Procedures for eflBay Week

  1. By 6:00 PM on Sunday each owner MUST SUBMIT to the Assistant Commissioner for IT (The ACIT) a nomination of one player and an opening bid for that player. Owners may pass. If the ACIT submits a nomination, he cannot open other owners’ nominations until he sends his own nomination to an owner who has already sent him a nomination.
  2. By 9:00 PM Sunday The ACIT publishes on the eflBay app the names and opening bids for each player. Duplicate nominations will be treated as bids, with the then-winning bid of the highest maximum bid (see subsection 5, below).
  3. Owners may bid using the eflBay app at any time between the publication of the nominations and 7:00 PM on Tuesday, Owners may bid as often as they like on any of the players nominated for that week.
  4. An owner may not at any time be highest bidder on a set of bids that would put the team over its salary cap or its roster limit, after any legal roster moves executable immediately after winning the bid. If the consent of another team is required to execute the roster move, that consent has to be given before the winning bid is made.
  5. Every bid is treated as if it’s the owner’s “maximum” bid. The highest such “maximum” bid is the “high bid.” When bidding is done, the high bidder wins at the lowest bid for that number of years that beats the second-highest bid according to our bidding sheet. Owners can increase their “maximum” bid at any time during the bidding.
  6. (DAVE’S 2024 EXPLANATORY NOTE 1) The program will display a submitted bid at the minimum level needed to pass the existing leader, and store the actual bid as the maximum, as you have noted. So if Joe Schmidlap is currently going for $3M and you bid $5M, your bid will show as $3.25M and your maximum will be recorded at $5M. If somebody else bids $3.5M in an attempt to become the leader, they’ll be told that their bid isn’t enough to take the lead. But your existing bid will be increased by their bid.
  7. (DAVE’S 2024 EXPLANATORY NOTE 2) The program knows nothing about matching rights. If you wish to invoke a matching right, just put in a bid equal to an existing bid. If the existing bid is the maximum for the other guy, then the system will make BOTH of you the leader, and the ACIT will enforce the matching rights by hand.
  8. If an opening high bid goes until 9:00 PM on Monday without being outbid (or matched by an owner with matching rights), the bid is deemed to have won, the player is awarded to the winning bidder at the lowest winning bid, and all bidding on that player ceases. Otherwise, the highest bid as of 7:00 PM Tuesday according to Dave’s eflBay app is the winning bid. The team with the highest bid MUST roster the player. Results will be announced by 10:00 PM Tuesday, March 12.
  9. A second round of eflBay bidding will run from Wednesday through Friday, with the following deadlines:
    • Opening bids are due at 6:00 PM Wednesday and posted by 9:00 PM Wednesday.
    • Opening bids that have not been beaten by 9:00 Thursday will be deemed winning bids.
    • All eflBay bidding closes at 7:00 PM Friday and results will be announced by 10:00 PM Friday.