Standings Week 15, Game 5 (July 5, 2024)

Portland Rosebuds51.9037.10.5830.0
Haviland Dragons49.7539.25.5592.2
Canberra Kangaroos49.3239.68.5542.6
Peshastin Pears46.9842.02.5284.9
Pittsburgh Alleghenys44.2244.78.4977.7
D.C. Balk43.9245.08.4938.0
Salem Seraphim42.7146.29.4809.2
Flint Hill Tornadoes42.5546.45.4789.4
Cascadia Glaciers40.7248.28.45811.2
Old Detroit Wolverines32.6756.33.36719.2
Kaline Drive32.1956.81.36219.7

Aggh! I just had a terrible thought! Did they have to kill poor Luis to transform him into an angelic being?

Flint Hill: (-0.17) (1.07 – 3.83)

Look out above! (maybe in August.)