.49.5830.0
Haviland Dragons50.2739.73.5592.2
Canberra Kangaroos50.0639.94.5562.5
Peshastin Pears48.8041.20.5423.7
Pittsburgh Alleghenys44.6245.38.4967.9
D.C. Balk43.6346.37.4858.9
Salem Seraphim42.8147.19.4769.7
Flint Hill Tornadoes42.6347.37.4749.9
Cascadia Glaciers40.8449.16.45411.7
Old Detroit Wolverines33.2456.76.36919.3
Kaline Drive32.8557.15.36519.7

  1. We have more than our share of All-Stars: just over half, even though we are just 11 teams and so should have only 34% of them (22). And yet we are still 26.4 games under .500 in our head-to-head matchups against MLB competition. This might mean we are not very good at in-game management. Or, from another perspective, maybe the MLB managers to whom we delegate the in-game management of our players are not very good at it. Or are deliberately undermining us out of fear and prejudice toward us as probably their most formidable upstart competition.
  2. We have 8 of the 18 elected starting position players. We “should” have 6. Each EFL team “should” have about half of one.
  3. Preseason favorite Haviland has the most All-Stars: 6. Each of us “should” have 2. Here’s how we stack up:
    • Haviland: 6, 1 elected to start
    • Pittsburgh: 5, 2 elected to start
    • Portland: 4, 1 elected to start
    • Canberra: 4, 1 elected to start
    • Flint Hill: 3, 1 elected to start
    • DC: 3, 0 elected to start
    • Old Detroit: 3, 0 elected to start
    • Salem: 2, 2 elected to start
    • Peshastin: 2, 0 elected to start
    • Cascadia: 1, 0 elected to start
  4. Kaline has no one at the All-Star game. This is an outrage. The rules clearly require MLB to name at least one player from each team to be an All-Star. This has been a rough week for Kaline fans the world over, their team sliding into the cellar and not quite making it back out (although I think there’s a good chance they will after today’s play). It’s time we rallied around them and stood up for their dignity and rights! Which brings us to…
  • MLB already has Logan Webb and Logan Gilbert on All-Star rosters. Shouldn’t they also add Logan Allen, to represent all the left out Logan Allens in MLB?
  • Or maybe Gabriel Moreno, who has the highest defensive rating of any major league catcher (8.9) and holds his own nicely at the plate (.250, .331, .380)?
  • Or Marcus Stroman, who has pitched 100 innings to a 3.58 ERA?
  • Or Mark Vientos who is OPSing .915?
  • Or someone else I’ve overlooked?