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Team Date Status Transaction
Salem 2-10-2024 The Seraphim DFA Harold Castro
Haviland 2-4-2024 Jeremiah Estrada and Seth Lugo are listed as free agents but are actually Dragons. ACIT: fixed
n/a 2-4-2024 Expansion Draft Results: #1. CG: M. Wallner, MIN #2. DD: M. King, NYY #3. DD: G. Lux, DD #4. CG: J. Duran, PP #5. CG: N. Lodolo, CIN #6. DD: K. Schwarber, HD #7. DD: C Sanchez, PHI #8. CG: J Siri, TBR #9. CG: J Assad, CHC #10: DD: B Rodgers, COL #11: DD: G. Sheets, PA #12: CG: J Meyers, HOU #13: CG: B Abreu, PR #14: DD: G Canning. LAA #15: DD: B Baty, SS #16: CG: T. Henry, ARI #17: CG: E. Ruiz, CK #18: DD: S Haggerty, SEA #19: DD: B Graterol, LAD #20: CG: D Lynch IV, KCR #21: CG: R Jeffers, MIN #22: DD: N Cortes, NYY #23: DD: J Cronenworth, HD #24: CG: T Walls, TBR #25: CG: T Rogers, PP #26: DD: P Wisdom, CHC #27: DD: J Rogers, DET #28: CG: L Garcia, OD
D.C. 2-4-2024 The Balk DFA catcher Brian Serven. ACIT: Serven is DFA'd. No adjustment needed.
Salem 1-23-2024 Salem trades $500K to Peshastin for Dustin May. ACIT: done
Kaline 1-19-2024 Kaline sends Jose Urquidy and Oscar Gonzalez to FH for $500k. ACIT: Urquidy and Gonzalez are now Tornadoes.
Peshastin 1-19-2024 Trades Luis Patino to Flint Hill in exchange for $500k. ACIT: This sale has been recorded.
Peshastin 1-17-2024 Peshastin cuts Dustin May. ACIT: He's been DFA'd.
Portland 1-17-2024 Trades the rights to Flint Hills first round pick to Salem for Michael Wacha. ACIT: Wacha is now a Rosebud; adjustments added to PR and SS for the 1st round pick.
Haviland 1-15-2024 I noticed Harrison Bader is on the DC roster AND in the free agent draft list. ACIT: fixed, thanks
n/a 1-13-2024 2024 Rule 5 Draft: GC: JT Realmuto (HD) DC: Sixto Sanchez (CK) KD: Connor Joe (HD) PP: Pass (not present) PR: Garrett Crochet (DC) HD: Pass CK: (Pass -not present) SS: Ricky Palacios (OD) PA: Elehuris Montero (DC) FH: Luke Maile (OD) OD: Ken Waldichuk (CK) CG: Nick Senzel (KD) DC - PA: Pass FH: Jo Adel (PP) all pass
Old Detroit 1-6-2024 OD accepts the Cardinals' offer of Richie Palacios for Andrew Kittredge, paralelling yesterday's MLB trade. ACIT: Kittredge is no longer a Wolverine; Palacios has been added to OD's roster on a second-year rookie contract.
Pittsburgh 1-5-2024 The Reds have generously agreed to pay Frankie Montas's salary for 2024. I believe this concludes Pittswburgh's contractual obligations to Montas. COMMMISH: Your debt to Montas has been paid!
Portland 1-4-2024 Trade Luis Arraez to Haviland for Jesus Luzardo. ACIT: The players are moved to their new teams.
Old Detroit 12-28-2023 OD DFA'S Andre Jackson. Frankly, OD forgot it had Andre Jackson signed through 2024. OD thanks Andre Jackson for whatever help he may have been in his one-month Wolverine tenure, and hopes he quickly signs a nice $1.5 million contract somewhere else. ACIT: Jackson has been DFA'd, and a $1500 adjustment entered on the OD salary list.
D.C. 12-22-2023 DFA Drew Rucinski. ACIT: Drew has been DFA'd and a salary adjustment recorded for 2024.
Haviland 12-18-2023 Tsutsugo signed with the Giants so the Dragons are expecting some salary relief. COMMISH: $750,000 in salary relief awarded to Haviland.
Salem 11-30-2023 Request for salary relief for Joey Wendle, who is getting $2M from the Mets. COMMISH: Merry Christmas, Seraphim!
D.C. 11-22-2023 DFA Zach Thompson and Elehuris Montero. ACIT: they've been DFA'd. No adjustments needed since they were on rookie contracts.
Salem 11-7-2023 DFA Joey Wendle. ACIT: Wendle has been DFA'd and an adjustment added to Salem's salary obligations.
Portland 11-3-2023 DFA Greinke. Please retire! ACIT: Greinke has been DFA'd and an adjustment added to PR's salary obligations.
Kaline 10-6-2023 The Drive DFA the Rookies contracts of Reiver Sanmartin, Joe Barlow, Kyle Lewis, and Nick Senzel. ACIT: this quartet has been DFA'd, and their names were added to the Free Agent list.
Pittsburgh 10-5-2023 DFA Frankie Montas. ACIT: he's been DFA'd, a salary adjustment has been added, and Frankie is now on our FA list.
Bellingham 10-4-2023 DFA Myles Straw. ACIT: He's been DFA'd, with a salary adjustment added to BC's list of salary adjustments.
Salem 10-4-2023 The Seraphim, with great sadness, DFA Tony Gonsolin (TJ). And while we're at it, we also DFA Joey Bart (incompetence). Both were on rookie contracts, so we don't have to pay 'em. ACIT: done
Haviland 10-3-2023 Move Jameson to the VIL (TJ surgery) DFA Adam Duvall ACIT: Jameson is on the VIL, Duvall has been DFA'd
Old Detroit 9-2-2023 The Wolverines trade Marcus Stroman to Kaline for Alex Cobb and Kevin Kelly. ACIT: This trade was completed moments before the September draft began.
Salem 9-1-2023 The Seraphim trade Michael Grove to Kaline for Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Kaline sends $4650 to Salem to cover the salary difference. ACIT: this is a terrific trade. Should be a win-win. Players and money have been moved.
Pittsburgh 9-1-2023 Activate Cristian Pache from the VIL. ACIT: done
Portland 9-1-2023 Blalock's salary should be $250K. ACIT: done
Bellingham 8-31-2023 Please place Nestor Cortes, Alex Young, Tommy Henry, Anthony Desclafani on the VIL. and any other pitcher I can think of. ACIT: I sense a bit of attitude in this owner; I completed the VIL transactions nevertheless.
Kaline 8-29-2023 Restore Bouchard and Moreno from the VIL. ACIT: Done
Flint Hill 8-29-2023 It looks like I did not receive money for the Phil Bickford trade... ACIT: fixed. COMMISH: Credit adjusted to $750,000 per long ruling published late on August 31. Subject to re-revision under possible scenarios outlined in the opinion.
Salem 8-29-2023 Remove Ryan Pepiot and Aaron Ashby from the VIL.ACIT: done
Old Detroit 8-28-2023 And while you're at it, also deVILify Chris Paddack for September. ACIT: done
Old Detroit 8-28-2023 Remove Mason Miller from the VIL, making him active for September. ACIT: Miller has been activated.
Flint Hill 8-28-2023 FH trades its 2024 rookie draft exemption to Haviland for Ramon Laureano. ACIT: trade made
Flint Hill 8-28-2023 FH trades Bryan Abreu to Portland for Jon Gray. Portland will continue to pay Gray’s salary and FH Abreu’s. This should be in effect for this week. ACIT: trade made, effective for EFL September. $2500 sent from PR to FH.
Haviland 8-28-2023 Dragons accept the trade of Jack Flaherty, will keep none of the minor leaguers. ACIT: Flaherty is no longer a Dragon. This has a significant impact on Haviland's payroll.
Haviland 8-28-2023 Please move Jonah Heim off the VIL ACIT: done
Haviland 8-27-2023 Should probably know this but: Immediately upon releasing Jake Bauers at the last meeting he was drafted by another owner. Do the Dragons get salary relief? ACIT: Yes indeedy. Done!
Pittsburgh 8-21-2023 The PAs activate Mitch Haniger from the VIL. To make room on the roster they DFA Daniel Palencia. ACIT: Haniger has been activated, and Palencia DFA'd although no room was needed. An adjustment for Palencia's salary was added.
Portland 8-21-2023 activate O'Hoppe from the VIL, dfa Hunter Gaddis to make room. ACIT: O'Hoppe is activated for September, and Gaddis is out. But you didn't need to make room. Adjustment added for Gaddis' salary.
Bellingham 8-4-2023 DFA Corey Dickerson. ACIT: Dickerson has been DFA'd, and adjustments made to BC's payroll.
Portland 8-2-2023 Rosebuds accept the trade of Luis Urias to Boston for Bradley Blalock. ACIT: Made the trade.
Flint Hill 8-2-2023 FH receives accepts the trade of Phil Bickford for cash consideration, this relieving the Tornadoes of their financial obligation to him. ACIT: this transaction was completed by some mysterious, anonymous person before I got to it.
Old Detroit 7-31-2023 Andrew Kittredge is currently being paid twice by Old Detroit. To eliminate the $2250 duplication, please edit the adjustment for Kittredge down to $250,000. ACIT: done
Bellingham 7-30-2023 Bellingham DFA's Garrett Stubbs. COMMISH: done.
Bellingham 7-30-2023 Please Take Jonathan Loaisiga off VIL and return to active. COMMISH: ACIT has apparently been active. This is done.
Haviland 7-30-2023 On second thought DFA Sulser. ACIT has apparently been active. This is done.
Haviland 7-30-2023 Move Sulser to the active roster as he has been activated by the Diamondbacks.COMMISH:This may or may not have been done, but it doesn't matter because Sulser was later DFA'd.
Haviland 7-30-2023 Move Heim to the VIL. ACIT has apparently been active. This is done.
Portland 7-30-2023 trades Ryan Jeffers to Bellingham for Jarred Kelenic. ACIT has apparently been active. This is done.
D.C. 7-30-2023 DFA Chase Anderson. ACIT: And I remember a cruel bidding war for this guy. Sure glad YOU won it. Done. ACIT has apparently been active. This is done.
D.C. 7-30-2023 Take Jose Quintana off the VIL and reactivate. ACIT: done
D.C. 7-30-2023 - Austin Meadows to the VIL - Jesse Chavez to the VIL ACIT: done
Kaline 7-29-2023 Transfer Gabriel Moreno to the VIL in order to get down to 30 players. COMMISH: done
Flint Hill 7-29-2023 Flint Hill trades Luis Castillo, Logan O’Hoppe, it’s 2024 first round pick and $1.5mil to Portland for Shohei Ohtani and Kevin Gausman. ACIT: trade is done, five players, pick, and $1.5M moved.
Old Detroit 7-27-2023 Old Detroit trades Nestor Cortes and $2,000,000 to Bellingham for Mark Leiter, Jr. ACIT: trade is done
Kaline 7-27-2023 The Drive requests to restore Jose Urquidy from the VIL to the active roster as soon as possible. ACIT: Urquidy has been activated for the month of August.
Kaline 7-27-2023 The Drive accepts the trade of Noah Syndergard for Ahmed Rosario and recoups the difference in their salaries. COMMISH: done
Flint Hill 7-27-2023 Flint Hill trades Clayton Beeter, Elehuris Montero, Emmet Sheehan and $1.5mil to DC for Dylan Cease. ACIT: Dylan has ceased to be a Balk and is now a Tornado, and the other three guys are now balking.
Flint Hill 7-26-2023 Flint Hill sends Grissom and Estrada to Haviland for Matt McLain. ACIT: trade done for August roster
Flint Hill 7-25-2023 FH trades Bryan Woo and Brent Honeywell to Peshastin for Kodai Senga and Joe Jacques. However, the Pears will continue to pay Senga and Jacques and the Tornadoes will continue to pay Woo and Honeywell for the 2023 season. I believe the other way to say this is that the Pears are also sending $5,750 in the trade. ACIT: trades made and financial adjustments adjusted.
Flint Hill 7-25-2023 Flint Hill trades Zach McKinstry to Kaline for Bryan Woo. ACIT: they've been traded.
Haviland 7-24-2023 Campusano needs to be activated from the VIL. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 7-24-2023 Braves claim Chirinos off the waiver wire thereby absolving flint hill of its financial obligation to him. COMMISH: The Braves took on a $1,275,000 obligation when they took Chirinos off the waiver wire. The Tornados are entitled to relief from $1,275,000 of their obligation to Chirinos. EFL rule II. A.1.e: e. (refers to veteran contracts, but rookies are treated the same in this regard): The obligations under a Veteran players’ contract endure until they expire by their terms, unless the player dies or retires, or another MLB or EFL team contracts with the player after the player has been DFA’d.. If the player’s salary under the new contract with other team(s) is not at least equal to the player’s salary under his EFL contract, the EFL team remains obligated to pay the balance of the salary above the amount paid by the other team(s). ACIT: $1275 salary relief granted.
Pittsburgh 7-19-2023 Pittsburgh activates Wil Crowe, then DFAs him. ACIT: done
Portland 7-19-2023 remove O'Neill, Zerpa, Lauer, Polanco, Taylor from VIL. DFA Brenton Doyle, Eric Lauer, brandon pfaadt, Dylan Bundy. ACIT: All nine transactions completed.
Bellingham 7-14-2023 Rafael Ortega signs minor league deal with the Mets, Bellingham seeks salary relief. ACIT: $750 relief granted, since it was a minor league contract.
Haviland 7-14-2023 Place Nick Anderson on the VIL. ACIT: done
Kaline 7-11-2023 Move Vince Velasquez to the VIL. ACIT: done
Haviland 7-10-2023 Move Jamesen to the VIL. ACIT: done
Pittsburgh 7-8-2023 Henry Davis finally spent time at catcher last night. Please add a catcher rating to his defense for next month. ACIT: Davis is now rated at catcher.
Pittsburgh 7-8-2023 In the Adjustments section of the Allegheny roster, it appears that they are being charged twice for Darick Hall's salary. If this is confirmed, please restore one of those salary charges to the Allegheny salary pool. COMMISH: The Hall doppleganger has been eliminated.
Haviland 7-4-2023 McLain has played second base so needs a rating. ACIT: McLain is now rated at 2b.
Haviland 7-2-2023 Dragons accept the Chapman trade. We will roster Cabrera and will take Ragans if Salem would like to be free of his contract. ACIT: Chapman is no longer a Dragon; Roni Cabrera has replaced him. Salem says they haven't decided about Ragans yet.
Flint Hill 6-26-2023 I think I should get some money from the Moustakas trade, right? COMMISH: Your debts (to Moustakas) are forgiven!
Flint Hill 6-25-2023 FH accepts the trade for Mike Moustakas between the Rockies and Angels and drops the obscure minor leaguer who was involved (van Scoyoc). ACIT: Done, but I don't know whodunnit.
Bellingham 6-24-2023 DFA Wil Myers: Commish-- Done
Portland 6-24-2023 send Taylor and Polanco to the VIL: Commish
Haviland 6-23-2023 Dragons place Pasquantino on the VIL: Commish
Haviland 6-23-2023 Dragons DFA Urshela: Commish
Haviland 6-23-2023 Dragons trade Gausman to the Rosebuds for Candelario and Carlson. No money is involved so the Dragons will continue to pay Gausman, the Rosebuds will pay Candelario and Carlson. COMMISH: done
Portland 6-23-2023 move eric lauer to VIL and Activate Kepler from VIL
Pittsburgh 6-23-2023 Activate Darick Hall from the VIL. Place Mitch Haniger on the VIL. COMMISH: Done
Old Detroit 6-22-2023 DFA Cody Bolton. Commish: Done
Portland 6-20-2023 Add OF rating to Steer in July, please. Commish: done
Salem 6-19-2023 Salem trades what is left of Shohei Ohtani to Portland for Shane Baz. ACIT: Brilliant! Commish: Effective when July begins (ie, June 26) except also effective for draft purposes at our meeting June 24.
Salem 6-5-2023 DFA Hanser Alberto. ACIT: done
Old Detroit 5-29-2023 Add the following defensive rating: Nolan Jones, 1b.
D.C. 5-27-2023 Ian Anderson to the VIL following TJ surgery. ACIT: done
Portland 5-27-2023 Take Urias off the the VIL, put Kepler on the VIL. ACIT: done
Haviland 5-27-2023 Haviland trades Kelenic to Bellingham for Gausman, salaries go with the players. ACIT: done
Kaline 5-26-2023 Move Victor Robles to the VIL, ACIT: done
Kaline 5-26-2023 Move Reiver Sanmartin to the VIL. ACIT: done
Portland 5-26-2023 Also move O'Neil to the VIL. ACIT: done
Portland 5-26-2023 Move Zerpa to VIL, ACIT: done
Bellingham 5-7-2023 Please return Alex Kirilloff from the VIL.ACIT: done
n/a 5-4-2023 DFAs executed as a result of the May FA Draft: Touki Toussaint, Franchy Cordero, Anthony Banda, Corey Rosier, Jason Vosler, Abraham Toro, Deivi Garcia, and Tommy La Stella.
Haviland 5-2-2023 Urshela has played every infield position this season, not sure if there is a required minimum. COMMISH: Default ratings have been added for 1b (2.0) and 2b (6.0)
Flint Hill 5-1-2023 Drop Robbie Ray and place Logan O'Hoppe on the VIL. ACIT: O'Hoppe is on the VIL and Ray is DFA'd
Kaline 4-27-2023 Put Garrett Mitchell on the VIL. Needs shoulder surgery. ACIT: Mitchell is on the VIL.
Bellingham 4-13-2023 Place Loaisiga on the VIL. ACIT: Loaisiga is on the VIL.
Haviland 4-10-2023 Place Sulser on the VIL. ACIT: Sulser is on the VIL.
Pittsburgh 4-2-2023 Kevin Plawecki signed a minor league contract with Wash. I believe this happened in the right order for Pitt. to gain some small salary relief. COMMISH: The Alleghenys will get $750,000 in relief, until a higher number is documented.
Old Detroit 4-2-2023 DFA Keston Hiura. The W's will have to get their miracle break-through from someone else. COMMISH: The sad deed is done.
Flint Hill 4-2-2023 DFA'd Ljay Newsome without badmouthing him. COMMISH: honored that.
Peshastin 4-2-2023 During the FA draft, DFA'd Willi Castro and said mean things about him, too. COMMISH: Was kind to poor Willi while adding him to the EWW and the FA list.
Kaline 4-2-2023 During the FA draft, DFA'd JT Brubaker and Jake Burger. COMMISH: After the FA draft, added to the FA list and the EWW.
Old Detroit 4-1-2023 Add Jason Vosler from the EWW at the end of the 4-1-23 FA draft. COMMISH: This 29-year-old "Rookie" and his 1.000 OPS (1 for 4 with a triple) is on the OD roster.
Haviland 4-1-2023 DFA Brendan Rodgers & Dylan Coleman. COMMISH: Players DFA's and added to the EWW.
Portland 4-1-2023 DFA Vidal Brujan. COMMISH: Player DFA'd and tossed into the EWW
Canberra 4-1-2023 DFA Justin Bruihl. COMMISH: Player DFA'd and EWWed.
Peshastin 4-1-2023 Peshastin finally abandons hope for Justus Sheffield and drops him. Sheffield was still on a rookie contract, having never helped the Pears in four years. COMMISH: Wordy transaction tersely done.
Flint Hill 4-1-2023 DFA Josh James and Seth Beer. COMMISH: Done. Alas -- you had your roster full.
Haviland 4-1-2023 Also DFA Spencer Howard. COMMISH: Also done.
Haviland 4-1-2023 DFA Jon Heasley and Spencer Boward. COMMISH: Done. Boward is the first EFL player to gain "mythical being" status on the EWW.
Flint Hill 3-31-2023 DFA Khalil Lee. ACIT: done
Pittsburgh 3-30-2023 DFA Kevin Plawecki. ACIT: For this one, the Alleghenys are still on the hook, salary-wise. An adjustment has been entered along with the DFA.
Pittsburgh 3-30-2023 DFA Ryan Vilade, Joey Lucchesi, Lou Trivino, and Garrett Hampson. ACIT: I suppose they formed a barbershop quartet and went out on a concert tour? Fortunately they were all on rookie contracts so you don't have to pay their support since they're now off your team.
Bellingham 3-28-2023 Alex Kirilloff to VIL. ACIT: done
D.C. 3-27-2023 DFA pitcher Hirokazu Sawamura. COMMISH: I saw Sawamura off.
Old Detroit 3-27-2023 Send Scott Effross, Chris Paddock, and Gavin Lux to the VIL. COMMISH: All three have been sent off to recover from their injuries.
Canberra 3-26-2023 Release Cody Stashak. He's on a rookie deal for $1m. COMMISH: Stashak is DFA'd. No adjustment required as he was a rookie. Right, Dave?
Kaline 3-25-2023 Place Cavalli and Bouchard on the VIL for a Very Indeterminate Length of time. COMMISH: The have been indeterminated.
Haviland 3-25-2023 Place Rodgers on the VIL. COMMISH: Mr. Rodgers has been sent back to his neighborhood.
Kaline 3-24-2023 The Drive drops rookie Sean Bouchard, due to possible season-ending shoulder/bicep surgery. COMMISH: REQUEST DENIED. This is not possible, since Bouchard was just drafted and has not been on your roster for at least one season segment.
Kaline 3-24-2023 The Drive drops Cade Cavalli, a rookie SP, who will have Tommy John surgery soon. COMMISH: REQUEST DENIED. This is not possible, since Cavalli was just drafted and has not been on your roster for at least one season segment.
Kaline 3-24-2023 The Drive drops Rookies Andy Ibanez (INF) and Steve Duggar (OF) and Veteran Glenn Otto (former SP). We'll still owe Otto 1750. ACIT: all three have been DFA'd, and an adjustment entered for Otto.
Salem 3-21-2023 Grant the Seraphim some salary relief for Aaron Sanchez, since he has a minor league contract with the Twins. ACIT: done
Portland 3-5-2023 Correct Christian Encarnacion-Strand's salary as a 2099-contract minor-league rookie from $750,000 to $250,000. COMMISH: Done on my own initiative.
Flint Hill 3-5-2023 Correct Brent Honeywell salary to $750,000 rather than $500,000. COMMISH: Did on my own initiative
Peshastin 3-4-2023 DFA Huascar Ynoa. ACIT: Ynoa has been DFA'd. No charge, since he's on a rookie contract.
Canberra 3-2-2023 Move Casey Mize to the VIL. He has been placed on the 60 Day IL by the Tigers. ACIT: Sorry to hear this about Casey. Someday, he'll be good. But for now, he's on the VIL.
Peshastin 2-28-2023 Move Anthony Rendon from injured list to active list. COMMISH: Hey, how come it says "approved" again? I thought it said "recorded" last time. Although I have nothing against Rendon coming back to life and helping the Pears.
Canberra 2-26-2023 Cody Stashak salary should be $1,000,000, not $750,000. Commish: Stashak's pay has been corrected .
Kaline 2-18-2023 The Drive drops lefty reliever for Baltimore (AAA) Darwinzon Hernandez. ACIT: Darwinson has been DFA'd.
Bellingham 2-18-2023 DFA Marcell Ozuna. ACIT: Ozuna has been DFA'd and Bellingham has received a two-year adjustment at $11M per year. Ouch!
Bellingham 2-6-2023 Chad Green 2yrs 8.5 million by the Toronto Blue Jays.(MLB.COM) Salary Relief for Bellingham of 3.75 million. ACIT: Bellingham gets relief.
Portland 2-3-2023 Dfa Vosler. ACIT: 'tis done. No adjustments needed.
Bellingham 2-2-2023 Chad Green signed a 2yr deal with the Blue Jays, Bellingham seeks salary relief. ACIT: How much?
Haviland 1-29-2023 Salary relief from TEX for Tsutsugo. COMM: Done twice, undone once
D.C. 1-23-2023 The Balk request partial salary relief for Luke Weaver, who signed a 1-year, $2M contract with the Reds. ACIT: relief granted
Portland 1-21-2023 Portland accepts the trade of Pablo Lopez for Luis Arraez. ACIT: this was done a long time ago!
Portland 1-19-2023 I just noticed Spencer Steer's contract expires in 2077. I think that is a bit longer than his rookie status should be. and much longer than hi MLB career will be, I am guessing. ACIT: Fixed. You are a fine example to the rest of us. Thank you.
Bellingham 1-17-2023 Dakota Hudson signed a 1yr 2.65 million dollar deal with the Cardinals, Bellingham seeks salary relief. ACIT: He's on a rookie contract, so you get to drop him for free anyway. BC was not charged for the DFA.
Haviland 1-17-2023 Tsutsugo signed a minor league contract with the Rangers. Does this qualify for Dragon salary relief? COMMISH: Yes, it does, and I apologize for not noticing this had not been taken care of for 2 1/2 months. Yikes! $750,000 in relief has been given until a higher number is documented.
Kaline 1-16-2023 Kaline trades reliever Doval to Bellingham for OF Arozarena. ACIT: I checked, and someone has already done this! Amazing
Bellingham 1-15-2023 Bellingham Trades Randy Arozarena to Kaline for Camilo Doval. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 1-15-2023 FH trades the first round pick it received from Salem (pick 25) back to Salem for Chris Bassitt and Robbie Ray. ACIT: done
Old Detroit 1-15-2023 Wolverines DFA Andrew Kittredge. Dave said mean things about him that I realize are probably true. ACIT: done, behind my back
Salem 1-15-2023 Salem trades Blake Snell to Old Detroit for Joey Wendle and James Kaprielien. Commish: The traded is recorded.
Bellingham 1-14-2023 Bellingham trades Devin Williams to the Wolverines for Domingo Acevedo and Jonathan Loaisiga. COMMISH: Recorded and possibly regretted.
Bellingham 1-13-2023 Bellingham Trades Corey Seager to D.C Balk for Sonny Gray. Commish: recorded.
Canberra 1-12-2023 Corrected 2026 rookie salary for Ha-Seong Kim from $9,500,000 to $750,000
Flint Hill 1-1-2023 FH trades Gausman, Manaea, and Cron to Bellingham for their first round pick. COMMISH: I think "approved" is the wrong word here, Dave. Could we say "recorded" instead?
Flint Hill 12-31-2022 FH gets salary relief from the Orix buffaloes for signing Schwindel.
Kaline 12-24-2022 Varsho from the Drive to Toronto for Moreno (rookie C) and Lourdes Gurriel, Jr. (veteran OF)
Haviland 12-20-2022 Dragons request salary relief of $1.4 million as Jordan Luplow has signed with the Braves. COMMISH: relief granted. ACIT might check I did it right.
Bellingham 12-14-2022 DFA Dakota Hudson. COMMISH: I may have DFA's Hudson. ACIT should make sure it got done right.
Flint Hill 12-12-2022 FH gets full salary relief from the Giants due to their signing of Sean Manaea for 2yrs/25mil. COMMISH: Thy debt has been forgiven!
Flint Hill 12-5-2022 FH trades Joey Bart to Salem for Jameson Taillon. COMMISH: Trade executed. There were two survivors.
Salem 12-5-2022 DFA Jameson Taillon. COMMISH: Another wise bit of procrastination; trade obviated the DFA.
Flint Hill 12-2-2022 FH gets full salary relief from Zach Eflin signing a 3 year, $40 million deal with the Rays. COMMISH: They debt has been erased.
Haviland 11-28-2022 Dragons expect salary relief as previously DFA’d Clevinger signs for 8 million for one year with the White Sox. COMMISH: Thy debt has been forgiven for 2023 ONLY. 2024 payment is still due pending Clevinger signing a 2024 contract.
Flint Hill 11-21-2022 Accept the Kevin Newman to Reds trade. Drop Moreta. COMMISH: Newman has disappeared. Moreta is now an EFL free agent.
Flint Hill 11-18-2022 DFA Sean Manaea. ACIT: Manaea has been DFA'd, and a salary adjustment entered.
Flint Hill 11-18-2022 DFA Chris Archer. ACIT: Archer has been DFA'd, and a salary adjustment entered.
Flint Hill 11-7-2022 DFA Zach Eflin effective 11/7/22. ACIT: Eflin has been DFA'd, and a salary adjustment entered.
D.C. 10-27-2022 DFA Luke Weaver. ACIT: Weaver has been DFA'd and a salary adjustment entered for 2023.
Bellingham 10-25-2022 DFA: Chad Green. ACIT: Green has been DFA'd and an adjustment created.
Bellingham 10-25-2022 DFA: Javier Baez. ACIT: Baez has been DFA'd and a salary adjustment has been created.
Salem 10-25-2022 DFA Caleb Ferguson. ACIT: Ferguson has been DFA'd. No adjustment needed.
Haviland 10-25-2022 DFA: Ruf and Luplow. ACIT: They've been DFA'd, and adjustments added for 2023 salaries.
Flint Hill 10-23-2022 DFA Clint Frazier, nomar Mazara and frank schwindel. ACIT: Frazier and Schwindel have been DFA'd and salary adjustments entered. Mazara was off your roster already.
Haviland 9-14-2022 DFA Clevinger, of course effective at the end of the season. ACIT: Clevinger is DFA'd and salary adjustment entered for 2023-24.
Pittsburgh 8-31-2022 Activate Adbert Alzolay from the VIL; DFA Wilyer Abreu. ACIT: Alzolay is activated, Abreu is DFA'd. No adjustments needed.
Flint Hill 8-31-2022 FH trades Blake Snell (but will pay his salary this year) to Salem for Chris Archer and Salem's first round pick in 2023. ACIT: done
Old Detroit 8-31-2022 Please switch Nate Pearson from the VIL to active status. Just in case. ACIT: done
Pittsburgh 8-31-2022 Activate Brendan McKay from the VIL, then list him as DFA. ACIT: done
Bellingham 8-29-2022 Please send Alex Kirilloff to the VIL, and DFA Yadiel Hernandez. ACIT: done
Haviland 8-29-2022 Move Skubal and Zerpa to the VIL, move Chargois to the active roster. ACIT: done
Old Detroit 8-27-2022 Please record a $750,000 credit to OD from Toronto for signing Jackie Bradley, Jr. Commissioner: done
Flint Hill 8-24-2022 FH trades Ryan Pepiot to Salem for Abe Toro and Yonny Chirinos. Please keep Yonny on the VIL. ACIT: done, and Yonny is still VIL'd.
Bellingham 8-10-2022 Bellingham DFA's Billy Mckinney. ACIT: done
Bellingham 8-10-2022 Bellingham DFA's Luis Barrera and Trent Thornton. ACIT: done
Bellingham 8-10-2022 Bellingham accepts the trade of Tucker Davidson to the Angels as apart of the Raisel Iglesias deal to the braves. ACIT: Davidson's contract has been dropped from the Cascade roster for September.
Old Detroit 8-6-2022 DFA Jackie Bradley JR. This takes effect at the end of our August, but makes the Wolverines eligible for salary relief starting at the Aug/Sep draft if JBJ signs with another team.
Salem 8-5-2022 DFA Pedro Severino. ACIT: done. We're sure someone will pick up this valuable catcher very soon.
Flint Hill 8-3-2022 Move Deivi Garcia off of the VIL and DFA Sheldon Neuse. ACIT: done
Portland 8-3-2022 Accept Mahle trade. Keep spencer steer and Christian Encarnacion-strand. ACIT: Mahle's contract deleted. Added contracts for two 2099 rookies; Christian Encarnacion-Strand wins the award for longest name in the EFL. DFA'd Cessa. Dfa Luis cessa
Flint Hill 8-3-2022 FH trades Willson Contreras to Canberra for Seth Beer. ACIT: done, awhile back
Haviland 8-2-2022 Lowe and Tsutsugo must be moved to the roster from the VIL. To make space we DFA Pilkington a player to be determined. ACIT: done. Per instructions at the draft, Tsutsugo was the player to be determined, and has been DFAd.
Flint Hill 8-2-2022 Move Zach Eflin to the VIL, reinstate Kevin Newman from the VIL. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 8-2-2022 FH accepts the MLB trade of Joey Gallo for Clayton Beeter. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 8-2-2022 FH trades Brandon Drury to DC for Sean Murphy. ACIT: Done
Portland 8-2-2022 Portland trades Bobby Witt Jr to Haviland for Pablo Lopez. Portland will cover the difference in salary. ACIT: players and salary have been moved.
Pittsburgh 8-2-2022 The Red Sox have traded away the catcher for the Alleghenys, Christian Vazquez. Pittsburgh accepts this trade and keeps (for now) minor leaguers Enmanuel Valdez and Wilyer Abreu in return. Pitt will decide by the roster deadline following tomorrow's meeting whether to keep both players. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 8-1-2022 FH trades its newly acquired 2023 first round pick, Brandon Marsh, Josh Lowe, Keibert Ruiz and $1.5 million to Peshastin for Juan Soto, Jackson (Clint) Frazier and Joey Bart. The ACIT, exhausted from processing all of these Tornado dealings, decides he'd better go eat dinner.
Flint Hill 8-1-2022 FH sends Vidal Brujan and Michael Harris to Portland for Hunter Greene, Sheldon Neuse and our original 2023 first round pick. (this is what happens when I am on vacation on a Monday before the end of the month). ACIT: players and pick have been moved.
Flint Hill 8-1-2022 FH trades Johnny Cueto and Jason Adam to Salem for Ronald Acuna, Jr. and Khalil Lee. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 7-8-2022 FH trades Keller and it’s 2023 first round rookie pick to Portland for Gausman. Portland will still pay Gausman this year. ACIT: Gausman and his salary have been moved to FH; Keller becomes a Rosebud; Portland has FH's 1st-round for 2023.
Pittsburgh 7-8-2022 Thank you for updating Vierling. However PA management does not desire to pay him twice as a result of his double-listing on the roster and asks that one of him be removed. ACIT: Vierling's double has been removed. Probably an unforeseen byproduct of the clone wars.
Bellingham 7-7-2022 Nevermind.....Let's put Desclafani back on the VIL. ACIT: done
Old Detroit 7-7-2022 Delete the $750 listed as being paid to Luis Garcia while he was DFA'd. OD reacquired him and is paying him this salary as an active player. COMMISH: SO HAPPY to notice this AFTER the draft. Brilliant. It's fixed now.
Pittsburgh 7-7-2022 DFA Chasen Shreve. Comm: Chasen is chastened, chased, and hopefully chaste.
Pittsburgh 7-7-2022 Matt Vierling has played 2B and 3B. Please add these to his ratings. COMM: He has ratings.
Portland 7-5-2022 Nick Senzel was never DFA'd. The Commish mentioned his name when PR DFA'd two other Nicks, pointing out how Senzel had escaped being nicked by a DFA. Please clean up after our Commissioner once again. (I tried but I can't make his DFA status disappear from the Edit Players List.) ACIT: Senzel is back on your roster.
Old Detroit 7-4-2022 Send Kittredge to the VIL. ACIT: done
Bellingham 6-27-2022 Please restore Desclafani from the VIL. ACIT: done
Kaline 6-23-2022 DFA Willie Calhoun and Dee Strange-Gordon.
Kaline 6-23-2022 DFA Dinelson Lamet, put Darwinzon Hernandez on the VIL, and restore Alex Cobb and Aaron Civale from the VIL, effective at the next managers meeting or sooner. ACIT: all done
Flint Hill 6-17-2022 St. Louis sends FH 750k for signing Austin Romine to a minor league contract. ACIT: Romine was already getting 750K from Arizona for a minor league contract. Presumably AZ is no longer paying him? So he now gets his 750K from StL instead.
Portland 6-4-2022 Gorman should have a 2b rating, please
Peshastin 6-4-2022 VIL Referrals during the June 4 Draft: (CK) Brent Honeywell Jr.; (FH) Kevin Newman; (HD) Yoshi Tsutsugo; (KD) Adam Civale, Alex Cobb; (PP) Dustin May, Mike Soroka; (PA) Brendan McKay. ACIT: these guys have been VILified
Portland 6-4-2022 DFAs during the June 4 draft: (CK) Alan Trejo; (FH) Matt Beaty; (HD) Dauri Moreta; (OD) Austin Allen; (PP)Drew Strotman ; (PR) Nick Margevicius, Nick Solak (one more Nick [Senzel] to nick from the Rosebuds). All these players will be on the EWW and the FA list at our June/July meeting.
Old Detroit 6-4-2022 OD sends $500,000 to PA for Louis Garcia, rescued from the EWW by the friendly Alleghenys. ACIT: done
Haviland 6-4-2022 Tsutsugo to the VIL. ACIT: done
Old Detroit 6-4-2022 Send Chris Paddack to the IL before the draft. Get ready to send Matt Manning there, too, if I need to open a slot during the draft. ACIT: Paddack is on the VIL
Flint Hill 6-4-2022 Brujan appeared at SS today (just in time to have it added for next month) COMMISH: He's a 7 at ss.
Flint Hill 6-3-2022 Move Deivi Garcia to the IL before tomorrow's draft. ACIT: Garcia is on the VIL
Flint Hill 6-2-2022 FH trades Taillon to Salem for Manaea. ACIT: Those Tornadoes are a bunch of wily dudes. What will they think of next? Players have swapped unis.
Salem 6-1-2022 Activate Caleb Ferguson from the VIL. ACIT: done
Bellingham 5-31-2022 Send Desclafani and Chad Green to the VIL. ACIT: done
Portland 5-22-2022 Neuse has played 1B this year. Can he please get a 1b rating? COMMISH: At the beginning of our "June" -- which looks like it will be Week 9, starting May 29. COMMISH: June starts June 4. You can see Neuse's new rating (and everyone else's) on the rosters displayed on the league website (Dave's)
Flint Hill 5-16-2022 Activate cueto to 100% prior to his start tonight. COMMISSIONER:I could not do what you requested, since the week didn't start until the 17th. However I COULD easily have understood this to be a request to activate Cueto period - however I forgot all about it when, on Wednesday morning, I set up your team for Week 7. I apologize.
Bellingham 5-5-2022 DFA Alex Dickerson. COMMMISH: done.
Flint Hill 5-5-2022 DFA Logan Allen. COMM: Done. How long is it until Dave comes back?
Kaline 4-30-2022 DFA John Means. ACIT: Means will enjoy spending Kaline’s $ while he recovers from his TJ.
Portland 4-29-2022 Dfa Travis shaw. ACIT: Shaw has been DFA’d and an adjustment entered for his salary.
Flint Hill 4-28-2022 FH sends Mookie Betts and 3mil to Salem for Vidal Brujan and Josh Lowe. ACIT: done
Pittsburgh 4-26-2022 Could the commissioner please approve the transactions of 4-8 for Pittsburgh and Portland? They will affect available cash in the upcoming monthly meeting. Smith was DFA'd before the roster deadline and was on a rookie contract.
Old Detroit 4-26-2022 Old Detroit DFA's Oliver Perez. As always, the announcement is final and binding now; it will take effect at the end of the month. But if Perez becomes a FA and signs another contract, OD will get some salary relief. ACIT: Perez has been DFA'd, and an adjustment for his 2022 salary has been added to OD's burden.
Salem 4-25-2022 Aaron Sanchez has a $2K contract with the Nationals so I am requesting salary relief for that amount. COMMISH: subsidy from the Nats recognized.
Bellingham 4-13-2022 Please place Alex Kiriloff on the 10day IL. COMMISH: we don't have a 10-day IL. We do have a month-to-month IL. Your next chance to send someone to it will be at the end of April, which will take place after games of May 4. HOWEVER: As a cry of pain over a player injury, we your colleagues have heard you and empathize. Some owners feel similar pain (Luis Patino, Shane Baz, Taijuan Walker, JT Chargois, Danny Jansen, Luke Weaver, Jon Gray...).
Portland 4-8-2022 Trade Bryse Wilson to DC for $500k. ACIT: Wilson is now a Balk, and appropriate financial adjustments have been entered into the record to compensate Portland for this transaction.
Pittsburgh 4-8-2022 DFA Dominic Smith. ACIT: Smith has been DFA'd, and will have to go wash cars or something, because he isn't being paid by the Alleghenys any more.
Haviland 4-8-2022 DFA's Corbin Martin, Amerd Rosario. COMM: Done
Old Detroit 4-8-2022 Accepts MLB/EFL trade of Mike Minor to the Reds for Amir Garrett to the Royals, Garrett coming on a 5th year rookie contract. OD then DFA's Garrett. COMM: done.
Portland 4-8-2022 dfa Diego Castillo.. COMM -- done
Canberra 4-8-2022 Activate Stashak from VIL, move Sixto Sanchez to VIL. ACIT: done
Portland 4-7-2022 Trade Logan Allen to Flint Hill for $250k. ACIT: Allen and 250K have been moved to their new teams.
Portland 4-7-2022 Travis Shaw was added to the Red Sox roster, increasing his contract to $1.5 mil. Can you please increase the adjustment for Portland to equal the $1.5 mil. thanks. COMM: Done.
D.C. 4-7-2022 Garrett Crochet to the VIL. COMM: uhh, Dave, I don't know how to put people on the VIL. Sorry. COMM AGAIN: I think I figured it out, but you probably should check I did it right. ACIT: looks good
Bellingham 4-7-2022 Bellingham DFA Brett Anderson. COMM: Anderson has been added to the FA and EWW lists. As a FA he is available at the minimum. On the EWW he is available at his EFL contract terms ($4,000,000 for 2022). As a veteran he is still an obligation on BC's salary until that obligation is offset by Anderson's next contract (or it expires at the end of the 2022 season).
Haviland 4-7-2022 Dragons DFA Justin Dunn and Brailyn Marquez. COMM: both have been added to FA and EWW lists. FA available at $750,000; EWW available at EFL contract terms as Rookies. Since they are rookies, their salaries have been removed from HD's books.
Flint Hill 4-4-2022 FH sends 500k to Portland for Lewis Thorpe. ACIT: Thorpe joins the Tornadoes.
Flint Hill 4-4-2022 FH sends 500k to Salem for Zach McKinstry. ACIT: McKinstry becomes a Tornado.
Haviland 4-4-2022 Justin Dunn to the VIL. ACIT: Dunn awaits healing on the VIL.
Haviland 4-4-2022 DFA Justin Topa. ACIT: Topa is no longer a Dragon. No adjustment.
Salem 3-31-2022 DFA Apostel and McKinstry. ACIT: Done. No adjustments were needed.
D.C. 3-31-2022 DFA Ben Braymer. ACIT: Braymer's been DFA'd, no salary adjustment.
Portland 3-30-2022 DFA Lewis Thorpe. ACIT: Thorpe has been DFA'd. Since he is a rookie, Portland does not have to pay any salary to him.
D.C. 3-24-2022 DC requests $1,000 salary relief following Yasiel Puig's signing with the Kiwoom Heroes. Commish: All EFL owners note the careful documentation for this transaction. It was a pleasure to process such a model request. It was also a pleasure to process the other request submitted by DC (for $3750 in salary relief for Martin Perez) which was similarly documented (but which was dissimilarly accidentally deleted by the Commissioner). If only every EFL member was a reference librarian.
Portland 3-24-2022 newly re-acquired Polanco should have a 2b rating. Could this please be updated? Commish: I don't recall this ever happening before -- missing a player's position. Thanks for the note. Polanco is a 7 at 2b.
Peshastin 3-24-2022 James Paxton having signed in Boston for $10,000, the Pears are released from their ongoing obligation to the Big Maple, Eagle's Nest, etc. COMMISH: The Pears' available cash just jumped by $8,500,000 or just over 1/3
Bellingham 3-24-2022 Bellingham trades Kevin Gausman, Jorge Polanco, and Tyler Mahle to Portland for Dakota Hudson, Anthony Desclafani and Corey Seager. ACIT: Whoa! This is what they call a blockbuster. Players have been moved, uniforms swapped. How many times has Polanco been a Rosebud?
Portland 3-18-2022 Shaw signs Minors contract with Boston. I believe Portland gets $750k relief? ACIT: Indeed
Bellingham 3-17-2022 Apparently Hector Rondon Retired, does Bellingham get salary relief? ACIT: This transaction was apparently consummated by the ACTUAL commissioner, working tirelessly from his sickbed. I'm just cleaning up after him. ACTUAL Commissioner: I didn't do anything on Rondon. Unless I did it in the wee hours last night and forgot. Bad sign. ACIT: Please accept my apologies, my error, I misinterpreted the available evidence.
Flint Hill 3-16-2022 The Angels have signed Austin Romine to a minor league, meaning the Tornadoes receive 700k from the Angels. COMMISH: The minimum EFL major league salary is now $750,000. In keeping with our practice since the dawn of the EFL, you get a $750,000 credit when your DFA'd player signs a minor league deal with another team.
Flint Hill 3-16-2022 Keone Kela signed a minor league deal with the Dbacks, which means the Dbacks owe the Tornadoes some money. How much are minor league contracts now? 700k? COMMISH: The minimum EFL major league salary is now $750,000. In keeping with our practice since the dawn of the EFL, you get a $750,000 credit when your DFA'd player signs a minor league deal with another team.
Pittsburgh 3-15-2022 Pittsburgh acquires Joey Lucchesi from Canberra for $250,000. ACIT: Joey will try again for Alleghenys.
Bellingham 3-15-2022 Bellingham pays Canberra $500,000 for Mauricio Dubon. ACIT: Dubon is now living in the Cascades.
Canberra 3-12-2022 DFA Lucchesi and Dubon. ACIT: these guys were snatched up by BC and PA, so never actually got DFA'd.
Kaline 3-11-2022 DFA Kwang Hyun Kim, rookie.
Old Detroit 3-7-2022 OD pays DC $250,000 to rescue Sam Huff from the discard pile.
Flint Hill 3-5-2022 BC trades Ljay Newsome to FH for 500k
Bellingham 3-4-2022 DFA Ljay Newsome
D.C. 3-3-2022 DFA catcher Sam Huff
Bellingham 3-1-2022 Bellingham trades Charlie Morton to Canberra for Javier Baez. ACIT: players have been moved to their new teams.
Portland 2-27-2022 Please Restore Margevicious from the VIL to the active roster. ACIT: Vicious Marge is back on the roster, and Thornton is off. Also, DFA Thornton
Bellingham 2-19-2022 Please move Marcell Ozuna from the VIL to the roster. ACIT: done
Bellingham 2-18-2022 Bellingham trades Ronald Acuna Jr to Cottage for Randy Arozarena. ACIT: this is what I like best, a good old-fashioned challenge trade. Will three years of Arozarena beat two years of Acuna? Players have been moved.
Flint Hill 2-17-2022 Flint Hill trades its (recently reacquired) 2022 First Round pick to Peshastin for Ozzie Albies. ACIT: The well-traveled pick now finds its home in Peshastin; Albies is a Tornado, for this year only.
Flint Hill 2-17-2022 Flint Hill accepts the trade of Adam Frazier for Corey Rosier and Ray Kerr. ACIT: Rosier and Kerr are listed with 2099 rookie contracts; Frazier is no longer a Tornado.
Haviland 2-15-2022 Please move Clevenger and Dunn from the VIL to the roster. Thanks! ACIT: Dunn is done. So is Clevenger.
Flint Hill 2-2-2022 FH trades Carlos Rodon to DC for it's original first round pick in the Rookie draft. ACIT: the pick was returned to FH, and Rodon has become a Balk.
D.C. 2-1-2022 DFR Shed Long (2B/OF). ACIT: Long, a rookie, has been DFA'd. No salary adjustment.
D.C. 2-1-2022 DFR pitcher Ben Braymer. ACIT: Braymer, a rookie, has been DFA'd. No salary adjustment.
D.C. 2-1-2022 DFR pitcher Martín Pérez. ACIT: Perez has been DFA'd, which (I think) is what you wanted. An adjustment for his salary has been entered for the Balk roster.
Flint Hill 12-16-2021 FH gets 500k salary relief from the Padres signing Nomar Mazara to a minor league contract. ACIT: relief granted.
Cottage 11-30-2021 Cottage sends 3 of last year’s mistakes (Deivi Garcia, Josh James, Mitch Keller) and good-fielding shortstop Kevin Newman to Flint Hill (who is desperately seeking players) for $1250k. ACIT: players and money have changed sides.
Pittsburgh 11-11-2021 Pittsburgh DFA's the following: Kasey Kalich, Cody Ponce, Carter Binns, Adam Haseley, and Chaz Roe. ACIT: Those folks have been DFA'd. No adjustments needed for any of them except Roe, who had a veteran contract and must be paid $1500K next year.
Cottage 10-28-2021 DFA Aaron Sanchez. ACIT: Sanchez has been DFA'd, and adjustments entered for 2022 and 2023 since he was on a veteran contract.
Portland 10-16-2021 drop Astudillo and Abreu. ACIT: Astudillo and Abreu have been DFA'd. No adjustments needed since both were rookies and we're between seasons.
Old Detroit 9-29-2021 OD #3: 1. Send McCann to the bench 100% 2. Activate Andy Ibanez 100% at 1b 3. Make Tommy Edman 50% bench, 16-17-17 in the OF 4. Make Eloy Jimenez 50% bench, 17-17-16 in the OF 5. Make JP Crawford 100% to ss. all should be effective today since play has not started yet (10:55 AM) ACIT: all done, effective 9-29
Cottage 9-20-2021 CC#2: Activate Manning and Walker 100% ACIT: done starting 9/20
Flint Hill 9-18-2021 FH #3 (last one of the season!): Increase Alex Wood to 100%; Frazier to 2B 100%; make Teoscar H. 17% in LF, 16% in CF, 17% in RF and 50% at 1B; move Gallo to 34% LF, 33% CF, 34% RF; move 50% of Kelenic's bench allocation to OH and the remaining 17% spread across all three OF positions. ACIT: As of Sept 18: Kelenic is 17-16-17 across the OF, and 50% OH; Gallo is 34-33-33 across the OF; Teoscar is 17-16-17 across the OF and 50% at 1b; Frazier is 100% at 2b; and Wood is 100%.
Old Detroit 9-16-2021 OD #2:; Increase Nate Pearson and Sam Clay to 100% pitching. Reallocate Rafael Devers 25% 3b, 75% OH. Increase Ke'Bryan Hayes to 75% 3b. Send Luis Garcia to bench 100%. ACIT: all done starting with games of 9/16
Pittsburgh 9-15-2021 PA #1: Move Vazquez to C--40%; OH--60%. ACIT: done starting 9/15
Flint Hill 9-14-2021 Sorry, that should be Gallo at 33% OH to be legal since he is not allocated otherwise. ACIT: gotcha
Flint Hill 9-14-2021 FH #2: Reduce Harrison to 50% bench and 50% 2B; move Lowrie to 100% at 2B; increase Haase to 100% at catcher; bench Tanner Scott. Increase Gallo to 30% OH. ACIT: all done per your requests, effective 9/14.
Cottage 9-12-2021 The following players are accused of false advertising, fraud, and horrible pitching: Josiah Gray, Josh James, Matt Manning, and Daniel Lynch. They have been found guilty and sentenced to benching for the rest of the month (unless they improve, of course). They are joined on the bench by Taijuan Walker, who used to be good, but has apparently forgotten which arm to use. ACIT: You wasted one of your five slots on a guy who was already benched! They're all sitting in the front row, beginning Sept 12.
D.C. 9-11-2021 DC #1: Allocate Ryan McMahon 33% at 2B, 67% at OH. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 9-8-2021 FH #1: Activate Manoah, Bickford and Scott to 100%; bench Boxberger and Cousins. ACIT: Starting with games of Sept 8, Manoah, Bickford and Scott are activated 100%, and Boxberger and Cousins have taken their seats on the bench.
Haviland 9-7-2021 HD #1: Barlow, Puk, both to the max. ACIT: Barlow and Puk are both maxed out as of Sept 7
Portland 9-5-2021 Activate harvey to 50%; move Astudillo to 50% bench, 33% 2b; ACIT: Your instructions were not entirely clear, but here's what I did. Harvey is now 50% allocated. Astudillo is 50% bench, 33% 2b, and 17% 3b. Effective starting Sept 5.
Old Detroit 9-5-2021 OD #1: AFTER UODATE FROM SATURDAY, SEPT 4 AND BERORE SUNDAY'S GAMES: send Sam Clay to Bench 100%. Activate Shane McClanahan 100%. Activate Byron Buxton 33,34,34 in the OF Activate JP Crawford 50% at as, 50% at OH Set Cal Raleigh 67% bench, 33% catcher ACIT: all done starting w games of 9/5
Bellingham 9-3-2021 DFA John Nogowski. ACIT: I think we've been through this before... done
D.C. 9-2-2021 DC wishes to DFA pitchers Iván Nova and Bruce Zimmermann. ACIT: done
Pittsburgh 9-2-2021 Place Nick Sandlin on the VIL; Activate Luke Weaver from the VIL. ACIT: done
Kaline 9-2-2021 Add Civale, Merryweather, and Lewis to the active roster from the IL. ACIT: done
Portland 9-1-2021 Activate Hudson and Davidson from VIL to active roster please. ACIT: done
Cottage 9-1-2021 Remove Chris Archer from the VIL and put him back on the Cottage roster for September. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 8-31-2021 COMMISSIONER: Please erase the Tornado's purported salary obligation to John Nogowski. And file an action against Nogowski for taking double salary in August. Make it payable to the league for an end-of-season shindig. ACIT: FH's salary obligation to Nogowski has been deleted.
Old Detroit 8-31-2021 Old Detroit trades Brendan McKay to Bellingham for Shane McClanahan. ACIT: Done for Sept.
Old Detroit 8-31-2021 Old Detroit trades Ross Stripling now and $3,000,000 in 2022 to Peshastin for Blake Snell and $1,500,000 now. ACIT: made adjustment entries for both 2021 and 2022, and traded Stripling for Snell.
Flint Hill 8-31-2021 Flint Hill trades Harrison Bader and Simeon Woods Richardson to Portland for Matt Peacock. No money changes hands. ACIT: SWR and Bader are with PR for Sept. Peacock is with FH.
Flint Hill 8-30-2021 Flint Hill trades Sean Manaea and 2million dollars this year (2021) to Cottage for Alek Manoah. That's right...Manaea for Manoah. Maniacal. Manoacal? ACIT: done
Flint Hill 8-30-2021 FH trades Anthony Rendon along with 1.5mil this year (2021) and 2mil next year (2022) to Peshastin for Alex Wood and Mitch Haniger. ACIT: done for September
Pittsburgh 8-30-2021 PA #1: Move Vazquez to 100% at 3B; Move Moustakas to 100% at 2B; Move Hampson to 50% at 2B and 50% at SS; Move Swanson to 50% at SS and 50% at OH. ACIT: all done for Aug 30-31. All this for the last two days of the month.
Portland 8-27-2021 For September, please.move Hoskins to the VIL. ACIT: Hoskins is now on the VIL.
Portland 8-24-2021 PR#3: Move Solak to 100% at 3b. ACIT: Nick Solak is now allocated 100% to 3b.
Peshastin 8-20-2021 Activate Jack Flaherty at 100%. Demote Mike Soroka to VIL. ACIT: Flaherty is now 100% activated; Soroka is on the VIL.
Old Detroit 8-19-2021 OD #2: Please increase Mike Minor, Nate Pearson, and Chris Paddack to 100% at pitcher. ACIT: All three of those guys have been increased to 100% starting Aug 19.
Portland 8-17-2021 Please adjust our finances for the Travis Shaw transaction. We dfa'd him on 8/14, and the Red Sox picked him up on waivers on 8/15. Thanks COMMISSIONER: Cots Contracts still has Shaw on the Brewers at $1.5 million. The Rosebuds should get a $1,500,000 credit for 2021. They are still on the hook for 2022 until Shaw signs a 2022 contract. (08/15/21 Boston Red Sox claimed 3B Travis Shaw off waivers from Milwaukee Brewers). ACIT: adjustment made for PR to receive $1.5M for 2021 season.
Portland 8-17-2021 PR#2: Move Astudillo to 100% at 3b, Taylor to 50% OH and 50% bench. ACIT: Taylor is half at OH, half benched, and Astudillo is all at 3b, beginning Aug 17.
Cottage 8-17-2021 CC#3: Activate Kevin Newman at 50% 3b and 50% SS. Alec Bohm has lost his job, so adjust Toro's allocation to 75% 3b and 25% 1b. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 8-17-2021 FH #3: activate Eovaldi, Eflin and Scott to 100% pitching as a last effort to quell the bleeding in Flint Hill. ACIT: beginning Aug 17 these three pitchers are allocated at 100%.
Cottage 8-15-2021 CC#2: Increase Matz and Walker to 100% at P. ACIT: done starting with games of Aug 16.
Bellingham 8-14-2021 DFA Jacob Nottingham. ACIT: the sheriff has been DFA’d, and a salary adjustment added for BC.
Portland 8-14-2021 Dfa Travis shaw. ACIT: Shaw has been DFA'd, and salary adjustments entered for 2021-2022.
Bellingham 8-14-2021 Move Ha-Seong Kim to 30% S.S and 40% OH. ACIT: Kim is 30% 2b, 30% SS, and 40% OH beginning Aug. 14.
D.C. 8-13-2021 DC #2: Activate Matt Chapman 100% at OH. Also, please move Alfaro 70% from OF to C. ACIT: Beginning Aug 13, Chapman is 100% at OH, and Alfaro is 70% at C and 10% each at LF-CF-RF.
Cottage 8-12-2021 Activate Michael Fulmer at 100%. ACIT: Fulmer is now at 100% allocation starting Aug 12.
Old Detroit 8-12-2021 OD #1: Activate Mike Minor to 50% as a starting pitcher. Increase Jameson Taillon to 100%. Activate Cal Raleigh at 33% at catcher. ACIT: Starting with games of Aug 12, Raleigh is 33% at C and Minor is 50% at P. Taillon was already at 100%.
Bellingham 8-11-2021 Bellingham: Move Kyle Farmer to 20% Catcher, 40% S.S. , 20% LF, 20% RF. ACIT: Farmer is now allocated as requested, starting w games of Aug 12.
D.C. 8-11-2021 DC #1: Activate Jansen at catcher at 50%. ACIT: Jansen was already activated at catcher at 50%. Did you want to add another 50% to this allocation?
Haviland 8-11-2021 HD #2: Howard to the max at P. ACIT: Howard has been maximized at pitcher, starting with games of Aug 11.
Flint Hill 8-10-2021 FH#2: Activate Manaea to 100%, activate Tim Anderson to 100% at OH, move Eric Haase to 67% at Catcher and 33% on the bench. ACIT: Beginning with games of August 10, Manaea is now 100% allocated (finally!) and Tim Anderson is 100% at OH. Haase is 67% at C and 33% benched.
Flint Hill 8-7-2021 FH#1: Move Teoscar Hernandez to the OF split evenly between all three positions; move all of Goldschmidt to 1B; increase Darvish to 100%; reduce Eovaldi to 33%. ACIT: Eovaldi is now 33%; Darvish is now 100%; Goldschmidt is 100% at 1b; Hernandez is 33-34-33 in OF. All moves effective starting w games of 8/7.
Haviland 8-7-2021 HD #1: Move Rodgers from SS to 2B as much as possible. Reduce Lowe at 2B as much as possible and move all that capacity to OF and move his OH to OF, equal across 3 positions. Move Rosario's bench to SS. Move half of Franco's benched capacity to 1B. If I can do none more allocate Reyes to the max at P. ACIT: Rodgers is now 50% 2b and 50% OH. Lowe is now allocated 33-34-33 in OF. Rosario is 55% SS. Franco is 20% 1b. Reyes is 100%. All moves effective starting w games of Aug. 7.
Haviland 8-6-2021 COMMISSIONER: Rafael Laureano has been suspended for 80 games for PEDs. Please reduce Haviland's $500,000 2021 salary obligation to Laureano by 52/162, or $163,580. Please also make a note to remind us to reduce Laureano's 2022 salary obligations by 27/162,000 of his 2022 salary. If he is still on his rookie contract, his 2022 salary reduction should total $166,667. ACIT: two adjustments were made to HD's salary total on his roster, one for 2021 and another for 2022.
Portland 8-6-2021 Drop Foltynewicz to make roster legal. ACIT: Folty has been DFA'd and an adjustment entered.
Bellingham 8-6-2021 Bellingham trades Anthony Desclafani and Rhys Hoskins to Portland for Jorge Polanco. ACIT: Desclafani and Hoskins are now Rosebuds; Polanco has gone to Bellingham.
Haviland 8-5-2021 Move Clevinger to the VIL and move Lopez to the active roster. ACIT: Clev is on the VIL, and Lopez is not.
Cottage 8-5-2021 Cottage trades Bailey Falter to Bellingham for Kevin Newman in order to make his roster legal. ACIT: Cottage is now a legal team, and the Cascades have a wonderful new pitcher.
Haviland 8-5-2021 COMMISSIONER: Due to Ramon Laureano's 80-game suspension for testing positive for a PED with 53 games left in the Dragons' season, their salary obligation to Laureano will be reduced by 53/162 this season and 27/162 next season. Please reduce Haviland's $500,000 salary costs by $163,580 the rest of this season, and a note reminding us NEXT season to shave $672,840 off his $1,000,000 salary next year.
Haviland 8-5-2021 Haviland places Kiriloff, Dunn, and Lopez on the VIL. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 8-5-2021 Flint Hill DFAs Brad Miller during the FA draft. ACIT: Miller has been DFA'd and an adjustment added.
Canberra 8-5-2021 Canberra accepts trade of Rich Hill for Tommy Hunter. Hunter is to be DFA'd. ACIT: Hill is removed from the CK roster. Hunter is added at $2.25M, then DFA'd, and a salary adjustment added.
Cottage 8-5-2021 Cottage DFAs Ryan Weathers during the FA draft. ACIT: done, and adjustment entered
Bellingham 8-5-2021 Bellingham DFAs Lane Thomas, Keston Hiura, Mickey Moniak, Clint Frazier, and Bowden Francis. ACIT: all those guys are DFA'd and adjustments have been entered.
Portland 8-5-2021 Sent an email, but posting here too, Diego Castillo should be on a rookie contract. He debuted in 2018. COMMISSIONER: Mark is correct that Castillo should be on a Rookie Contract. Since he debuted in 2018 his first rookie year was 2019. He's in his third rookie year, which makes his salary no $500,000. I have made the change
Peshastin 8-5-2021 Peshastin DFAs Renato Nunez and Austin Allen during the FA draft. ACIT: players were dropped, adjustments added. Note: Nunez had a 3-year contract.
Portland 8-5-2021 Trade Jt chargois for Diego Castillo. ACIT: Castillo added to PR roster as veteran, 1 yr, $583K; Chargois removed from roster.
Pittsburgh 8-5-2021 Pittsburgh DFAs Packy Naughton and Deivi Grullon during the FA draft. ACIT: players were dropped, adjustments added
Portland 8-5-2021 Portland DFAs Sean Newcomb and Andrew Benintendi during the FA draft. ACIT: done, adjustments added
Flint Hill 8-4-2021 FH accepts the trade for Joey Gallo and drops the players involved. COMMISSIONER: You cannot accept the Gallo trade unless you also have the other Major Leaguer (Joely Rodriguez) who went with him.
Haviland 8-4-2021 Dragons trade Pederson to the Braves for salary relief, not the minor leaguer involved. ACIT: Joc Pederson is no longer on the HD roster.
Haviland 8-4-2021 Dragons trade Cruz to the Rays for Ryan and Strotman who stay on the Dragon roster. ACIT: Cruz is no longer a Dragon. Ryan and Strotman are both added to HD's roster as Rookies with 2099 contracts.
Flint Hill 8-4-2021 FH drops Jake Brentz in order to have a compliant roster. If you need a quality reliever, the phone lines are open! ACIT: Brentz has been DFA'd and a salary adjustment entered.
Kaline 8-4-2021 DFA INF Zach Short D 500k. ACIT: Short has been DFA'd and the salary adjustment entered.
Flint Hill 8-4-2021 Please give Eric Haase a 1B rating, since he has appeared there this season. ACIT: so rated
Flint Hill 8-4-2021 FH trades Austin Meadows and Austin Ryan to Canberra for Alex Bregman and Eric Haase and 500k. ACIT: Meadows and Martin (NOT Ryan) are now Kangaroos; Bregman, Haase and $500K now belong to the Tornadoes.
Flint Hill 8-4-2021 FH accepts the trade of Jose Berrios for Simeon Woods RIchardson and Austin Ryan. ACIT: Berrios has been removed from the FH roster; Woods Richardson and Martin (NOT Ryan) were added as 2099 rookies. Your attempt to confuse the ACIT was only temporarily successful.
Flint Hill 8-4-2021 FH DFAs Anthony Kay. ACIT: Kay has been DFA'd and a salary adjustment entered.
Flint Hill 8-4-2021 FH trades Enrique Hernandez, James Kaprielian, Sean Murphy and their 2022 first round pick to DC for Joe Musgrove, Jose Berrios and Joey Gallo. DC sends $5750 to keep the money even for this year only. ACIT: All of those guys, and the money, has moved as directed.
Pittsburgh 8-4-2021 Pittsburgh accepts the trade of Tyler Anderson for Carter Bins and Joaquin Tejada. It keeps Bins and declines to keep Tejada. ACIT: Bins has been added to PA's roster; Anderson has been removed.
Pittsburgh 8-4-2021 Derek Holland is activated from the VIL. Bryan Garcia is DFA'd. ACIT: Holland has been restored to the Allegheny pen. Garcia has been DFA'd. A salary adjustment has been entered for Garcia.
Pittsburgh 8-4-2021 Pittsburgh accepts the trade of Jorge Soler for Kasey Kalich. It will keep Kalich for now. ACIT: Soler is removed from the Alleghenys roster, and Kalich added as a 2099 rookie (at a MUCH lower salary).
Pittsburgh 8-4-2021 Bobby Dalbec played SS in July. Please add it to his defensive rating. ACIT: Dalbec is now rated at SS for August.
Cottage 8-2-2021 Accept trade for Andrew Heaney to NYY. Reject the two minor league players in the trade. Add Chris Archer to the VIL. Activate Collin McHugh from the VIL. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 8-2-2021 Mookie played 2B tonight. Please give him a rating. Thanks! ACIT: Betts already has a 2b rating.
Portland 7-31-2021 Accept trade for Norris, but not the player. Return Senzel from VIL. Return Abreu from VIL. Move Avila to VIL for August. ACIT: Starting in August: Norris is no longer a Rosebud. Senzel and Abreu have been reactivated, and Avila has been sent to the VIL.
Haviland 7-28-2021 At the end of the month: Release Turnbull Move Glasnow to the VIL. ACIT: Effective in August, Turnbull has been DFA'd and a salary adjustment has been added to Haviland's team. Glasnow was already on the VIL so he stays there.
Flint Hill 7-28-2021 Flint Hill trades Justin Dunn to Haviland for Harrison Bader. Haviland also sends 2mil to FH in the deal to cover the difference in salary. ACIT: No wait! For August, Dunn is NOT a Tornado; he is a Dragon. And Bader is a Tornado. HD sends $2K to FH in the deal.
Flint Hill 7-28-2021 FH trades John Nogowski to Bellingham for Justin Dunn. ACIT: Starting in August, Nogowski is a Cascade, and Dunn is a Tornado.
Flint Hill 7-27-2021 FH#3: Bench James Kaprielian, Yu Darvish 100%; move Julio Urias, Nate Eovaldi and German Marquez to 33% for the remainder of July. DONE by JJ before update (7/28)
Cottage 7-27-2021 Collin McHugh to the VIL; Michael Fulmer returns from the VIL. ACIT: Fulmer and McHugh swap spots on the VIL bench.
Cottage 7-27-2021 Cottage sends what is left of Marcus Semien to Old Detroit for Adolis Garcia and Sherten Apostel. To make space on the roster, Cottage DFAs JC Mejia. ACIT: Semien, Apostel, and Garcia move to their new teams; Mejia is set free in the wilderness, but continues to receive his salary by means of an adjustment.
Bellingham 7-26-2021 Move Ronald Acuna to the VIL. ACIT: Acuna joins fellow Cascades Ozuna and Newsome on the VIL.
Portland 7-24-2021 move Polanco to 2b at 100%; move Astudillo 50% oh; move 75% of Jeffers to c; Harvey to 100% p. ACIT: all requests fulfilled starting w games of July 25.
Kaline 7-23-2021 DFA Taylor Trammell. ACIT: Trammell has been DFA'd.
D.C. 7-23-2021 DC #1: Shed Long to the bench, Chapman to the bench, Hoerner to 3B at 100%. ACIT: Effective July 23, Long and Chapman are benched, and Hoerner is playing 3b full-time.
Cottage 7-20-2021 Bench Heaney. Allocate Matz to 100%. ACIT: Heaney sits, Matz gets up, effective starting July 21.
Old Detroit 7-20-2021 OD #2: Make Jameson Taillon 100% active. Bump Chris Paddack and Ross Stripling down to 50% active. Move Tommy Edman to 70% at 2b, 10% at each OF spot. Increase Jurickson Profar to 25% at each OF spot. I didn't get this done before first pitch of Angels v. Athletics, so it takes effect tomorrow morning (Wednesday) ACIT: ok, all requested changes have been made, effective starting 7-21.
Bellingham 7-18-2021 And if I need to drop a player for Roster room, I will drop Lane Thomas. ACIT: not necessary at this time.
Bellingham 7-17-2021 Apparently During the Cascades All Star Break/ Vacation in Oregon, a trade happened, which they would like to Accept. Rowdy Tellez to the Milwaukee Brewers for Trevor Richards and Bowden Francis. ACIT: Tellez is out of the EFL after July is done. Richards and Francis are in. Richards has a 1-year Veteran contract and Francis (a minor-leaguer) has a 2099 Rookie contract.
Flint Hill 7-16-2021 FH#2: Increase Rodon to 100%; move Kelenic to 10% at each OF spot and 70% at OH; bench Naquin; increase Manaea to 50%; decrease Gordon to 33% at 2B. ACIT: all allocations updated per your request as of July 16.
Cottage 7-11-2021 CC#1: Increase Cobb to 100%. Move Toro’s OH allocation to the bench. ACIT: Done
Old Detroit 7-10-2021 OD #1: Move JP Crawford 100% to SS. Move Rafael Devers 100% to OH. Activate Mike Minor at 50%. ACIT: Effective June 10, Crawford and Devers are 100% committed to SS and OH, and Minor is halfway committed to pitching.
Flint Hill 7-8-2021 FH#1: activate Patrick wisdom 100% at 3b and Julio Urias to 100%. ACIT: Tornadoes' 3b pos has increased in Wisdom; Urias is now 100% allocated. Both moves effective starting July 8. Hope you're right about Urias!
Flint Hill 7-8-2021 Flint hill DFAs John Nogowski. ACIT: Nogowski is a no-go.
Portland 7-7-2021 PR#1: Benintendi to OF: 30% at all three spots, leave 10% at Oh. ACIT: Starting with games of July 7, Benintendi is 30% at each OF pos, and 10% at OH.
Bellingham 7-2-2021 Move Ljay Newsome to the VIL. ACIT: done
Old Detroit 7-2-2021 Old Detroit trades Nate Lowe to Canberra in exchange for Brandon McKay.
Haviland 7-1-2021 Remove Topa from the VIL and activate 100% for July (I'll activate him if he gets moved before tonight's deadline) DFA Jose Alvarez - if you need left-handed pitching make me an offer, quick. ACIT: Topa has been restored to active duty, and Alvarez has been DFA'd. An adjustment for $1.5M was added to HD's roster.
Cottage 7-1-2021 Cottage sends JD Davis and $1.5M to Canberra for Collin McHugh. ACIT: McHugh joins the long list of Cheese pitchers for 2021. Davis becomes a Kangaroo.
Kaline 7-1-2021 Move Conforto from the VIL. Move Civale to the VIL. ACIT: done for July
Cottage 7-1-2021 Bring Chris Archer back from the VIL for July. ACIT: Done
Portland 6-30-2021 Tucker Davidson to VIL starting July 1. ACIT: Done
Old Detroit 6-30-2021 LIST OF WAIVER WIRE FA FOR JUNE/JULY MEETING: CONTRACTS ARE WHAT YOU GET IF YOU CLAIM THEM OFF WAIVERS. OTHERWISE YOU CAN BID ON THEM AS FA -- SEE FA DRAFT LIST. Daz Cameron (V, 2021, 750)(Bellingham) ; Humberto Mejia (R, 2024, 500) and David Dahl (V, 2021, 3000) (Canberra); Isan Diaz (R, 2024, 500) (Cottage); Duane Underwood, Jr (V, 2021, 500), Rick Porcello (V, 2021, 500) and Joey Wentz (R, 2099,500)(OD), Yasiel Puig (V, 2022, 3000) (D.C.); Adam Plutko (V 2021 750), Danny Mendick (V 2021 1500), Austin Romine (V 2022 1750, and Keone Kela (V 2022 2000)(Flint Hill); Tom Eshelman (V 2021 500) (Pittsburgh); Joe Palumbo (R 2024 500)(Portland)
Flint Hill 6-29-2021 FH trades Graterol to BC for Kelenic. ACIT: Kelenic is a Tornado and Graterol a Cascade, effective July 1.
Pittsburgh 6-29-2021 Pittsburgh sends Jose Altuve to the Kaline Drive; in return the Drive send Bobby Dalbec to the Alleghenys. Pittsburgh agrees to continue paying $3 million of Altuve's 2021 salary. ACIT: Altuve is now with Kaline starting July 1, and Dalbec is hiking in the Alleghenys. Appropriate financial adjustments were made as well.
Cottage 6-29-2021 Send Michael Fulmer to join his fellow Cheese pitchers on the VIL. ACIT: everybody slid down the VIL bench, making room for one more Cheese pitcher.
Pittsburgh 6-27-2021 PA #3: Move all of Dom Smith to 1B; move all of Muncy to 3B. ACIT: done, effective starting June 28.
Old Detroit 6-27-2021 OD #3: Activate Nate Lowe 50% at 1b. Take the 20% of Tommy Edman playing 2b and send it to the bench, leaving his OF allocation as it is. Send Mike Minor to the bench for PTSD observation. File a complaint with Mike Matheny for his abusive behavior toward a Minor. ACIT: Done for games beginning June 28.
Flint Hill 6-26-2021 Reduce the following to 33%: Nate Eovaldi, James Kaprielian, Tanner Scott, Jake Brentz, and Ryan Tepera. ACIT: Two-thirds of Eovaldi, Kaprielian, Scott, Brentz, and Tepera have been benched for the rest of June, starting on the 26th.
Cottage 6-25-2021 Move Cody Stashak to the VIL for July. ACIT: What's that, like nineteen Cheese pitchers on the injured list?
Portland 6-23-2021 PR #3: Kepler to LF 34%, CF 33%, RF 33%. ACIT: Kepler has been distributed 34-33-33 in OF, and set to zero in OH, as of June 23.
Flint Hill 6-22-2021 FH #2: Bench Urias, activate Hernandez 50% at 2B. ACIT: Urias rides the pine, Hernandez is 50% at 2b, effective June 23.
Cottage 6-22-2021 For July, add Gsellman to the VIL, and restore McNeil from the VIL back to the active roster. ACIT: Done for July
Cottage 6-19-2021 Allocate Toro 100% at 3b. ACIT: Okay
Old Detroit 6-18-2021 OD #2: Reduce Taillon, Minor and Stripling, all three of them, to 60% active as pitchers. Please do this to take effect now, before tonight's games. Thank you. ACIT: Jameson, Mike and Ross are all reduced to 60% allocations, effective starting June 18.
Haviland 6-17-2021 Glasnow to the VIL for July. ACIT: Glasnow is on the VIL as of July 1.
Flint Hill 6-17-2021 FH#1: Bench SP Marquez for the rest of the month. Move all of Naquin to OH. ACIT: Beginning June 17, Marquez is benched, Naquin is just a hitter.
Pittsburgh 6-17-2021 PA #2: Move Vaughn to 100% 1B; Move Altuve to 67% 2B and 33% OH; Move Hampson to 33% 2B and 22-23 (CF)-22 across OF. ACIT: Done, starting with games of June 17.
Haviland 6-15-2021 HD #2: Activate Green to the max. Move 50% of Lowe to all OF positions. Activate Rodgers 75% at 2B. ACIT: Effective starting June 16, Green is 100%, Lowe is 50% 2b, 17-16-17% across the OF, and Rodgers is 25% bench, 75% 2b.
Pittsburgh 6-15-2021 V. Guttiérrez was left out of the stats again for 6-14. That accent is pesky, all right. Dave, I tried to send you an email directly but for some reason the system does not like your address which we have used forever. ACIT: fixed, I hope
Peshastin 6-15-2021 Reallocate Willie Calhoun: 20% LF, 10% CF, 70% RF. Please, Mitch, get well soon. ACIT: I can (and have) reallocated Mr. Calhoun per your instructions, but your prayers have been forwarded to a higher power.
Portland 6-14-2021 PR #2: Newcomb to 100% P; Move Urias to 75% 3b, 25% 2b; move Solak to 100% 2b; Polanco to 100% SS. ACIT: All done per your requests, effective starting w games of June 15.
Cottage 6-14-2021 CC#1: Activate Steven Matz to 100%. ACIT: Matz is now 100%.
Pittsburgh 6-12-2021 PA #1: Move Wil Crowe from the bench to 100% at pitcher. ACIT: Crowe is now eligible to pitch, starting June 13.
Haviland 6-12-2021 HD#1: Move Rosario from bench to 3 outfield positions. ACIT: Rosario was already allocated 60% to SS and that was not changed. I took the 40% that was benched and distributed it 13%, 14%, 13% in the OF, starting June 13.
Old Detroit 6-11-2021 OH # 1 (effective after Sat morning update): Activate Mike Minor to 75%. Cut Ross Stripling to 75%. Make Devers 100% OH. Put Profar 100% on the bench. Make Edman 20% bench, 20% 2b, and 20% at each OF position ACIT: wow, a lot of transactions for your money. All done per your request, effective starting with games of June 12.
Canberra 6-10-2021 Isaac Paredes to max OH. And a sternly worded letter to Al Avila for bringing him up two days after allocations were due. ACIT: Paredes is at 100% OH beginning June 10.
Pittsburgh 6-10-2021 This may not be the best place to mention this, but P Vladimir Gutierrez is allocated at 100%, but received no stats for the 7 IP he had last night. I was more likely to notice this, of course, because he had a good game. ACIT: This was a case of misspelling, because Vladimir has an accent mark within his last name, and those don't come down from BR cleanly. I input the stats from his two games in June, and updated the system. I also put in a correction for his name, so it should be okay from here on out. But keep checking.
D.C. 6-8-2021 DC #1: Shed Long to OH to the max. ACIT: Shed is 100% at OH beginning with games of June 8.
Portland 6-8-2021 PR#1: bench Solak 100%; Lauer to P at 100%. ACIT: Beginning June 8, Lauer is 100% activated; Solak is 100% de-activated.
Pittsburgh 6-6-2021 Andrew Vaughn lost his OF rating. Can he have it back, please? He's been there all year (41 games). ACIT: I restored it back to his May rating (1.0).
n/a 6-5-2021 The following players were put on the VIL during the June 2021 Free Agent draft: Michael Conforto (Kaline), David Phelps (Old Detroit), and Chaz Roe (Pittsburgh)
n/a 6-5-2021 The following players were DFA'd during the June 2021 Free Agent draft: Daz Cameron (Bellingham); Humberto Mejia and David Dahl (Canberra); Isan Diaz (Cottage); Yasiel Puig (D.C.); Adam Plutko, Danny Mendick, Austin Romine, and Keone Kela (Flint Hill); Tom Eshelman (Pittsburgh); Joe Palumbo (Portland)
Old Detroit 6-4-2021 The Commissioners Office orders the following measures against OD for reasons outlined in today's email: 1) Reactivate Eloy Jimenez from the IL. OD may not list Eloy on the IL for the rest of the season. 2) DFA Duane Underwood, Jr, Rick Porcello and Joey Wentz. ACIT: Jimenez has been reactivated from the VIL. Underwood, Porcello, and Wentz have been DFA'd and placed on the free agent list.
Peshastin 6-2-2021 The Pears trade catcher Sean Murphy to Flint Hill for pitcher Blake Snell. ACIT: Murphy is now a Tornado, and Snell a Pear.
Peshastin 6-2-2021 Struck by yet ANOTHER catastrophic pitching injury, the Pears put Jack Flaherty on the VIL. ACIT: I know, I know
Kaline 6-2-2021 Please put ROY 2020 Kyle Lewis on the VIL. ACIT: done
Portland 6-2-2021 Abreu to VIL please ACIT: done
Portland 6-2-2021 Senzel to the VIL please ACIT: done
Cottage 6-1-2021 Move Chris Archer to the VIL. He hopes to pitch in July. ACIT: Your VIL is approaching the size of your active roster.
Flint Hill 6-1-2021 Move Graterol from the IL to the Active Roster for the month of June. Thanks! ACIT: Graterol is on the active roster for June.
Haviland 5-29-2021 HD#2? Brendan Rodgers to the max at SS. ACIT: Rodgers is 100% at SS for three days beginning May 29.
Flint Hill 5-28-2021 COMMISSIONER: reinstate James Kaprielian and Deolis Guerra to their allocations prior to May 21, to resolve an inadvertent rule violation. ACIT: As you wish, O Commish.
Cottage 5-28-2021 Starting in June, move Jeff McNeil to the VIL, and restore Josh James from the VIL to the active roster. ACIT: done, effective on June roster.
Flint Hill 5-27-2021 FH trades Cristian Pache to Pittsburgh for Nathan Eovaldi. ACIT: Done, effective on June rosters.
Bellingham 5-27-2021 Move Ozuna to IL , Lane Thomas to OF 33%,33%,34%, Rowdy Tellez 50%1B, 50% RF. ACIT: Ozuna has joined the crowded VIL. Thomas and Tellez have been redistributed per your request, starting with games of May 27.
Flint Hill 5-26-2021 Flint Hill sends Anthony DeSclafani, Keston Hiura and Clint Frazier to Bellingham for Brad Miller and Tim Anderson. ACIT: done, effective starting with June rosters.
D.C. 5-26-2021 DC #2: Mondesi to the max at OH, Espinal to the bench. ACIT: Mondesi is 100% OH, Espinal is 100% bench.
Haviland 5-26-2021 HD #2: Kirillof the max at OH. ACIT: Kiriloff is now 100% at OH, starting with games of May 26.
Haviland 5-26-2021 Haviland trades G Sanchez to Portland for S Turnbull. ACIT: Done, effective in June rosters.
Portland 5-21-2021 PR #3: Shaw to 3b at 100%; Kepler to OF at 33%, 33%, 34%; bench Norries at 100%; bench Folytnewicz at 100%. ACIT: Shaw is now 100% at 3b, Kepler is spread across the OF; Norris was already on the bench, and Folty has joined him. All moves effective starting 5/21.
Pittsburgh 5-21-2021 PA #2 continued, small correction needed: D.Smith should be 40% at 1B. He showed up on the current allocations as 40% at 2B. ACIT: Oops. Fixed now.
Flint Hill 5-21-2021 FH #3: Bench Plutko, Guerra, and Kaprielian for the remainder of the month. ACIT: those three stooges are riding the pine from May 21-31.
Pittsburgh 5-21-2021 PA #2: Move Muncy to 100% 3B; Move Vazquez to 60% 1B, 40% C; Move D.Smith to 40% 1B, 27% OH, OF 11-11-11; Move Grullon to 100% OH. ACIT: all moves done as requested, effective starting w games of 5/21.
Old Detroit 5-20-2021 OH #3: Bench the following players completely: Duane Underwood, Ross Stripling. Reduce James McCann to 33% at catcher. Reduce Jamieson Taillon to 50%. ACIT: Underwood and Stripling are riding the pine full-time. McCann is 67% benched, 33% catcher. Taillon is allocated 50% at pitcher. All changes effective starting w games of May 20.
Canberra 5-19-2021 Move the remaining Bradley bench % to the OF - 20 to CF and 5 each to LF and RF. Move remaining Dahl bench % to OH. ACIT: Bradley is now 35-30-35 in the three OF positions. Dahl is now 70% at OH.
Cottage 5-17-2021 CC #2: Return Matz to active pitching duty 100%; sit Isan Diaz down completely. He had his chance. ACIT: Okay, if you say so. Effective starting May 17.
Portland 5-16-2021 PR #2: Polanco to see 100%; Urias to 2b 100%; Senzel to 3b at 100%; Kepler 40% from bench to OH; Abreu to 100%. ACIT: Beginning w games of May 17, Polanco, Urias, and Senzel will be 100% at SS, 2b, and 3b respectively; Kepler's bench allocation (40%) has been moved to OH; and Abreu has been activated 100%.
Cottage 5-14-2021 Activate Arozarena equally in the three outfield positions to total 100%. ACIT: done, effective with games of May 14.
Flint Hill 5-13-2021 FH #2: Increase DeSclafani to 100%, Bench Pache 100% and move Naquin to 100% at OH. ACIT: Starting May 13, Pache is 100% benched, Naquin is 100% at OH, and DeSclafani is 100% allocated.
Portland 5-10-2021 PR #1: Move Shaw to 1b at 75%, 3b 25%; Polanco to 100% 2b; Urias 100% at 3b; Bench taylor 100%; bench Norris 100%. ACIT: Shaw is 75% at 1b, 25% at 3b; Polanco and Urias are 100% at 2b and 3b respectively; Taylor and Norris are benched, effective May 10.
Old Detroit 5-10-2021 OD#2: Move Devers to 3b 100%. Move Crawford to OH 100%. Move Josh Bell to Bench 100%. ACIT: Devers is 100% at 3b, Crawford is 100% at OH, and Bell is completely benched, effective starting May 10.
Old Detroit 5-9-2021 Move Edman 100% to of evenly distributed. Make Lux 100% at 2b. Do for games Sunday which start in 4 minutes. ACIT: Edman is 33,34,33 in the three outfield positions, beginning May 9. Lux was already 100% at 2b. Remember, you can check the "Current Allocations" page to see what your players are doing.
Flint Hill 5-8-2021 FH #1: Activate Mendick to the max split evenly between 2b and 3b. Activate Mazara to the max at OH. ACIT: Mendick and Mazara (sounds like a magic act) have been allocated per your request, beginning with games of May 9.
D.C. 5-7-2021 DC #1: Move Ryan McMahon to 2B to the max. ACIT: McMahon is playing second, starting on May 8.
Kaline 5-6-2021 Julian Merryweather to the Very Injured List. He just went on the 60-day IL. ACIT: Merryweather is now on the VIL.
Pittsburgh 5-5-2021 PA#1: Move pitcher Derek Holland to the bench full-time. ACIT: Holland has been sent to the Pittsburgh pine, in the earliest (day 2!) benching in EFL history.
Bellingham 5-4-2021 The following players were DFA'd during the draft, and will be available at the May/June meeting as free agents OR as waiver wire claims on the following terms: Orlando Arcia KD (R 2021) $2000 Joe Jimenez PR (V 2021) $1500 James Paxton PP (V 2023) $8000 Tommy Doyle CK (R 2025) $500 Aristides Aquino HC (V 2021) $1500 Brett Gardner HC (V 2021) $3500 Jordan Yamamoto FH (R 2024) $500 All previous waiver wire players are now no longer available on the waiver wire.
Old Detroit 5-4-2021 Eloy Jimenez to the VIL. ACIT: done
Haviland 5-4-2021 Justin Topa to the VIL. ACIT: done
Portland 5-3-2021 Margevicious to the VIL, please. ACIT: Marge has been moved to the VIL.
Flint Hill 5-3-2021 Move Graterol and Nogowski to the IL, please. ACIT: They are now on the VIL.
D.C. 4-30-2021 The Balk request salary relief as Yasiel Puig has signed a contract to play beisbol en México. COMMISSIONER: I do not see where you DFA'd Puig. You don't get salary relief for players on your roster, nor for other contracts they've signed before you DFA them.
Portland 4-30-2021 Senzel has played 1 Inning at 3b, and 2 innings at 2b this season, please add defense ratings at these positions starting in May. ACIT: Senzel can play 2b and 3b starting in May. Thanks
Haviland 4-26-2021 Urshela has played ss. ACIT: for the May roster, Urshela is rated at SS.
Cottage 4-26-2021 Add positions: McKinstry 3b, OF; Semien 2b. ACIT: For the May roster, McKinstry is rated at 3b and OF; Semien is rated at 2b.
Flint Hill 4-26-2021 Hiura needs a 1B rating. ACIT: Hiura is now rated at 1b for May.
Pittsburgh 4-25-2021 Move Hampson to 2B at 100%. ACIT: Hampton is now 100% at 2b.
Bellingham 4-24-2021 Allocate Lane Thomas 100% bench. Allocate Brad Miller 20% 2B, 20%3B, 30%LF, 30%RF. Allocate Acuna to 70% RF, 30%OH. Allocate Marcell Ozuna to 70%LF, 30% OH. ACIT: Thomas, Miller, Acuna, and Ozuna have been allocated per your request from April 24-30.
Old Detroit 4-22-2021 OF # 3: Allocate Devers 100% at 3b. Allocate Josh Bell 100% at OH. Allocate Edman 100% at 2b. ACIT: Devers, Bell and Edman have been allocated 100% at 3b, OH, and 2b, respectively, beginning with games of April 22.
Cottage 4-21-2021 Place Morejon on the IL along with the other Cheese pitchers. ACIT: Morejon joins the others on the Cheese bench who are getting TJ surgery.
Haviland 4-21-2021 HD#2: Move Gardner from OH to OF evenly. Reduce Campusano to 33% at OH. ACIT: Gardner is now 33,34,33% across the outfield, and Campusano is 33% at OH, effective starting with games of 4/21.
Flint Hill 4-20-2021 Bench Manaea, Marquez and Graterol for the rest of the month; move all of Mendick's OH to 3B. Done at 1pm before games begin today. ACIT: Manaea is benched for the rest of the month, although I fail to see how that benefits the Tornadoes. Graterol and Marquez have been seated with him. Mendick is now 100% 3b. All effective beginning Apr 20.
Old Detroit 4-20-2021 OD #2: Allocate Edman 80% to 2b, 20% to 3b. Allocate Josh Bell 100% to bench. Heal Byron Buxton ASAP. This is submitted before the start of play, so should be effective today. ACIT: Edman is now allocated 80% 2b and 20% 3b; Bell is benched; Buxton is healed. All three effective 4/20. No problem.
Portland 4-17-2021 PR #3: bench Jimenez, move all of Astudillo's OH to C, move all of Senzel bench to even split in 3 OF positions, move half of Shaw to 1B from 3B, increase all of Urias Bench to 3B. ACIT: effective with games of 4/18, we benched Jimenez, we moved Astudillo to 75% C and 25% 1b (after a consultation w/ Portland), moved Shaw to 50% 1b and 50% 3b, and moved Urias to 100% 3b.
Cottage 4-16-2021 Put Josh James on the injured list. ACIT: James joins his fellow Cheese on the injured list.
Cottage 4-15-2021 Cottage sends $500 to Kaline for Michael Fulmer. ACIT: done, effective in May.
Kaline 4-15-2021 Was my transaction not approved? Drop Ty Buttrey who has retired from baseball. Restore the 500k to the Drive coffers. Let me know if there is a problem. This is the third time I’ve requested it. Thanks. Tom. COMMISSIONER: I apologize for not seeing this request before now. Buttrey has been released into retirement.
D.C. 4-14-2021 DC #2: Move Ryan McMahon to 2B (80%) and 3B (20%). ACIT: McMahon has been moved, beginning with games of April 15.
Cottage 4-11-2021 CC#2: Bench Corey Dickerson and Marcus Semien. We have too many PAs. ACIT: done
Cottage 4-11-2021 The Cheese send Corey Dickerson to Bellingham (he will like it there, nice place) for Alex Cobb, who joins his Angel teammate Andrew Heaney at the Cottage St. baseball haven. (See Commissioner, we read your stuff!) ACIT: done, starting with the month of May. This should send the Cheese and the Cascades into a battle for 1st place.
Cottage 4-10-2021 DFA Trevor Rosenthal, who never got to throw even 1 pitch for the Cheese. ACIT: How sad! Rosenthal joins the ranks of the former Cheese.
Flint Hill 4-10-2021 Move all of Frazier's OH evenly across all 3 OF positions; activate Mendick 100% at OH; activate Manaea 100% at P. ACIT: done, beginning with games of April 10.
Portland 4-9-2021 PR#2: Move Senzel to 100% OH, bench Polanco at 66% (leaving 34% at OH), move Urias 2b allocation to Bench. ACIT: done, beginning with games of April 10. thanks
D.C. 4-9-2021 DC #1: Move Asdrubal Cabrera from OH to 2B at the max. ACIT: done, beginning with games of April 10.
Peshastin 4-9-2021 Weeping at the bedside of Jim Paxton, the Pears move Genesis Cabrera, Freddy Peralta, and Huascar Ynoa to 100% usage. ACIT: Weeping with those who weep, the ACIT manages (through his tears) to update the allocations of the above-named players to 100% beginning with the games of April 9.
Canberra 4-8-2021 CK #1 - Increase playing time for Casey Mize and Caleb Smith from 60% to whatever the max is, please. ACIT: Mize and Smith have been upped to 100% allocation beginning with games of April 9.
Haviland 4-8-2021 HD#1: ( I swear (well, not really) I already submitted this but I see no record of it, so) Move Aquino from OH to LF RF CF equally to the greatest amount possible. Reduce Jose Alvarez, pitcher, to 33% active. ACIT: Aquino has been alloczted to 33%, 33%, and 34% across the three outfield positions, and 0% at OH. Alvaraz has been allocated at 33%. All of the above are effective starting with games of April 8.
Cottage 4-8-2021 CC #1: Move McKinstry's 60% allocation to bench to OH; move Semien's 50% allocation from OH to SS; move Dickerson's 40% allocation from OH to OF, spread equally among the three positions. ACIT: done starting with games of 4/8
Portland 4-7-2021 Please add 2b defense rating to Jorge Polanco. ACIT: Polanco is now rated at 2b, starting in May.
Old Detroit 4-7-2021 OD #1: Please allocate Tommy Edman 100% to 3b. ACIT: done starting with games of 4/7
Portland 4-6-2021 PR #1: please move as much of Astudillo's OH to catcher as is possible. ACIT: this is yet another instance of the trend for marginal players becoming all-stars upon escaping from the Cottage confines. Astudillo will be 50% at catcher and 0% at OH beginning Apr 7.
Flint Hill 4-6-2021 FH #1: Activate Marquez at P to the max allowed. ACIT: Allocation for Marquez has been set to 100% beginning with games of April 6.
Canberra 3-31-2021 Canberra DFAs Kolby Allard. ACIT: Allard has been DFA'd, and his opening day stats erased (since he was DFA'd before the game).
Flint Hill 3-28-2021 FH sends Joe Jimenez to the Rosebuds for Carlos Rodon and the 3mil paid to the Rosebuds for Rodon's services. ACIT: After much confusion, this trade was accomplished with the express approval of the REAL commissioner.
Old Detroit 3-28-2021 OD DFA's Eric Lauer. ACIT: Somebody went in and DFA'd him already!
Portland 3-26-2021 Dfa Barreto (rookie deal) ACIT: This makes 3 EFL teams (that I know of) that have given up on Barreto. The Outs, the Cheese, and now the Rosebuds. Seems to be a tradition. Franklin is now DFA'd, again.
Bellingham 3-26-2021 The Cascades DFA Hector Rondon P and Jaylin Davis OF ACIT: Rondon and Davis have been DFA'd. An adjustment of $3M has been entered for Rondon since he was on a veteran contract for '21 and '22.
Old Detroit 3-26-2021 Old Detroit trades Mitch Keller to Cottage for Nate Lowe
Pittsburgh 3-26-2021 The Alleghenys DFA SS/OF Cole Tucker and P Ranger Suarez. ACIT: they’ve been DFA’d
Kaline 3-20-2021 DFA recently acquired A. J. Cole to open a spot on the Drive roster. ACIT: Cole has been DFA'd.
Peshastin 3-19-2021 With great rejoicing in Peshastin, the Pears move Tom Murphy from the injured list to their active roster. ACIT: Murphy is restored to the active roster for the Pears.
D.C. 3-19-2021 DFA rookie Jarlin Garcia, a lefty reliever.
Old Detroit 3-19-2021 Old Detroit, hoping BP and FG are better at projecting performance than BR is, trades A.J. Cole to Kaline for Craig Kimbrel (who was DFA'd by Kaline in October).
D.C. 3-18-2021 DC sends Alex Cobb and Tim Anderson to Bellingham for Xander Bogaerts. ACIT: Done!
Old Detroit 3-18-2021 In a three team blockbuster, Old Detroit trades Ryan Mountcastle and Josh James and receives Ross Stripling and Tommy Edman; Peshastin trades Ross Stripling, Marcus Semien, and Tommy Edman and receives Ryan Mountcastle and Yoan Moncada; and Cottage trades Yoan Moncada and receives Marcus Semien and Josh James. COMMISSIONER extends congratulations to all three teams for transforming redundant talent into starting talent.
Flint Hill 3-15-2021 Drop Wingenter who is on a Rookie contract. I believe Haviland can claim him (he was a R5 pick) before he is put on the FA list. ACIT: Haviland refused to take him back, so Wingenter is DFA'd, and gets no salary from Flint Hill.
Old Detroit 3-14-2021 MORE FA LIST CORRECTIONS: Mallex Smith added with 2021 $2350 contract. Taylor Guilbeau added with 2021 $500 contract. Mychal Givens MLB salary corrected to 2021 $4050. Billy McKinney added, 2021 $500,000 Jose Alvarado deleted (on EFL roster) Monte Harrison added, 20201 $500,000 Tyler Austin added, 2021 $500,000 All these are either MLB transactions completed before 3/1/21, or EFL transactions.
Kaline 3-14-2021 DFA MAllex Smith, and his rookie contract. COMMISSIONER: done. Smith is added to FA list at 1 year, $2,350,000.
n/a 3-13-2021 Lewis Thorpe is listed as a FA. He is currently on Portland's Roster. Also, Mitch Moreland is a FA, he is still on the Drive's roster. ACIT: Thorpe and Moreland have been removed from the FA list.
Old Detroit 3-13-2021 Zach McKinstry is ineligible for a rating at any position this season. The rules require the Commissioner to assign such a player the replacement rating at the position the Commissioner deems most appropriate. McKinstry got a 1.0 in the OF rating. An EFL owner challenged that ruling, so the Commissioner reviewed several sources. In every case where the source listed only one position, it was 2b. In every case where he was listed as OF, he was also listed in other positions, all except once including 2b. (The other positions in that case were PH and DH.) Given the weight of the evidence, the Commmissioner has re-rated McKinstry's defense as 6.0 at 2b. The Commissioner will not acquire McKinstry in any way in 2021.
D.C. 3-12-2021 The Balk request salary relief on the news that Nick Markakis announced his retirement -- ACIT: the Markakis contract has been removed from the Balk roster
Canberra 3-8-2021 Canberra releases Taylor Guilbeau. He's on a rookie contract. COMMISSIONER: Wolverine management has been hectoring the Commissioner's Office to ignore this request (we suspect OD doesn't want CK to bid Odorizzi up, and doesn't want the 'Roos to be eligible to bid on Odorizzi AND Dahl). But the COMMISSIONER, unlike the WOlverine owner, is a person of integrity. We will not let the private interests of any owner to interfere with the performance of our duty. The DFA is approved. ACIT: adjusted the adjustment to remove Canberra's salary obligation to Gilbeau.
Canberra 3-7-2021 Jimmy Nelson was signed by the Dodgers for $1.25m after I released him. Can I get the salary relief. Thanks? COMMISSIONER: Relief is granted
Canberra 3-7-2021 Please remove Mikolas from the IL. Thanks! ACIT: done by the actual commissioner, I think. But I'm happy to approve it for him.
Pittsburgh 3-6-2021 Release Luiz Gohara. ACIT: Gohara has newfound freedom.
Portland 3-3-2021 add Hudson to the VIL. ACIT: Hudson is now on the injured list
Haviland 3-1-2021 I've noticed these things are recorded on the roster page so I'll post it here: I'm about 85% certain that Bellingham traded us their 2021 Rookie Draft pre-emption in the Charlie Morton trade last August, in an attempt to make the trade acceptable to the commissioner's office. Is there an official record? ACIT: there is now
Portland 2-20-2021 drop Billy McKinney ACIT: this was done some time ago but this fact was not recorded here
Portland 2-19-2021 Urias should have defense rating at 2b and 3b ACIT: this was done some time ago but this fact was not recorded here
Portland 2-17-2021 trade the rights of the #1 and #15 picks in rookie draft to Old Detroit for the rights to the #5 pick, Nick Senzel, Spencer Turnbull, and Luis Urias. ACIT: the deal is done. COMMISSIONER: It's been too long since I gave away Jose Altuve and Jean Segura just before they broke out as super star and star, respectively. I believe I did those deals in the same off-season, but in separate transactions. Here I have probably done it again in a single transaction. EFL traditions are important, people. You need to sacrifice if you want to see them continue.
Peshastin 2-13-2021 Belated discovering that Kevin Cron will play in Japan this year, the Pears give him an unconditional release. COMMISSIONER: Cron has been DFA'd. If we revive the EWW, he would be available on waivers to some team wanting to invest in Cron's possible return to the majors. Or he could be traded to such a team, right up until the opening day roster is submitted.
Flint Hill 2-12-2021 FH sends 500k to Cottage for Jordan Yamamoto. COMMISSIONER: Someone executed this transition before I could approve it. Lawlessness! Chaos! Anarchy!
Portland 2-12-2021 Trades Cordero for Benintendi. COMMISSIONER: Actually, I believe "Benintendi" means "well-intentioned" rather than "having good intentions" -- extrapolating from my studies of Spanish, French and law school Latin. His displacement of Franchy Cordero, then, is meant for Cordero's good. So it is approved.
Cottage 2-12-2021 Cottage accepts Khalil Lee (Mets) in trade for Benintendi (Red Sox). Lee, having never played in the majors, gets a minimum wage pre-rookie contract until he plays in MLB. COMMMISSIONER: Lee is on a 2099 Rookie contract. Benintendi takes his good intentions elsewhere.
Flint Hill 2-12-2021 FH gets 1.75mil from the Detroit Tigers to offset what we owe Nomar Mazara. COMMISSIONER: The Tigers' generous subsidy to the Tornados has been recorded, expiring after this season.
Flint Hill 2-6-2021 FH trades Gausman, Bogaerts and Hoskins to BC for Bichette, Goldschmidt, Graterol and 4mil ACITwannabe: Done!
Haviland 2-5-2021 K Wong signed a two-year contract for $18M which I believe covers our full obligation to him. ACIT: It does indeed. Haviland has no further debt to Wong.
Portland 2-2-2021 Trade Mahle, Wacha, and Rios to Bellingham for their First Round Rookie Draft pick. ACIT: done!
Portland 2-2-2021 Please give Portland $3 mil relief for 2021 as Rodon signed with the White Sox. ACIT: relief has been applied. rodon-deal-with-white-sox
D.C. 1-24-2021 Kevin Gausman signed for 18.5M with the Giants for 2021 ( The Balk request 7,250 salary relief. COMMISSIONER: You got it.
Flint Hill 1-22-2021 Austin Romine signed for 1.5mil with the Cubs, so the Tornadoes need 1.5mil salary relief, please ( ACIT: relief granted.
Flint Hill 1-16-2021 FH trades Harper and Berrios to DC for Betts. ACIT: Players have been moved. How many EFL teams has Harper been on?
Portland 1-7-2021 Dfa Christin Stewart and Carlos Rodon. ACIT: Both players have been DFA'd. Rodon needs to be paid for the 2 years remaining on his veteran contract, so an adjustment has been entered for $3750 per year. Stewart is on a rookie contract, so Portland does not have to pay him.
Portland 1-4-2021 Trade Kay and Mendick to Flint Hills for Astudillo. ACIT: Wow, that's a blockbuster. Done!
Flint Hill 12-30-2020 Flint Hill trades Mike Trout and 7.5mil to Canberra for Blake Snell and Rhys Hoskins. This trade was in the works before the actual MLB trade for Snell went down, and this is arguably a bigger blockbuster than that, so I can’t wait to see how the pundits spin this! ACIT: Done. We'll see if the EFL championship now moves to Canberra with Trout.
D.C. 12-26-2020 DC designates Daniel Mengden, who just signed to play in Korea. ACIT: I hate when they do that. Mengden has been DFA'd. No charge to DC, since his was a rookie contract.
Haviland 12-19-2020 Dragons release F Romero so he can play in Japan. ACIT: Romero has been DFA'd, and Haviland has no salary obligation to him since he was on a rookie contract.
Cottage 12-18-2020 The Cheese designate Jordan Yamamoto and Monte Harrison for assignment. ACIT: Done: Cottage has no financial responsibility for these guys since they were on rookie contracts.
Cottage 12-18-2020 The Cheese send Chris Paddack and JP Crawford to Old Detroit, and the Wolverines send Andrew Heaney, Adrian Morejon, Trevor Rosenthal, and Isan Diaz to Cottage. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 12-17-2020 DFA Nomar Mazara. ACIT: Mazara joins the list of the formerly employed Tornadoes.
Cottage 11-28-2020 Cottage sends Jose Alavarado to D.C. for Benintendi. ACIT: Done.
Flint Hill 11-28-2020 FH sends 1mil to Peshastin for Teoscar Hernandez. ACIT: Hernandez is now a Tornado; the Pears are $1K richer.
Cottage 11-25-2020 Add Yonny Chirinos to the VIL; he had TJ surgery. ACIT: Done. Wow, that's two of your guys out for the 2021 season! Tough luck for the Cheese.
Portland 11-24-2020 Drop brett kennedy ACIT: Kennedy has been DFA'd. Portland is not responsible for his salary since he was on a rookie contract.
Portland 11-22-2020 Please transfer Thornton and Cordero from the VIL to active! ACIT: done. Although with Cordero (a former Cheese), there's not much point, he'll be back on the VIL pretty soon.
Flint Hill 11-22-2020 FH trades Franklin Barreto to Portland for Bryce Harper and 13.5mil (salary relief for 2021 only - all of Harper's salary will be paid by FH in 2022). ACIT: Harper is now a Tornado, and Barreto is a Rosebud. PR and FH have received offsetting $13.5M adjustments.
Flint Hill 11-20-2020 DFA Tyler Austin who is on a Rookie contract. ACIT: Austin has joined the ranks of the former Tornadoes. FH is not responsible for his salary, since it was a rookie contract.
D.C. 11-18-2020 The Balk reluctantly designate Mike Clevinger for assignment. ACIT: Clevinger has been tossed aside. He was on a rookie contract, so no salary responsibilities for DC.
Canberra 11-9-2020 Canberra releases Jimmy Nelson. He's under contract through 2021 on a Veteran deal. ACIT: Nelson has been DFA'd and an adjustment added to CK's roster.
Old Detroit 11-1-2020 Old Detroit trades Tom Murphy to Peshastin for Jameson Taillon. ACIT: Murphy is now a Pear; Taillon has become a Wolverine.
Bellingham 11-1-2020 Cascades DFA Jeff Mathis. ACIT: Mathis has been DFA'd and an adjustment added for Bellingham.
Haviland 10-29-2020 Dragons DFA K Wong. ACIT: Wong has been DFA'd, and an $8M adjustment has been added to Haviland's roster.
Flint Hill 10-22-2020 Flint Hill trades Willi Castro to Peshastin for Zach Eflin and Clint Frazier. ACIT: 'Tis done.
Haviland 10-22-2020 Two roster corrections, maybe? 1) $3000 salary relief from Canberra (for 2021 and 2022) applied to Puig 2) German has served his suspension and should be added to the active roster at $4000 for 2021. ACIT: Salary relief granted for Puig for 2021-22. German has been added to the roster for 2021 and the charge for him removed from the adjustments.
Haviland 10-22-2020 Reinstate Kopech from the VIL. ACIT: Kopech has been reinstated.
Cottage 10-7-2020 Put Caleb Ferguson on the injured list. ACIT: done
Flint Hill 10-7-2020 DFA Austin Romine ACIT: Romine has been DFA'd, and the appropriate salary adjustment has been added.
Portland 10-3-2020 Release Cervelli due to retirement. ACIT: Cervelli's EFL career has finished.
Flint Hill 9-26-2020 FH #3: bench McFarland for rest of season. ACIT: McFarland's season is over, as of 9/27.
Flint Hill 9-26-2020 FH#3: If the rule allows, bench Berrios for the rest of the season (this was sent before first pitch was thrown). ACIT: Berrios set to 0 beginning Sept 25. Addendum: whoops, that was against the rules. Berrios returned to previous allocation.
Cottage 9-19-2020 CC#2: Bench Eric Thames 100%. Move J.D. Davis to 1b, 100%. ACIT: Thames' career as a Cheese is over. Davis will take over 1st base for the remainder of the season, beginning Sept. 19.
Flint Hill 9-19-2020 FH#2: Activate the remaining 10% of Joey Gallo, and spread his OH and Bench percentages (20% total) over all three OF positions (with the 6% going in CF). ACIT: Gallo allocated 17-16-17 in OF, 0 at Bench and OH, starting Sept. 18.
Haviland 9-17-2020 HD#2: Alex Reyes to the max at RP. ACIT: Reyes has been increased to 100% at RP beginning Sept. 18.
Cottage 9-16-2020 Activate Castellani 100% as a starter. ACIT: Are you sure this is a good idea? He pitches for the Rockies! Okay, since you insist, Castellani is now 100% allocated beginning Sept. 16.
Haviland 9-14-2020 HD #1: Rosario - from bench to oh to the max possible - no adjustments at ss. ACIT: Rosario allocated 67% at OH beginning Sept. 14.
Old Detroit 9-13-2020 OD #3: Bench Jurickson Profar. Activate Lewis Brinson 100%, evenly spread across the outfield, with the extra percent in RF. ACIT: Profar’s allocations set to 0; Brinson’s OF allocations set to 33/33/34.
D.C. 9-12-2020 DC #3: Mondesi to the max at 2B. ACIT: Mondesi's 40% bench allocation has been zeroed, and his 2b allocation has been set to 100% beginning Sept. 12. And just a friendly note to DC: we don't want no more transactions from you this month.
D.C. 9-12-2020 DC #2: Cabrera to the max at 3B. ACIT: Cabrera has been removed from his bench, OH, and SS allocations, and moved 100% to 3b beginning Sept. 12.
D.C. 9-12-2020 DC #1: Matt Hall to the bench for the remainder of his natural life. ACIT: This seems overly harsh. As an act of mercy, Hall has been benched only for the month of September, beginning on the 12th.
Flint Hill 9-11-2020 FH #1: Bench Marquez for the rest of the month. This is done before games on the 11th, so now I am hoping the my two Angels go off in the Coors air tonight! EFLigo: This is called overthinking and it backfired, but it is done.
Pittsburgh 9-10-2020 #1: Move Max Muncy from 1B to 2B at 100%; move Dom Smith from OF to 1B at 100%. ACIT: effective beginning Sept 10, Muncy's 1b allocation is 0 and his 2b allocation is 100; Smith's OF allocations (all three) are 0 and his 1b allocation is 100.
Old Detroit 9-9-2020 OD #1: Move Morejon 100% into relief pitching OD #2: Bench Toro, move the 25% of Devers at OH to 3b, move the 50% of Lux on the bench to OH ACIT: Beginning with games of Sept 9, Morejon's SP allocation is set to 0 and his RP allocation is set to 100. Toro's bench allocation is set to 100 and other positions to 0. Devers' 3b allocation is set to 100, and his OH allocation to 0. Lux's bench allocation is set to 0, and his OH allocation is set to 50.
Pittsburgh 9-3-2020 Accept trade of Brian Goodwin for Packy Naughton and player to be named later. Place Naughton at SP at 100%. EFLigo (JJ): Goodwin sent to the Reds and Naughton added as 2099 contract for 2020 so as to not start his contract clock. If PA management does indeed want to start his clock, we can make that adjustment easily.
Pittsburgh 9-3-2020 Move Hunter Harvey and Ranger Suarez from VIL to active. Make them 100% active at RP. Move Stephen Strassburg and Phillip Evans to the VIL. EFLigo(JJ): Harvey and Suarez reinstated and allocated 100% at RP for September; Strasburg and Evans VILed.
Old Detroit 9-2-2020 Isan Diaz has been approved to return to MLB from his COVID opt-out. Please add him and his rookie 2024 (not 2025) contract to the OD active roster. To make room for him, please put Tom Murphy on the VIL. ACIT: Murphy has been placed on the VIL; Diaz has been restored to the Wolverine roster; salary relief for Diaz has been removed.
Old Detroit 9-1-2020 Ljay Newsome should be rated as a starting pitcher since he started the game Aug 27. ACIT: Newsome has been changed to a starter.
Portland 9-1-2020 trade Williams and Cronenworth to Haviland for O'Neill and Newcomb. Portland is covering the salary discrepency (I believe $4.25?) ACIT: done during the draft
Bellingham 9-1-2020 Bellingham sends 7 million and a 2nd round exemption pick to Haviland, for Charlie Morton. Haviland covers 3 million of this year's salary. Bellingham will cover all future salaries for Morton. ACIT: done during the draft
Old Detroit 9-1-2020 During the draft, Old Detroit accepted the trade of Robbie Ray to the Blue Jays, and dropped the minor league player thereby obtained. ACIT: done during the draft
Canberra 9-1-2020 Canberra accepts the trade of Starling Marte to the Marlins for Caleb Smith, Humberto Mejia and a PTBNL. I do not want the PTBNL. I'll keep Smith and Mejia. Smith should be on a rookie deal that expires in 2022 (so he's on his last year at $500k), Mejia debuted this season. ACIT: done during the draft
Old Detroit 8-31-2020 Accepts the trade of Daniel Vogelbach to Toronto, effective after today's game, for a PTBNL. This saves the W's $2,000,000 and a roster spot. ACIT: Vogelbach has been removed from OD's roster, along with his salary.
Old Detroit 8-31-2020 Activate Michael Pineda; he will be active tomorrow. ACIT: Pineda has been restored to the Wolverines roster at a salary of $3.607M for 2020, per the note in the adjustment.
Haviland 8-31-2020 Dragons trade Nimmo to Cottage for Robert. No money moves with the players. ACIT: Or, to put in another way - Cottage sends $12.5M to Haviland to pay the difference between the two players salaries. Players have joined their new teams. Luis, we hardly knew ye...
D.C. 8-31-2020 The Balk DFA Seranthony Dominguez. ACIT: done
Portland 8-31-2020 Portland also DFA's Domingo santana. ACIT: done
Haviland 8-31-2020 Dragons send Bryse Wilson to Portland for $1,000,000. Portland will also take on Wilson’s salary. ACIT: Wilson is now a Rosebud. $1M has been transferred to HD.
Flint Hill 8-30-2020 Flint Hill sends Javy Baez and Logan Allen to Portland for Anthony Rendon, Jose Berrios and 4million dollars. ACIT: players and dollars have changed teams for September.
Old Detroit 8-30-2020 Ljay Newsome should be rated as a starting pitcher, since he started August 27
Cottage 8-30-2020 Cottage sends Sean Manaea and $500K to Flint Hill for Caleb Ferguson. ACIT: Trade and adjustments done for September.
Portland 8-29-2020 Dakota Hudson should be rated as a SP for September, please. ACIT: He's now a starter.
Flint Hill 8-29-2020 Flint Hill sends Francisco Cervelli and Bryan Abreu to Portland for Yasmani Grandal and 1.5mil dollars. ACIT: Cervelli, Abreu and Grandal have new uniforms for September. Financial adjustments done as well.
Kaline 8-28-2020 DFA Burch Smith. ACIT: done
Portland 8-27-2020 Trade Ozuna and Taylor and $10 million to Bellingham for Dakota hudson. ACIT: Ozuna, Blake Taylor, and $10M go to the Cascades, and Hudson becomes a Rosebud.
Portland 8-27-2020 for september: Thorton, Cordero, Pham to VIL. ACIT: Those three are on the VIL for September.
D.C. 8-25-2020 DC trades Adam Haseley to Old Detroit for David Phelps. ACIT: done, effective beginning of September.
Portland 8-24-2020 Portland should be receiving $500 from Kaline for Kipnis. ACIT: You are correct. Well said!
Portland 8-24-2020 Dfa peacock, Pruitt as of Sept 1. ACIT: They are DFA'd
Portland 8-24-2020 Trade Kipnis to Kaline for $500k. ACIT: done, starting in September
Flint Hill 8-24-2020 Flint Hill trades Miles Mikolas and its 2021 2nd round preemption to Canberra for Carlos Carrasco. Canberra will continue to pay Carrasco’s salary for 2020 and FH will continue to pay Mikolas’ salary for 2020. ACIT: Carrasco and Mikolas have switched teams. $4M has been moved from CK to FH. Adjustment entered for 2021 pre-emption.
Flint Hill 8-23-2020 I forgot to add that Peshastin also sent 2million to Flint Hill in the trade. Thanks! ACIT: appropriate transactions have been added.
Flint Hill 8-23-2020 The Tornadoes trade Teoscar Hernandez and their 2021 first round rookie pick to the Pears for Julio Urias and Joey Gallo. ACIT: done for September
Flint Hill 8-23-2020 The Tornadoes send 500k to Cottage for one month of Willi Castro - how's that for an adrenaline rush?!?! ACIT: Castro has another chance to prove his value. Cottage tells me that they are thrilled to have money to spend in the next draft.
D.C. 8-23-2020 DC#2: Activate Matt Wisler to the max. ACIT: Wisler is now allocated 100% beginning with games of Aug. 23. And this is transaction #3, not #2, so you are done for the month.
D.C. 8-23-2020 DC#1: Activate Dylan Cease to the max. ACIT: Denied, since Cease was already activated 100% due to transaction on Aug. 9.
Cottage 8-22-2020 Yonny Chirinos to the VIL, effective September (and probably for all of 2021). ACIT: Done, and we weep with you, Mr. Cheese.
Kaline 8-22-2020 Move Narvaez from 100% Other to 100% C Move Danny Santana from 67% Bench/33% 2B to 100% 2B. Both transactions have been done, effective starting with games of Aug 23. And this was two transactions, bringing Kaline's total to 3 for the month of August.
Haviland 8-22-2020 HD #3: Lowe from OH to 1B to the max. ACIT: Can't be done. Lowe has no OH allocation left. He is 50% 1b and 50% 2b, per your transaction of Aug. 15.
Kaline 8-21-2020 Kaline trades Nick Senzel, Spencer Turnbull and Tom Murphy to Old Detroit for Dallas Keuchel and Willson Contreras, effective at the end of the month. ACIT: Rosters for OD and KD are updated for September.
Haviland 8-20-2020 As per the Tapia move on 8-12, it appears he has not been allocated “evenly” as at-bats are piling up in RF. ACIT: Fixed, I hope (fingers crossed).
Flint Hill 8-20-2020 FH #3: Activate Bryan Garcia at 100% RP for the rest of the month. ACIT: Done, beginning with games of Aug. 21
Portland 8-20-2020 Cronenworth should have 2b, SS, and 3b ratings. ACIT: Done, for the September Rosebud roster.
Cottage 8-18-2020 Cheese Transaction #2: Bench Yamamoto. Sheesh. ACIT: OK, OK. Don't get so excited! Done. You think this will help?
Old Detroit 8-18-2020 OD #3: Bench Brinson utterly and completely. To replace Brinson's OF time, take 15% of Jimenez' other hitting and spread it evenly across the OF. To replace in Brinson's OH time, move Urias' entire bench time to OH. Don't expect to see Brinson play for OD ever again. ACIT: Brinson's Wolverine uniform has been burned. Jimenez has been allocated 20% to each OF position, and 40% to OH. I cannot carry out the third part of your request, because Urias has no bench time. He is 60% at SS and 40% at 2B as a result of OD transaction #2 for August. I am checking the approved box, but if there were a "mostly approved" box I'd be checking that instead.
Pittsburgh 8-18-2020 Transaction #3: Move Luke Weaver to SP at 100%. ACIT: Weaver is now 100% allocated at SP, beginning Aug. 18.
Haviland 8-16-2020 Luzardo has earned a starter rating for September. ACIT: done
Kaline 8-16-2020 Move Kyle Farmer to 50% C and 50% 2B, from 50% 2B/50% Other Move Narvaez to 50% C and 50% Other from 100% Other. This is to cover for Murphy who is still nursing a broken foot. ACIT: Farmer's 50% OH was set to 0, and his C allocation set to 50%. Narvaez' OH allocation was changed from 100 to 50, and his C allocation from 0 to 50. All changes are effective for games of Aug 15, since your email was sent on the 14th.
Haviland 8-15-2020 HD #2: Move Lowe from OH to 2B as much as possible. ACIT: Lowe was 30% at OH, so I added 30% to his 2b allocation (making it 50%), and reduced his OH to 0, effective for games of Aug 16.
Pittsburgh 8-13-2020 Transaction #2: Move Max Muncy to 75% at 3B, 25% 1B; move Dominic Smith to 100% 1B. ACIT: done, effective for games of Aug 13
D.C. 8-13-2020 DC #1: Move Markakis from 100% OH to 100% OF (evenly distributed). ACIT: Done. And by the way, this is DC Transaction #2.
Haviland 8-12-2020 Tapia to OF evenly across three positions to the max. ACIT: You had Tapia 67% on the bench, and 33% at OH. I set the bench to 0%, and the three outfield positions to 22%, 23%, and 22% respectively. I did not change the OH percentage. If that's not what you want, please let me know.
Flint Hill 8-12-2020 FH#2: Bench Wade LeBlanc before he faces the Phillies tonight. I am betting that replacement innings will be better than his line tonight. I am not a betting man. And I hope I am not wrong. ACIT: LeBlanc has been benched, beginning Aug 12.
Portland 8-10-2020 #1: increase Margevicious to the max at SP. ACIT: Margevicious has been increased to 100% beginning Aug 10. #2: bench Myles Straw. ACIT: Straw has been set to 100% bench, and 0% at other positions, beginning Aug. 10.
Old Detroit 8-10-2020 OD #1: Move 30% of Willson Contreras to the OF, 10% for each spot. Move 20% of Austin Hedges to C. ACIT: Contreras has been (lightly) spread around the outfield, and Hedges has been raised up to replace that which was moved. Effective for games of Aug 11. OD #2: Move the 60% of Luis Urias from the Bench to SS. ACIT: Urias' benched portion has been moved to SS, beginning with games of Aug 11. Prepare for the Woeverine Comeback! ACIT: can't help you with this.
Old Detroit 8-10-2020 OD -- DFA Brian Johnson! And hope he signs somewhere else now that the Red Sox have also DFA'd him. (I don't think this counts as a roster move since he was 0% active in August.) Let's hope he's the secret influence turning my all-hot-prospects roster into a church league softball team. ACIT: Johnson has been DFA'd.
D.C. 8-8-2020 Activate SP Dylan Cease to the max. ACIT: Cease is activated 100% as SP beginning Aug. 9.
Cottage 8-8-2020 Bench Crawford. Put Yandy Diaz in at OH in his place, for 100%. ACIT: Beginning with games of Aug 8, Crawford is benched 100% and Diaz is 100% at OH.
Pittsburgh 8-8-2020 Transaction #1: Move Phillip Evans from 33% at 3B to 100% at 3B. ACIT: Evans is moved to 100% at 3b beginning with games of Aug 8.
Bellingham 8-8-2020 Send Nick Madrigal to the VIL for August, (thank you for 1 AB). ACIT: Our hearts are broken for you, Bellingham, but we are not allowed to process VIL moves in mid-month. And what would you do with the roster spot even if we granted it? Do this at our September draft, and we will weep together.
Flint Hill 8-7-2020 FH#1: activate cervelli 50% at OH ACIT: Cervelli is 50% at OH beginning with games of Aug 7. Update: I just saw the time of your email. Change will be effective starting with games of Aug 8.
Old Detroit 8-2-2020 On his way onto my restricted list, please give Isan Diaz a second-base rating. ACIT: Diaz now has the replacement-level 2b rating.
Old Detroit 8-2-2020 Isan Diaz has opted out of the season voluntarily, without any underlying health conditions. The Marlins have put him on their restricted list. Please give the Wolverines whatever roster and salary relief is due to players on the restricted list for opting out. ACIT: I put Diaz on the VIL, which gives the roster spot back to Old Detroit. I then entered a salary adjustment of $500 to relieve OD of the obligation of paying Diaz. I did not change the terms of his contract, so his rookie contract is still set to go through 2024. UPDATE: it was decided that Diaz' contract should be extended for another year, so it now goes through 2025.
Pittsburgh 7-31-2020 Send Hunter Harvey to the VIL for August. ACIT: Done. Also, we added a 2.0 rating at 1b for Todd Frazier (KD) even though no transaction was posted for it.
Pittsburgh 7-31-2020 Please add an OF defense rating for Cole Tucker if me meets the minimum number of appearances. Is there a minimum? He appeared in the OF twice in July. Co-Commish: DONE - will be applicable in August.
Portland 7-31-2020 add OF defense rating for Nick Solak, Co-commish: DONE - it shows up now but will be applicable come August allocations
Portland 7-31-2020 effective Aug 1, place Peacock and Pruitt on the VIL. ACIT: Done for August
Cottage 7-31-2020 Increase Gonsolin to 100% at SP. Just for one day. ACIT: OK, Gonsolin is 100% allocated for July 31.
Pittsburgh 7-30-2020 Transaction #2 Move Max Muncy to 50% 3B, 16% LF, 17% CF, 17% RF; replace 1B allocation by moving Dustin Garneau to 100% 1B. I believe this will be effective for July 30, July 31. ACIT: Done, and yes, it'll be effective 7/30-31.
Bellingham 7-28-2020 BC: Move Derek Dietrich to the bench 100%. Move Hanser Alberto too 100% 2B. Move Paul Goldschmidt to 100% 1B. ACIT: Dietrich is benched 100%. Alberto is 100% at 2b. Goldschmidt is 100% at 1b. All moves are effective beginning with games of 7/28.
Old Detroit 7-28-2020 OH #1: Move 40% of Josh Bell from OH to 1b. Move 40% of Willson Contreras from Bench to OH. ACIT: Josh Bell is now 73% at 1b and 27% at OH, beginning 7/28. Willson Contreras is now 100% at OH, beginning 7/28.
D.C. 7-28-2020 Balk #2: Benintendi to the bench 100%, replaced by Nico Hoerner (OF positions distributed equally) ACIT: done, beginning with games of 7/28
D.C. 7-27-2020 Balk #1: SP Dylan Cease to 100% ACIT: Done, beginning with games of 7/28
Pittsburgh 7-27-2020 Transaction #1 Move Max Muncy to 50% 1B, 50% 3B; replace 1B allocation by moving Dustin Garneau to 50% C, 50% 1B. This should help explore the changes in the transaction rule. ACIT: I changed the allocations for both players to begin with games of July 27 - so they will be effective for 5 games. Muncy's will, anyway; Garneau hasn't appeared yet this year.
D.C. 7-24-2020 Nick Markakis has opted out for 2020, so the Balk request salary relief and an extra year on his contract. ACIT: As I understand the rule, he goes on the VIL for this year, and DC does not pay him. But as a veteran his contact is not extended, and when he returns in 2021 the Balk have to pay his $4750 salary for that year. This transaction will be approved when I check it out with the powers that be.
Haviland 7-22-2020 Kopech has opted out so I believe he must return his 500K salary and be given an additional year of service. At least that is our understanding. ACIT: I moved Kopech to the VIL, reduced his salary to 0 and added one year to his contract, which extended it to 2024.
Peshastin 7-22-2020 Peshastin requests salary relief for Tyson Ross, who is sitting out the season. Without relief, we will have to pay him $7250,000 for doing nothing (except staying healthy). DENIED: Since Ross was DFAd by the Pears before his opt out, there is no money to be saved, which is too bad because it sounds like Haniger could use some more money to cover his multiple surgeries.
Kaline 7-20-2020 Please move Fulmer from the IL and Urquidy to the IL. Fulmer is no longer on the MLB IL and Urquidy is. ACIT: the moves have been made.
D.C. 5-23-2020 The Balk designate Scooter Gennett, who seems to be fine with the notion of not playing baseball for a very long time. Asst. Commissioner for IT: Gennett's been DFA'd, and his salary has been listed among the Balk's adjustments for 2020.
Haviland 4-26-2020 Just a gentle reminder to credit the Dragons for Puig’s Kangaroo contract - 3 million. COMMISSIONER: Dave already did it before I got there.
Old Detroit 4-26-2020 VARIOUS DROPS (none from OD) DURING FA DRAFT April 25, 2020: CK: Chris Sale to the VIL KD: Michael Fulmer to the VIL CK: DFA Daniel Zamora PP: DFA Yimi Garcia KD: Demerit Demeritte (ie, DFA him) HD: DFA Enyel De Los Santos PA: DFA Dillon Maples ASST COMM FOR IT: Peshastin's DFA was Joey Wendle, not Yimi Garcia. I DFA'd Wendle, and the other teams' DFAs as writ.
Haviland 4-26-2020 Martin to the injured list. ASST COMM FOR IT: Done
Cottage 4-11-2020 For Spring Training, move Shohei Ohtani from OH to the 3 OF positions, spread equally among them. Asst. Commissioner for IT: Done. And thanks for giving us an opportunity to test the new allocation scheme. We will watch the stats carefully to see if this works.
D.C. 4-11-2020 The Balk designate LHRP Tim Mayza, out until 2021 due to TJ surgery. Asst. Commissioner for IT: Done.
Portland 4-4-2020 Trades Paul Goldschmidt and Kevin Newman to Bellingham for Bryce Harper. COMMISSIONER: approved
Old Detroit 4-1-2020 Cottage trades Joey Wentz to Old Detroit for $250,000. COMMISSIONER and VC for IT approve
Peshastin 3-29-2020 The Pears drop Brandon Drury, on a rookie contract of 2m. VICE-COMMISSIONER FOR IT: Drury has been DFA'd.
Cottage 3-28-2020 The Cheese bought OD's preemption right for $250,000. COMMISSIONER approves in his best, most dispassionate way.
D.C. 3-28-2020 The Balk traded the FH First year draft pick back to FH of Jorge Alfaro. COMMISSIONER: This trade is approved.
Flint Hill 3-28-2020 FH trades Grandal to Portland for German Marquez. I went from two wonderful catchers to 0 in about 5 hours. Who is in charge of the Tornadoes, anyway? COMMISSIONER: Flint Hill will reap the whirlwind, and the Commissioner approves.
D.C. 3-28-2020 The Balk trade their first round pick BACK to Flint Hill for Jorge Alfaro. Asst. Comm. for IT: 'Twas done.
Kaline 3-26-2020 When there's time, please drop AJ Minter from the Drive roster. He's a rookie. Also please put Michael Fulmer on the IL. Thank you. Thanks for adding Aaron Civale. COMMISSIONER: Minter is DFAd, Fulmer is VILlanized.
Canberra 3-26-2020 The 'Roos send Tim Anderson to the DC Balk for Eduardo Escobar. No monetary adjustments go with in either direction. COMMISSIONER: The deal is done.
Cottage 3-18-2020 Yet another Cheese pitcher goes under the knife. The Cheese DFA Joey Wentz. Oh wait, he's a Rule 5. Okay we offer him back to the team from which we acquired him, THEN we DFA him. COMMISSIONER: The Drive have been asked whether they want him back. They declilned.
Portland 3-11-2020 Trades Eduardo Escobar to DC for Trevor Williams. COMMISSIONER: So transacted.
Peshastin 3-9-2020 The Pears release Cionel Perez. COMMISSIONER: So ordered
D.C. 3-9-2020 The Balk designate SS/2B Addison Russell. COMMISSIONER: So Ordered
Cottage 2-26-2020 In a similar move, the Cheese request a commutation of their payment obligation to Greg Bird for 2020. He was on a rookie contract when DFA’d. COMMISSIONER: So noted.
Cottage 2-26-2020 With great sorrow, the Cheese DFA Luis Severino. Even though our love and concern for him is unbounded, we have no intention to pay him this year, since he’s on a rookie contract with our EFL team. I think his MLB team is going to pay him for 2+ years of doing almost nothing. So no worries. COMMISSIONER: Done
D.C. 2-5-2020 The Balk trade Willians Astudillo to the Cheese for Dylan Cease. COMMISSIONER: Ex-Wolverine Dylan Cease ceases to be a Cheese. El Tortuga becomes one.
Peshastin 1-16-2020 The Braves trimmed Peshastin's obligation to Yangervis Solarte by $1,000,000 Wednesday with their new contract.
Peshastin 1-6-2020 Peshastin should get benefit from Tyson Ross's deal with the Giants. COMMISSIONER: Obligation to Ross for 2020 reduced by $1750
Canberra 1-6-2020 Canberra trades Michael Pineda (and all its RL adjustments) to Old Detroit for Raisel Iglesias. COMMISSIONER: reluctantly approves
Canberra 1-6-2020 Pineda is suspended for the first 39 games of 2020. I would like proportional relief on his contract. COMMISSIONER: COMMISSIONER: According to EFL rules, Pineda is on the RL until the 40th game of the season. He counts neither toward the salary cap nor the roster limit while on the RL. He can return to active duty at the beginning of the month after he completes his term on the RL. When he returns, Canberra's salary obligation will be prorated from $4,750,000 to $3,607,000 for this final year in Pineda's contract. I will note this move in the Adjustments.
Haviland 1-5-2020 Domingo German suspended 63 games (39%) of the 2020 season. Do the Dragons get corresponding relief from his salary? COMMISSIONER: According to EFL rules, German is on the RL until the 64th game of the season. He counts neither toward the salary cap nor the roster limit while on the RL. He can return to active duty at the beginning of the month after he completes his term on the RL. When he returns, Haviland's salary obligation will be prorated to $2,444,444 for this year to return to $4,000,000 in 2021. I have noted this move in the Adjustments. I may need a reminder when German is eligible to return to action.
D.C. 1-4-2020 Danny Jansen's rookie 2023 contract is still showing his $13,000,000 first round draft price. Why hasn't anyone noticed? COMMISSIONER: Huh. Another lesson in the importance of using the EFL error correction process: 1. The Commissioner makes a mistake. 2. An owner catches it and alerts him. 3. The Commissioner fixes the mistake. 4. Repeat steps 1 through 3. And step 4, too.
Kaline 1-2-2020 Kaline's 2020 obligation to Mike Zunino should be reduced by $4.5 million thanks to his new contract with TB. COMMISSIONER; done
Flint Hill 1-1-2020 FH trades Carlos Carrasco to Canberra for Steven Matz and Jorge Alfaro. COMMISSIONER: Done
Bellingham 1-1-2020 Bellingham accepts the trade from Flint Hill, Dietrich for Claudio and Ferguson.
D.C. 12-27-2019 The Balk's obligation to the these DFA'd players should be erased: $6,000 -- Lucas Duda was DFA'd in May 2019 and signed with the Braves in August 2019. $3,000 -- Ryan Flaherty became a scout and coach for the San Diego Padres in November 2019. $7,250 -- Kevin Gausman signed with the Giants on 12/10/19. $7,000 -- Kole Calhoun just signed with the Diamondbacks. COMMISSIONER: 1. Duda's minor-league/minimum wage contract with Atlanta expired at season's end. You are still on the hook for his salary in 2020. 2. Flaherty has retired. Your obligation to him will be erased. 3. Gausman did sign a $9,000,000 contract after you DFA'd him, erasing your obligation for 2020. HOWEVER, your contract with Gausman called for you to pay him through 2021. So you are still on the hook for 2021. 4. Kole Calhoun sighed a 2 year contract (for an average of $8,000,000 per year) after you DFA'd him. Your obligation to him is eliminated. FOR GAUSMAN and KALHOUN, your DFA preserves your right to trade any or all of these players right up until the Opening Day roster allocation deadline. ALSO all players DFA'd since Sept 1 will be available in the Rule 5 draft.
Bellingham 12-27-2019 The Cascades dfa Gio Gonzales , we claim 4.5 million that the white sox signed him for. COMMISSIONER: The White Sox signed Gonzales on Dec 19. To get subsidies from new MLB or EFL contracts you have to DFA the player BEFORE he signs his new deal. You may withdraw the DFA if you like.
Canberra 12-27-2019 Canberra's obligation to Dellin Betances is erased by Betances' $10.5 million contract with the Mets. Commissioner entered this transaction and approves it.
Cottage 12-27-2019 Cottage claimed a $500,000 subsidy from Philadelphia's Phillies in the form of a minor league contract for Josh Harrison (Original transaction accidentally deleted by the Commissioner)
Canberra 12-16-2019 The Roos release Dellin Betances. COMMISSIONER: Betances is DFA'd. Canberra remains liable for his salary through 2020 except as it may be subsidized by a new EFL or MLB contract signed by Betances.
Canberra 12-16-2019 The Roos accept the trade for Corey Kluber. The Roos also immediately release Delino Deshields, who would be on a $2m rookie contact in 2020. The Roos will keep Emmanuel Clase, who debuted in 2019. COMMISSIONER'S NOTE: Clase's rookie status expires in 2024. DeShields goes on the Canberra Roster as a DFA'd player, giving Canberra the power and duty to trade him or release him before submitting their Opening Day roster.
D.C. 12-11-2019 Balk activate Seranthony Dominguez from the VIL. DONE
D.C. 12-3-2019 The Balk designate Ryan O'Hearn, JT Riddle, Kevin Gausman and Kole Calhoun for assignment. DONE
Peshastin 12-2-2019 Pears drop Christian Vazquez, whose contract expired in 2019 (R) and Nick Solak (D). COMMISSIONER: These moves are made automatically (well, manually, but routinely and pretty reliably) by the Commissioner every off-season. No need to post expiring contracts as transactions.
Peshastin 12-2-2019 Pears drop the following players, whose contracts expired in 2019: Cam Bedrosian (R) Taylor Guilbeau (D) Nick Ramirez (D) Matt Wisler (V) Adam Eaton (V) Logan Forsythe (V) COMMISSIONER: These moves are made automatically (well, manually, but routinely and pretty reliably) by the Commissioner every off-season. No need to post expiring contracts as transactions.
Canberra 11-4-2019 The Roos drop Kyle Barraclaugh. He's on a rookie deal.
Portland 10-16-2019 Increasing the coffer of Cottage, Portland sends $500k for Franchy Cordero
Flint Hill 10-15-2019 Flint Hill sends $500K to Cottage for Franklin Barreto.
Cottage 10-14-2019 The Cheese designate Franchy Cordero, Franklin Barreto, Josh Harrison, and Greg Bird for assignment.
Haviland 10-2-2019 Dragons DFA Puig (make an offer)
Flint Hill 9-18-2019 FH#3: activate hiura at 2b to the max. COMMISSIONER: Hiura got 42% more at 2b, totaling 92%.
D.C. 9-14-2019 Danny Jansen to the bench, far away from teammates who can actually hit a baseball. COMMISSIONER: Jansen has been benched effective immediately after his Sept 14 game, since this request came during or after that game.
Flint Hill 9-14-2019 FH #2: bench Dugger before he pitches tonight (and for the rest of the season!) COMMISSIONER: A delay in the COmmissioner's office, while the Commissioner was hobnobbing with Felix, Griffey, Edgar, Ichiro and Enzo, meant Duggar's Sept 14 line (6.3 ip, 2 er) got into FH's stats. This has been corrected and will trouble the Tornados no longer.
Portland 9-14-2019 #3, final of 2019 season: activate Goldschmidt from the bench to Max evenly at OH and 1b. COMMISSIONER: Goldy is now 25% at 1b and 26% at OH, which is as even as I can get.
Flint Hill 9-10-2019 FH #1: Move JD Martinez from OH to OF spread equally across all three positions and activate Tyler Austin at OH to the max. COMMISSIONER: 66% of JD Martinez is now smeared across the outfield, 22% each. 66% of Tyler Austin is now stepping gingerly into the OH space in which 34% of JD Martinez can still be found.
Portland 9-9-2019 PR #2: activate Kelly to Max at SP. COMMISSIONER: Kelly is now 66% at SP
Old Detroit 9-9-2019 OD #3: Activate Eric Lauer to the max at SP.
Portland 9-8-2019 PR#1: activate Thornton to Max at RP. COMMISSIONER: Thornton's allocation to RP is increased from 50% to 100%.
Old Detroit 9-8-2019 OD #1: Bench Austin Hedges, move the 50% of Will Smith at OH to C, move all of Dan Vogelbach's benched time to OH. COMMISSIONER: Vogey is 67% OH. Smith is 50% C. Hedges goes to the offseason early. OD #2: Please sack Plesac, activate Yusei Kikuchi to the max at SP. COMMISSIONER -As you say for Yusei (69% at SP). Pleased to sack Plesac, benched for the rest of the season.
Pittsburgh 9-4-2019 Luiz Gohara still needs to be added to my roster.
Portland 9-3-2019 trade Fernando Romero to Haviland for Carlos Santana. money remains the same.
Flint Hill 9-2-2019 FH trades Jon Gray and Hisashi Iwakuma to Pittsburgh for JD Martinez, O'Rourke, Mejia and Austin.
Pittsburgh 9-2-2019 Activate Luke Weaver from the VIL.
Flint Hill 9-1-2019 FH trades Mychal Givens to Kaline for Aaron Civale.
Flint Hill 8-28-2019 FH #3: Activate Matt Barnes to the max at RP. COMMISSIONER: Matt Barnes is 12% at RP for August. I saw this just in time.
Kaline 8-26-2019 DFA Webb, Arrieta, and Pearce
Haviland 8-26-2019 B Lowe to the VIL
Kaline 8-21-2019 Activate Yusei Kikuchi to the max at SP. COMMISSIONER: Kikuchi is now 36% at SP. Take THAT, Rosebuds!
Portland 8-19-2019 PR #3: Activate Merril Kelly at max SP. COMMISSIONER: Kelly is now 39% at SP. But the Wolverines have a response!
Portland 8-16-2019 PR #2: Move Tatis to bench, move Newman at Max to SS, activate Goldschmidt from Bench to OH at Max. COMMISSIONER: Tatis is benched AND injured. Newman is 48% ss. Goldschmidt is now 63% OH (was 15%).
Flint Hill 8-16-2019 FH #2: Activate Arraez to the max across all 3 OF positions. COMMISSIONER: Arraez is now active 15/16/16 across the OF, 0 on bench.
D.C. 8-16-2019 DC#1 (EDITED): Kindly move Holt's 25% OH allocation to the max at SS. COMMISSIONER'S EDIT: Then replace Holt at OH with Scooter Gennett to the max from the bench. COMMISSIONER: Holt is now at 25% at SS. Gennett is now increased by 40% to 100% at OH.
D.C. 8-16-2019 DC#1: Move Gennett's 42% bench allocation to OH. Please. COMMISSIONER: By Commissioner fiat, as a lesson to all, this transaction has been combined with the next one as a single transaction.
Haviland 8-14-2019 HD #1: Move Tapia from OH to OF, across all OF positions equally, as much as the rules allow. COMMISSIONER Tapia is all tapped out in the OF now.
D.C. 8-13-2019 DC#0: Move the maximum (42%) of Scooter Gennett from the bench to SS. COMMISSIONER: Disallowed. Gennett is not rated at SS. He has not played there in recent years.
Flint Hill 8-13-2019 FH #1: Activate the remaining portion of Teoscar Hernandez to the max across all three OF positions. COMMISSIONER: Teoscar is roaming the OF full time now.
Old Detroit 8-12-2019 OD #2: Move 20% of Trea Turner from OH to SS. Move the maximum (60% ) of Austin Riley from bench to OH.
Old Detroit 8-12-2019 OD #1: Activate Andrew Heaney to the max at RP. COMMISSIONER: Heaney is now 60% active as a RP
Portland 8-11-2019 PR#1 activate Thornton to Max at RP. COMMISSIONER: Thornton is now 60% of a RP.
Haviland 8-10-2019 Release Minaya and Cozart. Reinstate Nimmo and Glasnow from the VIL. COMMISSIONER: They were already done when I got here!
Flint Hill 8-9-2019 Travis d'Arnaud should have a 1B rating
Old Detroit 8-8-2019 DFA'd during the Draft: Luiz Gohara (PP), Ryan O'Rourke (PA); Adalberto Mejia (PA); Brad Wieck (CK); Maikel Franco (PA); Jon Duplantier (FH); Dan Altavilla (PP); Richard Bleier (PR). Also -- CC rejected Paul Richan from the Castellanos trade.
Kaline 8-8-2019 KD accepts the trade of Shane Greene for minor leaguers Joey Wentz and Travis Demeritte. The Drive also DFA Jared Hughes and send Grayson Greiner to the VIL.
Flint Hill 8-7-2019 FH gets 500 from Toronto for Godley
Pittsburgh 8-7-2019 Pittsburgh sends Adam Warren to the VIL.
Pittsburgh 8-7-2019 COMMISSIONER: Nate Eovaldi is off the MLB IL. He can no longer be VILified. This puts the Alleghenys over the roster cap for the moment.
Brookland 8-7-2019 COMMISSIONERL Nick Vincent is no longer on the MLB IL, so he can't be VILified for us, either. He is removed from the VIL. This puts Brookland over the roster limit.
Cottage 8-6-2019 The Cheese make two more pre-draft moves: we reject Alex Lange, one of the minor-league pitchers that we received for Nick Castellanos, and we move Franchy Cordero to the VIL for August. COMMISSIONER: Lange is despised and rejected. Franchy is a man of sorrows and acquainted with pain.
Old Detroit 8-6-2019 Old Detroit trades Jacob Nottingham to Bellingham for Brian McCann
Flint Hill 8-4-2019 DFA Zack Godley
Flint Hill 8-4-2019 FH trades Tyler Mahle to Canberra for Keston Hiura.
Portland 8-3-2019 Dfa Candelario.
Flint Hill 8-3-2019 FH trades Dennis Santana and Austin Barnes to Brookland for Zach Godley and Travis d’Arnaud.
Cottage 8-1-2019 Continuing this remarkable string of transactions, the Cheese trade Zac Gallen and $.5M to Flint Hill for Willi Castro.
Cottage 8-1-2019 Cottage accepts the trade of Nick Castellanos for Paul Richan and Alex Lange. Richan and Lange go into the VIL roster spots created by the previous transaction.
Cottage 8-1-2019 The Cheese place Greg Bird and Josh Harrison on the VIL for August.
Canberra 8-1-2019 The 'Roos accept the trade of Pomeranz and Black for Mauricio Dubon.
Canberra 7-31-2019 Canberra trades Monte Harrison to Cottage for Ray Black.
Kaline 7-30-2019 Old Detroit trades Mallex Smith to Kaline for Marcus Stroman and $1,500,000.
Haviland 7-24-2019 HD #2: Severino to the max at C INTERIM COMMISH: Done
Portland 7-23-2019 PR #3: bench Biggio, activate McKinney to all three OF positions at max INTERIM COMMISH: Done.
Cottage 7-22-2019 CC#1: Increase Smyly to the Max, as a reliever. INTERIM COMMISH: Smyly increased 30% at RP. COMMISSIONER: Smyly was actually increase 0% at RP for JULY. So I increased him at 33% (the proper maximum for a transaction on the 11th-to-last day of the month).
Old Detroit 7-18-2019 OD #3: Activate Andrew Heaney another 39% (the max with 13 days left in June, counting toeday) in his relief pitching role. COMMISSIONER: Heaney has been increased from 50% relief pitching to 89%.
Old Detroit 7-16-2019 OD #2: Activate Yusei Kikuchi to the max at SP. INTERIM COMISH: Moved Kikuchi to 45% at SP.
Old Detroit 7-16-2019 Move Muncy to the Max from OH to 2b. Move Eloy to the Max from the Bench to OH. INTERIM COMMISH: Moved Muncy to 73% at 2B and Eloy to 63% at OH. COMMISSIONER CORRECTION: Muncy made 95% at 2b, Eloy 85% at OH.
Flint Hill 7-16-2019 FH#2: Increase Meadows to the Max across all three OF positions: COMMISH: Activated to 27% at each spot.
Flint Hill 7-16-2019 FH#1: Bench Mahle. COMMISH: Done
Portland 7-16-2019 PR #2: Bench Avila, increase Goldschmidt at max at 1b. COMMISH: Activated Goldschmidt to 68% at 1B and benched Avila effective 7/16.
D.C. 7-16-2019 Following the Red Sox' lead, the Balk DFA Eduardo Nunez.
D.C. 7-15-2019 DC #2: Gennett to the max at OH; INTERIM COMMISH: Gennett activated to 58% at OH
Haviland 7-13-2019 HD #1: Tapia to the bench, Nathaniel Lowe to the max at OH
D.C. 7-9-2019 DC #1: Calhoun is 50% benched. Activate to the max at OH. INTERIM COMMISH: Calhoun's benched 50% activated to OH at 38%.
Portland 7-9-2019 PR #1: Bench Sogard. move Escobar to 2b at Max available. Candelario to OH at Max; INTERIM COMMISH: moved Candelario to 75% at OH and Escobar to 75% at 2B. Sogard will no longer accrue stats this month. Ron reserves the right to change this if I did it wrong!
Cottage 7-3-2019 Trades Caleb Ferguson, lefty reliever, to Bellingham for J.P. Crawford, SS/3B. Along with Fergie, Cottage sends $3250 to Bellingham to make the salaries come out even. COMMISSIONER: Done.
Flint Hill 7-3-2019 Trade Ryne Harper to OD for $250,000.COMMISSIONER: Done
Flint Hill 7-3-2019 Arraez should have an OF rating - has played OF 5 games this season.
Portland 7-3-2019 Myles Straw should have a SS rating (9 games, 56 inn)
Portland 7-3-2019 Biggio should have on OF rating (8 games, 60 innings in 2019). Means should be a Sp (13 starts in 2019)
Haviland 7-3-2019 Cozart to the VIL
Haviland 7-3-2019 Move Correa off the VIL
Haviland 7-3-2019 Nimmo to the VIL
Peshastin 7-3-2019 DFA Monte Harrison and Yangervis Solarte. COMMISSIONER: they are sent to the EWW
Pittsburgh 7-2-2019 Activate Adalberto Mejia from the VIL. Return Nathan Eovaldi to the VIL. Continue Luke Weaver on the VIL. cOMMISSIONER: Done
Kaline 7-2-2019 KD (7/1/19): DFA Margevicius. Activate Lamet from VIL. COMMISSIONER: Done 7/2/19.
Cottage 7-1-2019 Tyler Skaggs died July 1, 2019, age 27. COMMISSIONER: I do NOT approve, but am overridden by a higher power.
Flint Hill 7-1-2019 Trades Mondesi and Andujar to Canberra for Abreu and Harper. COMMISSIONER: Done
Peshastin 7-1-2019 Activate Joey Wendle from injured list. COMMISSIONER: Done
Old Detroit 6-29-2019 Activate 6% more of Heaney as RP. COMMISSIONER: Done. Heaney now 86% at RP.
Portland 6-26-2019 Trade Carlos Correa and Enyel de los Santos to Haviland for Fernando Tatis Jr. Haviland will cover the difference in salary. COMMISSIONER: Done
Old Detroit 6-24-2019 OD #2: Activate Josh James to the max at RP, where he is currently only pitching 80%l COMMISSIONER: I did this yesterday but forgot to report it.
Portland 6-23-2019 PR #2: Activate McKinney to the max at 1b from the bench. COMMISSIONER: 24% of McKinney moved from bench to 1b.
Flint Hill 6-21-2019 FH#2: activate the remainder of Dietrich at 2B. Commissioner: 33% of Derek Dietrich has been moved from the bench to 2b.
Portland 6-19-2019 PR #1: Bench Marquez, activate Thornton at max SP for remainder of month. COMMISSIONER: Thornton is 36% at SP and Marquez has been sent to the Hillsboro Hopscotches
Portland 6-19-2019 Myles Straw should have SS rating in July
Flint Hill 6-19-2019 FH#1: Activate Matt Barnes at RP to the max allowed. COMMISSIONER: Counting the 19th, there were 12 days left in June. Matt Barnes is accordingly activated 36% at relief pitcher.
Kaline 6-18-2019 Move Mercado to the OF, 15% to each OF slot for the rest of the month. COMMISSIONER: Originally submitted by email June 17. 45% of Mercado is spread across the OF.
Old Detroit 6-15-2019 OD #1: Max Max Muncy at 2b. Max Dan Vogelbach at OH. COMMISSIONER: Max Muncy's 40% moved from OH to 2b. D. Vogey's 40% on the bench moved to OH. Let the Rosebuds tremble. COMMISSIONER AGAIN: Just noticed on June 22 that I failed to actually DO this transaction on June 14. Fixed it.
Haviland 6-10-2019 Claimed Nate Lowe from the EWW.
Old Detroit 6-10-2019 Claimed Isan Diaz from the EWW. DFA'd Dwight Smith, Jr.
Pittsburgh 6-10-2019 Wow, thanks Commissioner, regarding Dominic Smith. You are the awesomest. COMMISSIONER: Confirmed.
Flint Hill 6-9-2019 Taylor Clarke should have an SP rating. COMMISSIONER: Good catch. I believe I have fixed it.
Peshastin 6-9-2019 DFA'd during the draft: PP - Devon Travis; CK -- Dan Altavilla, CK - Braden Bishop (divesting Mariners); PR -- Nate Lowe; FH -- Alex Call. These will be on the EWW tomorrow.
Old Detroit 6-8-2019 Loaisiga to the VIL. COMMISSIONER: Loaisiga has been VILified.
Pittsburgh 6-8-2019 Pittsburgh places Luke Weaver and Adalberto Mejia on the VIL. COMMISSIONER: Weaver and Mejia have been VILified.
Pittsburgh 6-8-2019 Pittsburgh activates Eovaldi from the VIL.
Pittsburgh 6-8-2019 Dominic Smith has been playing in the OF, at least 5 games. COMMISSIONER: You are correct, and Dominic Smith has earned a rating in the OF. In fact, he has that rating: 0.0. The problem is the chart is using 0.0 as a stand-in for "NO RATING" for everyone else EXCEPT Dominic. We are working to fox that problem. Rest assured, Dominic will not lose his hard-earned rating.
Brookland 6-8-2019 Charlie Morton and 2.5 mil to Portland for his first round pick next year. COMMISSIONER: Done, leaving Brookland $250,000 under the cap and Portland $4,500,000 under.
D.C. 6-8-2019 The Balk place Seranthony Dominguez on the DL. COMMISSIONER: Dominguez has been VILified.
Flint Hill 6-8-2019 FH places Andujar on the VIL. COMMISSIONER: Andujar has been VILified.
Haviland 6-8-2019 Dragons trade Nate Lowe to the Rosebuds for Harrison Bader. COMMISSIONER: Haviland half-way de-Lowesed, while gaining Bader. .
Portland 6-7-2019 Place Correa on the VIL
Flint Hill 5-31-2019 FH #3: allocate duplantier to the max at rp. This is actually my third transaction this month even though the previous one said #3. COMMISSIONER. You are correct, this is #3. So, in an EFL-record small transaction, I have add 3% to Duplantier's relief allocation, making it a total of 36%. Wouldn't it be ironic if the Tornadoes finish in second place by less than 0.1 games because you waited until today to do this?
Portland 5-31-2019 Trade Chase Anderson to Cottage for Brad Hand. COMMISSIONER: Trade has been executed. See the Mr. Answer Man league update I will post soon for the answer to an important question regarding this trade.
Haviland 5-29-2019 Glasnow to the VIL
Flint Hill 5-27-2019 FH #3: Allocate Grandal’s remaining 25% at C for the remainder of the month. COMMISSIONER: Grandal is increased by 15% -- the max with 5 days left -- at C to a total of 65%. Leaving 10% on the bench.
Pittsburgh 5-24-2019 PA #1: Activate Profar to the max at 2b. COMMISSIONER: Profar is now 24% at 2b
Portland 5-23-2019 PR #3: Bench Merrill Kelly, Activate to the max at SP Brad Peacock. COMMISSIONER: Peacock is preening at 27% from the mound for the rest of May. And Kelly is benched.
Old Detroit 5-22-2019 OD DFAs Dan Jennings and hope he finds a new team soon.
Flint Hill 5-21-2019 FH: allocate the benched percentage of Grandal equally between C and 1B. COMMISSIONER: A transaction can add time for one player to one position. (Outfield is sort of an exception because we sort of treat all three OF positions as one position). You can do this with two transactions, or you can half of it with one, or you can withdraw the transaction. COMMISSIONER #2: The Tornados have opted to abandon this transaction.
D.C. 5-21-2019 Nunez to the max at 2B. COMMISSIONER; Nunez is now 33% at 2b.
Old Detroit 5-20-2019 OD #3: Send Dwight Smith to the bench after Sunday's games. COMMISSIONER: Done. But why didn't you do this after Friday's games, before he 0 for 8. Or after Monday's games, so you could get his 3 for 5 with a triple? And why didn't you activate Vogey with the same transaction as an OH so you could get the other 33% of his 2 for 2 with a homer? Whose idea was it to let a ditz like you into the league?
Portland 5-17-2019 PR #2: Bench Hader. Move Stewart to the max across all OF positions. Activate Newman to the max to OH. COMMISSIONER: Hader is benched. Stewart is 16% at each of position. Newman is increased 45% at OH to a total 0f 67%
Haviland 5-15-2019 Steckenrider to the VIL
Old Detroit 5-15-2019 OD #2: Make Max Muncy max 2b. COMMISSIONER: 50% moved from OH to 2b.
Flint Hill 5-15-2019 FH #1: Activate the benched Goodrum to the max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Goodrum is now 50% OH
Old Detroit 5-11-2019 Look at me! I'm transacting from my phone! On the new portal. COMMISSIONER: Get off the line, you nit. The AC for IT is working here.
Cottage 5-11-2019 Testing the new transactions entry form. This is a temporary measure intended to foil the spammers. But they'll probably find it. COMMISSIONER: Very nice! But how do people post transactions with this portal?
Haviland 5-9-2019 HD #1: Darvish to the max at RP. COMMISSIONER: 66% added to Darvish at RP; now 99%.
Portland 5-9-2019 Bench Candelario, Activate Newman from Bench to OH at minimum for remainder. COMMISSIONER: Candelario got treated better (most of the time) in Old Detroit. His homecoming to Portland seems to have soured. So sad. He's benched, and Newman is 22% at OH,
Old Detroit 5-9-2019 OD #1: Allocate Dan Vogelbach to the max at 1b! I somehow left him off my original allocations! COMMISSIONER : Vogey is at 66% at 1b.
D.C. 5-8-2019 DC #2: Jansen to the max at C; COMMISSIONER: JANSEN is not 69% at C.
D.C. 5-8-2019 DFA Lucas Duda. COMMISSIONER: The announcement is effective May 8, but the actual removal from the Balk roster will take place after games of May 31.
D.C. 5-8-2019 DC #1: Calhoun to the max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Calhoun is now 69% at OH.
Pittsburgh 5-7-2019 May #1 Increase Chavis to the max at 3B. Decrease Franco at 3B to 50%. Can I do a partial decrease like that? If not, just increase Chavis. COMMISSIONER: Chavis is increased by 67% to be 100% at 3b. The COMMISSIONER thinks this is a terrible waste of a good utility infield and asks the league to let him take Chavis into protective custody to end this abuse. Meanwhile, no, you can't partially bench a player. This is not one of those high class leagues.
Haviland 5-6-2019 Brandon Lowe has played first base. COMMISSIONER: Dave did it.
Flint Hill 5-5-2019 FH trades Kiermaier, Bradley and their 2020 first round pick to DC for Carlos Carrasco.
Bellingham 5-5-2019 Bellingham would like to drop James Shields, Braxton Lee, Austen Dean. COMMISSIONER: Done.
Pittsburgh 5-4-2019 Pittsburgh accepts the trade of minor leaguer Marcus Wilson for Blake Swihart. Pittsburgh then drops Wilson. This was posted last night but seems to have disappeared. COMMISSIONER: Done.
Portland 5-4-2019 brett kennedy to the VIL. DONE
Portland 5-4-2019 PR DFA'd Brock Stewart during the draft, pending PA's right (until the roster allocation deadline) to reclaim him as a lost Rule 5 player.
Haviland 5-4-2019 Haviland drafted Nate Lowe. COMMISSIONER: Lowe has been sent home with Haviland after his overnight sojourn with Old Detroit.
Old Detroit 5-4-2019 DFA's Alen Hanson, in hopes an MLB team will pick him up or he'll get traded. This is posted at 10:13 AM PDT
Old Detroit 5-4-2019 Accepts the trade of James Pazos for a minor leaguer whose name we didn't learn before we abandoned him.
Haviland 5-4-2019 DFAs Matt Wieters, Luis Avilan, Isan Diaz, Taylor Williams.
Canberra 5-4-2019 Corey Kluber to the VIL
Brookland 5-4-2019 DFA'd at the draft: Vidal Nuno, Dillon Peters, Taylor Ward. Sent to the VIL: Michael Hermosillo, Carl Rodon, Ryan Borucki.
Haviland 5-4-2019 Place Kopech on the VIL
Flint Hill 5-4-2019 Drop Anderson Espinoza to have a compliant roster.
Pittsburgh 5-3-2019 Pittsburgh moves Nathan Eovaldi to the VIL.
Kaline 5-3-2019 With four players eligible to be on the historic VIL, the Drive asks to put Michael Fulmer and Dinelson Lamet on it, and remains hopeful that Judge and Pollock (2/3 of our fine outfield) will be back in May.
Peshastin 5-3-2019 Pears place Joey Wendle on the VIL (broken arm).
Canberra 5-3-2019 Old Detroit sends Michael Pineda and $3,250,000 to Canberra for Jorge Soler.
Old Detroit 4-26-2019 OD DFA's Shawn Armstrong / Scott Alexander ... you know, the one on OD's roster who just got DFA'd by the Mariners. COMMISSIONER: The Orioles claimed Alexander after the Wolverines DFA'd him, thereby relieving Old Detroit of its obligation to Alexander.
Portland 4-25-2019 trent thornton: change to SP. COMMISSIONER : DONE
Flint Hill 4-25-2019 Grandal: add 1B. COMMISSIONER: done
Old Detroit 4-25-2019 Luis Urias: add ss, 3b.. Alen Hanson: Add 1b
Haviland 4-25-2019 Brandon Lowe has earned a first base rating
Haviland 4-25-2019 Jake Lamb has earned a rating at first base
Haviland 4-25-2019 HD #3: Move 20% of Nimmo from OH to OF, equal across all positions. COMMISSIONER: Your instructions are contradictory. You want me to spread 20% equally among 3 positions, but I can only do whole numbers -- 6, 7, 7. I don't know which field can get by with only 6%. Why couldn't you tell me to move 21% -- the max you can do on the 24th in a 30-day month -- so I can do all three at 7%. I'm going to do 21% and divide that three ways. If you don't like it, let me know and I'll ratchet back to 20%.
Flint Hill 4-18-2019 FH#3: activate LeBlanc at RP to the max available. COMMISSIONER: LeBlanc is now 39% at RP.
D.C. 4-17-2019 DC#3: Move all of Holt's 1B allocation to SS. COMMISSIONER: This is not a legal move. You cannot diminish a player's playing time at a defensive position mid-month EXCEPT to bench him entirely. You can diminish bench time or OH time (with a caveat), but not defensive position time. I think the concern here is it would allow you to undo something after it's done. The caveat for OH is to avoid undoing done things: you can't decrease an OH to the bench unless you are benching him entirely for the rest of the month. Note that benched players' stats are frozen for the rest of the month -- the ones they've already produced are carefully preserved.
Old Detroit 4-16-2019 OD #3: Bench Brinson's sorry butt. Move the max of Contreras from OH to the OF, evenly distributed. Activate the max of Bell from the bench to OH. COMMISSIONER: Brinson's sorry but benched. Contreras is roaming the OF at 48% altogether; still 2% OH. Bell is OHing 48%, still 2% benched.
Portland 4-15-2019 PR #3: bench Candelario, Move JD Davis at max to OH in replacement. COMMISSIONER: Candelario has been benched. JD Davis' last 31% on the bench has been activated at OH.
Canberra 4-15-2019 CK #2: Activate Mitch Garver to as full-time as possible at catcher. COMMISSIONER: 48% of Garver is catching.
D.C. 4-11-2019 DC sends Omar Narvaez to Kaline in exchange for Trevor Williams + 2 million
Pittsburgh 4-11-2019 #1 Increase Frankie Montas at RP to the max. #2 Increase Blake Swihart at C to the max. COMMISSIONER: Both players are 100% at their new positions.
Canberra 4-10-2019 CK #1: Canberra bumps Kirby Yates from 50% to as much as possible for the remainder of April. COMMISSIONER: Yates is now 100% as reliever, up from 50%.
Portland 4-8-2019 PR #2: bench McKinney, allocate JD Davis to max between all 3 OF evenly.COMMISSIONER: McKinney's stats have been frozen for the rest of the month -- ie, he's been sent to the minors. Davis is now 23% at each OF position for a total of 69%.
D.C. 4-8-2019 DC #2: Reallocate OH Astudillo to 70% at C and 30% 3B. [He remains 100% Tortuga]. COMMISSIONER: After being informed he could only allocate Astudillo to one position at a maximum of 69% unless he wanted to use up two roster moves, DC modified this to "Allocate Astudillo to the max at Catcher." This has been done.
Haviland 4-7-2019 HD #2: Sano to the max at 3B. COMMISSIONER: Sano is now 75% at 3b, the other 25% remaining at OH.
Portland 4-3-2019 also, starting in May, Thornton should be rated as a SP. This does not affect the last transaction
Portland 4-3-2019 PR #1: Activate Thornton to Max at RP, thus starting his clock on his rookie contract. COMMISSIONER: Thornton is active 84% as a RP, and his rookie contract will now expire after the 2023 season.
Old Detroit 4-3-2019 OD #2: Activate Lewis Brinson to the max at OH to replace Trea Turner's broken finger. Whimper. COMMISSIONER: Aw, toughen up! You still have one move, with only 29 days to go, now that Brinson is 66% at OH.
Old Detroit 4-2-2019 Activate Derick Rodriguez to the max as a RP. COMMISSIONER: Rodriguez is now 87% at RP. You still don't have an active LH reliever, you dork. Unless James Pazos gets back from the minors this month, you're in a pickle.
Flint Hill 4-2-2019 FH # 2: Activate Goodrum to the max and move all of him from OH to 3B to replace the injured andujar. Move meadows to OH to the max. COMMISSIONER: All 67% of Goodrum that was OHing is now 3bing along with the 33% of him that was riding the pines. All 33% of Meadows that was Benching is now added to the other 67% that was already OHing, making 100% OHing now. (NOTE: reflects correction made on April 4)
D.C. 4-1-2019 DC #1: Shift all of Nunez' OH allocation to SS. COMMISSIONER: All 45% of Nunez that was OHing is now SSing, making 60% in total.
Flint Hill 3-31-2019 Activate Givens to the max at RP.. COMMISSIONER: Givens has been increaed by 67% to 100% as a reliever.
Haviland 3-31-2019 Glasnow to the max at SP. COMMISSIONER: Glasnow has been increased by 50% to 100%
Flint Hill 3-28-2019 Wade Leblanc is a southpaw! Please add. COMMISSIONER: LeBlanc has been given a hand.
Old Detroit 3-27-2019 DFA Brian Johnson
Flint Hill 3-27-2019 Jace fry needs an LH, please. COMMISSIONER: He's been handed.
Pittsburgh 3-27-2019 Much as was bestowed on Portland's staff, I believe Derek Holland also needs the Commissioner's blessing of a left hand. COMMISSIONER: Holland has been handed.
Pittsburgh 3-27-2019 Pittsburgh drops/DFAs Felix Paulino.
Haviland 3-26-2019 Not surprisingly the Dragons drop Souza. Sorry for the injury but glad it happened before allocations lock.
D.C. 3-26-2019 The Balk DFA Ryan Flaherty.
Cottage 3-17-2019 The Cheese, desperate for starting pitching, send 2019 All-Star outfielders Jorge Soler and Manuel Margot to Canberra for Tyler Skaggs.
Cottage 3-16-2019 The Cheese designate Eric Fedde for assignment.
Old Detroit 3-11-2019 Old Detroit DFA's Ryan Merritt, LHSP prospectish sort of guy.
Portland 3-10-2019 Blaine Hardy and Brett Anderson should be rated as LH pitchers. COMMISSIONER: They now have left hands.
Peshastin 3-10-2019 Pears release Tomas Nido to get back to 30 total players.
Haviland 3-9-2019 Dragons release McCann so our roster is legal
Pittsburgh 3-9-2019 I see that Greg Holland has been added to my roster. I take it as a generous gesture to try to upgrade my pitching staff, but I can't accept him. I in fact drafted and added Derek Holland, who should be added to my roster when Greg Holland is sent back to the free agent list. COMMISSIONER: Greg has been transformed into Derek
Canberra 3-9-2019 Canberra releases Jesse Hahn after offering him back to OD. COMMISSIONER: Hahn is DFA'd
Canberra 3-9-2019 DFA's Carson Smith and Zack Granite
Portland 3-9-2019 Portland bought a pre-emption right from the Pears for $250,000.
Cottage 3-9-2019 DFA Frances Martes
Portland 3-9-2019 Accept trade of Lockett for Kevin Plawecki
Flint Hill 3-4-2019 FH sends 500k to Kaline for Willi Castro
Portland 2-13-2019 Trade Jon Gray to Flint Hill for Jeimer Candelario.
Cottage 2-2-2019 The Cheese DFA Brett Phillips.
Old Detroit 1-27-2019 Gave Pashastin $250,000 for Alen Hanson.
Portland 1-27-2019 Gives peshastin 250k for Thornton
Bellingham 1-27-2019 Players drafted by the Bellingham Cascades in the Expansion Draft (after revision): Justin Turner, Gio Gonzalesz, Miek Fiers, Charlie Culberson, Pete Kozma, Rajai Davis, Justin Bour, Brian McCann, Jarrod Dyson, Matt Szcur, and (after revision) Tommy LaStella, JP Crawford, Craig Stammen, Jeremy Hellickson. No EFL unprotected players piqued the Cascades' interest enough to be taken. It's ok for the Wolverines -- we lost a valuable pitcher we've been grooming for years, but at least we know we had someone somebody else wanted. Same for the Cheese, Pears, and Rosebuds. But I worry about everyone else. Rejection is hard.
Bellingham 1-26-2019 Players drafted by the Dundee Dummies off EFL rosters in the Expansion Draft: CC - Joc Pederson; PR - Brett Anderson; PP -- Trey Mancini; OD -- Anthony DeSclafani
Peshastin 1-21-2019 The Pears DFA the following players, all on rookie contracts: Alen Hanson, Trent Thornton, Jesus Valdez COMMISSIONER: This transaction cannot take effect until after the Expansion Draft. All these players will still be available from Peshastin in the Expansion Draft.
Flint Hill 1-5-2019 FH accepts the trade of Justus Sheffield for James Paxton. COMMISSIONER: The deal has been confirmed, and so has the need for a general league warning, forthcoming this morning.
Flint Hill 1-3-2019 FH trades Pineda to OD for Candelario
Kaline 1-1-2019 The first trade of the new year: Kaline sends Jorge Soler back to his original EFL home in Cottage in exchange for Kyle Farmer.
Canberra 12-27-2018 Canberra trades Tim Mayza for DC's Jorge Alfaro.
Flint Hill 12-25-2018 FH trades Carlos Santana to Haviland for Alex Call.
Flint Hill 12-25-2018 FH trades Mejia and Hand to Cottage for Kepler and Grandal.
Flint Hill 12-25-2018 FH trades Urias, Solarte and a 2019 draft pre-emption to Peshastin for Baez and Kiermaier.
Peshastin 12-22-2018 The Pears release Brett Anderson and Ryan Cook, wishing them a good contract with some other team. COMMISSIONER: This transaction is approved, although it involves some corrections to DC's obligations to Anderson. DC was apparently not given credit last season for the salary Peshastin paid Anderson. That has been fixed now. My apologies to the Balk .
Old Detroit 12-16-2018 Just call me Commissioner DesPoto: The Wolverines trade Kyle Barraclough to the Kangaroos for $250,000. (I am not in my hospital bed. Just nearly comatose from grading and eating chocolate cake.)
Old Detroit 12-16-2018 Old Detroit sends $750,000 to DC for dfa'd Barraclough, Hahn, and Merritt.
Haviland 12-15-2018 Accepts the trade of Alfonso for Alex Call. COMMISSIONER'S NOTE: This transaction was approved at about 11:30 on Saturday, Dec. 15 in the presence of the faculty and top administration of GF, and graduates and their families, marking the biggest attendance in EFL history at an off-season transaction.
Old Detroit 12-15-2018 Old Detroit cleans out Kaline's DFA'd rookies by sending the Drive $250,000 for Brian Johnson.
Haviland 12-15-2018 Haviland sends $250K to Kaline for James McCann
Kaline 12-14-2018 on 12/13, DFA'd Chase Anderson, Brian Johnson, and James McCann
Portland 12-14-2018 Sends 250k to Kaline for freshly DFA'd Chase Anderson
D.C. 12-13-2018 DFA rookie pitchers Kyle Barraclough and Jesse Hahn.
D.C. 12-9-2018 DFA Ryan Merritt
Flint Hill 12-1-2018 FH DFAs Blake Parker
Peshastin 11-19-2018 The Pears announce they ACCEPT the trade of Aledmys Diaz for RHP Trent Thornton (minor league contract 2099).
Cottage 10-31-2018 The Cheese DFA Yasmani Grandal, hoping that someone else is more optimistic about his future.
Portland 10-4-2018 Drop Colby rasmus
Old Detroit 9-27-2018 OH #3: Activate Devers from bench to OH to the max. Move Muncy to the max from OH to 3b. Send Candelario even deeper into the minors. COMMISSIONER: All of this is done as of Sep 27: 12% of Devers moved to OH; 12% of Muncy moved from OH to 3b. Candelario is already in the minors as of yesterday, so this is just a way of insulting him even more for his laggard performance. If that's the way Old Detroit wants to treat its players, the Commissioner's Office is not going to save Wolverine management from it's foolishness.
Haviland 9-26-2018 The Dragons, finding themselves in rebuilding mode DFA Bryce Harper which, we believe, puts him into the Rule 5 draft this winter. You have until then to make us an offer and, if acceptable, you can circumvent the Rule 5 drafting order.
Old Detroit 9-26-2018 OD #2: Activate Chris Herrman to the max at OH. Move Max Muncy to the max from OH to 3b. Bench Jeimer Candelario. COMMISSIONER: All this will be done effective Sept 26, so Candelario's awful game on the 25th will count.
Portland 9-24-2018 PR #3: bench Andriesse, activate Diego Castillo to Max at RP. COMMISSIONER: Andriesse is benched. Castillo is increased 21% to 90% at RP.
Flint Hill 9-22-2018 FH #3: bench loaisiga. Commissioner: Benched before games of Saturday, Sept. 22.
Flint Hill 9-18-2018 FH #2: Activate Pirela to the max allowed across all three OF positions. COMMISSIONER: Pirela is 13% at each OF position, for a total of 39%.
Haviland 9-17-2018 HD#1: Colome to the max at RP. COMMISSIONER: Colome is now 45% at RP.
Portland 9-13-2018 PR #2: Activate Bieber to Sp at max available. COMMISSIONER: Bieber is 54% at SP
D.C. 9-13-2018 DC #1: Riddle to the max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Riddle is now 54% at OH.
Flint Hill 9-13-2018 Activate Mondesi to the max allowed at 2B. Thanks! COMMISSIONER: Mondesi is currently 57% at 2b
Old Detroit 9-11-2018 OD #1: Bench Anthony DeSclafani. Activate Andrew Heaney to the max at RP. Pray all my struggling starters get back on the beam. COMMISSIONER: Anthony is benched. Andrew is 63% as a relief pitcher. God is not particularly on your side.
Portland 9-8-2018 PR #1: activate Diego Castillo at RP at max. COMMISSIONER: Castillo is now 69% at RP.
Old Detroit 9-6-2018 The Wolverines allocate Shohei Ohtani 100% at OH. I am posting this here because the database won't let me allocate Ohtani as a hitter -- Dave has to push a button, but I suspect he's gone to bed to the sleep of the innocent. COMMISSIONER: Allocation implemented . Hmmm. Does Ohtani's 4 for 4 with 2 hr last night account for the urgency you are feeling, Mr. Wolverine?
Pittsburgh 9-4-2018 Pittsburgh accepts trade, trading Luis Avilan for Felix Paulino.
Portland 9-3-2018 Trades Yates and $1 million to Canberra for Paxton. COMMISSIONER: "Approves" the deal. In this case, "approves" means "hates, hates, hates."
Old Detroit 8-29-2018 Old Detroit, trying to match the Rosebuds move for move, trade Shane Green to Pittsburgh for Mark Reynolds.
Cottage 8-27-2018 Cottage trades 1 month of Xander Bogaerts to Portland for one month + one year of Keone Kela.
Haviland 8-27-2018 I’m finding out what it’s like to be towards the bottom of the standings. Even though Ellis has been allocated 100% at C none of his (poor) stats are showing up. COMMISSIONER: Problem corrected, all August Ellis stats should be incorporated at the next update.
Portland 8-27-2018 PR #3: bench Correa, move Escobar at Max to SS from OH, and move JBJ at max from bench to OH. COMMISSIONER: Correa is in Corvallis. Escobar is increased 18% at ss to 43%. JBJ is increased 18% at OH to 22%.
Haviland 8-23-2018 McNeil is allocated 100% at 2B but none of his stats are showing up. COMMISSIONER: He was not on the BP roster. His stats will appear all at once with the next update.
Pittsburgh 8-23-2018 PA #1: Activate Ryan Yarbrough at SP to the max COMMISSIONER: Yarbrough is now 30% at SP.
Old Detroit 8-20-2018 OD #3: Bench Andrew Heaney. Activate DeSclafani, also at RP, to the max. COMMISSIONER: 36% has been added to DeSclafani as a RP, making him 86% in toto.
Flint Hill 8-19-2018 FH 1: activate Pirela to the max possible at 1B. COMMISSIONER: Pirela is now 39% at 1b.
Old Detroit 8-17-2018 OD #2: Activate Kolten Wong to the max at 2b. COMMISSIONER: Wong increased at 2b by 45% to a total of 100%
Portland 8-14-2018 PR #2: Bench Bauers. Activate JBJ to min available equally over all three OF and OH. COMMISSIONER: Bauers is benched. JBJ is increased 19% total, now is 16% across all OF positions and 4% at OH 9up from 11 and 0).
Portland 8-13-2018 PR #1: Bench Sonny Gray, activate Diego Castillo at 1% at Rp for the rest of the month.. COMMISSIONER: S. Gray is benched as of the morning of August 13. Diego Castillo is activated at 19% -- 1% minimum per day for the rest of the month, the minimum activation allowed in the rules.
Old Detroit 8-12-2018 OD #1: Activate Walker Buehler to the max as a starting pitcher. COMMISSIONER: This silly transaction has been approved. It's not my job to keep owners from wasting their transactions. Buehler is now 60% as a superfluous starting pitcher.
Haviland 8-8-2018 At the Draft 8/6, Haviland accepted the MLB trade for Ian Kinsler, and declined to keep the minor leaguers coming back in the d eal.
Old Detroit 8-8-2018 Players released during the Aug 6 draft, now on waiver wire: BO Jonathan Loiasiga D 2018 1250; CC Yoshihisa Hirano D 2018 500; CK Brock Stewart R 2021 500; PR Ben Gamel V 2018 500; PA Domingo Santana V 2018 3250; BO Jose Bautista V 2018 500; HD Dylan Covey V 2018 1000; PA Fernando Romero D 2018 1250; BO Jon Jay V 2018 500; PR Jimmy Nelson R 2018 2000; HD Samuel Gaviglio V 2018 500; OD Doug Fister V 2018 1500; BO Caleb Smith V 2019 2750; HD Ivan Nova V 2018 2500; DC Aaron Altherr R 2019 1000;
Flint Hill 8-7-2018 FH trades Sonny Gray and Diego Castillo to Portland for Kevin Gausman and Niko Goodrum. Now we have a legal roster...phew.
Flint Hill 8-7-2018 FH trades Schoop and K Davis to Brookland for Francisco Mejia.
D.C. 8-6-2018 DFA Aaron Altherr
Flint Hill 8-5-2018 Just kidding on Glasnow because haviland owns him
Flint Hill 8-5-2018 FH accepts the trade of Chris Archer for Austin Meadows and Tyler Glasnow and the right to keep the PTBNL when named (knowing that someone will have to be dropped). COMMISSIONER: We have usually ignored the PTBNL, although this isn't in the rules. The rules do say you have to accept any MLB players coming back in the deal -- so if you want to invoke your RIGHT to the PTBNL, you are also accepting the DUTY to keep any MLB player coming back with his MLB contract. You need to elect whether to invoke the PTBNL part of the deal before I execute the deal. COMMISSIONER: Deal approved without the PTBNL, as elected by FH management.
Flint Hill 8-3-2018 Trades Robbie Ray, Shane Bieber, Nick Castellanos and JBJ to Portland for Chris Archer, Teoscar Hernandez and Aldaberto Mondesi.
Pittsburgh 8-2-2018 Josh Smoker was placed on waivers by the Pirates and picked up by Detroit. Do I get any salary relief for Smoker, whom I DFA'd earlier? As with so many things, I need the Commissioner to apply the rule. COMMISSIONER: Yes. Smoker has a new contract formed after you DFA'd him. I will implement your savings when I update all the rosters.
Pittsburgh 8-2-2018 Accepts trade of Lance Lynn to the Yankees. Keeps Tyler Austin, does not keep Luis Rijo. COMMISSIONER: You already own Tyler Austin! This trade does not change your already existing rights to Tyler Austin.
Portland 7-31-2018 Trade Villar to Orioles
Portland 7-31-2018 DFA Meadows
Canberra 7-29-2018 CK #2, #2=3: Max Adam Eaton in CF and bench Chance Sisco as much as possible. COMMISSIONER: Eaton is now 59% in CF, 41% OH. Sisco is slated to catch tomorrow for the Shards of Mollybrook.
Canberra 7-29-2018 Mitch Garver to 100% C for the rest of the month (aaaargh, I forgot he was on 50%) COMMISSIONER: Garver is increased by 9% to 59% at C. Here is a friendly Commissioner's Hint: You have two more moves this month... 77% would be a lot nicer than 59%. That's TWO Commissioner's Hints.
Portland 7-29-2018 Dfa Cooper. COMMISSIONER -- this is not a benching, since Portland has used all 3 of its roster moves. This will take effect after the games of July 31.
Cottage 7-29-2018 Trades Mike Moustakas to the Milwaukee Brewers for Brett Philips and Jorge Lopez. We don’t have roster space for Mr. Lopez, so we drop him. COMMISSIONER -- We will treat Lopez as DFA'd so you have the opportunity to trade him until your next roster deadline in early August.
Haviland 7-29-2018 HD #1: Nova to the max at SP. COMMISSIONER: Nova has been increased buy 12% to 62% at SP
Haviland 7-28-2018 Dragons trade Buchholz and Rasmus to the Rosebuds for Gaviglio. This is a trade of players only, no effect on 2018 salaries and Portland is responsible for Rasmus’ 2019 salary. COMMISSIONER: After consulting with the parties, this deal is treated as Rasmus, Buchholz and $2,750,000 to Portland for Gaviglio ($750,000 to subsidize Buchholz and $2,000,000 to cover Rasmus' salary after the $1,000,000 withheld from Rasmus for being on the Restricted List in July and August). If Rasmus is still on the RL at the end of August, another $500,000 will be deducted from Portland's obligation to Rasmus, and from Haviland's obligation to Portland.
Pittsburgh 7-27-2018 Mark Reynolds has played 3B this month. Can he be rated there in August? COMMISSIONER: I am in the middle of doing the second defense update of the season. Mark Reynolds will be a 2.6 at 3b.
Pittsburgh 7-27-2018 Pitt #3: Activate Swihart to the little bit of max he has left.COMMISSIONER: without guidance as to where to activate Swihart, I have activated him at catcher. That way I only had to carry his 18% activation one notch over on the allocation chart. If my laziness doesn't reflect your preference, let me know and I'll see if I can get anyone to help me lug that 18% to the OF or OH.
Flint Hill 7-26-2018 FH #3: activate ray at SP to the max. COMMISSIONER: Robbie Ray is now 18% at SP
Old Detroit 7-25-2018 OD #3: Activate Kolten Wong to the max at 2b. COMMISSIONER: Kolten Wong is now 71% active at 2b.
Portland 7-25-2018 Trades Julio Urias to Flint Hill for Jake Bauers, Harrison Bader, and $500k
Portland 7-25-2018 PR #3; bench Gausman, activate Gray to max at RP. COMMISSIONER: This deed is now done. Whatever Gray you have is now active 24%.
Flint Hill 7-24-2018 FH #2: Bench Tanner Scott and activate Sonny Gray to the max at RP. COMMISSIONER: This is so confusing: two Johnson boys each trying to activate a pitcher named Gray on the same day! I sense a trap, an attempt to catch the Commissioner in an error and overthrow him! Well, ok then, bring it on! And some Gray has been added to the Tornado roster, now up to 57% at sp.
Canberra 7-22-2018 Canberra trades Justus Sheffield and Anderson Espinoza to the Flint Hill Tornadoes for James Paxton and $500,000.
Pittsburgh 7-21-2018 July #2 Activate David Price to the max as SP. COMMISSIONER: Price is now 33% at SP.
Flint Hill 7-15-2018 FH#1: bench santana and allocate Bauer’s to the max st 1B. COMMISSIONER: Santana is benched as of this morning. Bauers is 51% at 1b, 49% at OH. The transaction was submitted after play began on July 14.
Portland 7-12-2018 PR #2: Bench Gamel, move Hernandez from OH to OF at min (1% per day?) across all three OF, activate Cooper to max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Gamel is benched (and I have painstakingly erased his achievements on July 12, 13 and 14, ie, 8 AB, 5 h, 1 2b, 1 so, 1 cs, 6 tb, 1.375 OPS); Hernandez is 33 -33-34 across the outfield; Cooper is 60% at OH.
Old Detroit 7-11-2018 Increase Kolten Wong by 50% at 2b. He has decided to make a fool of me for trading Hansen to get Iglesias to let Turner take over his job. But who's the fool here: me, or him for waiting until July to start hitting? COMMISSIONER: The answer is "yes." Which includes making Wong 50% at 2b.
Pittsburgh 7-10-2018 July #1 Send Dominic Smith to the bench; activate the 25% of Profar that is on the bench to the max at 1B. COMMISSIONER: Profar is increased 25% at 1b to a total of 75%. He has no bench left.
Haviland 7-7-2018 Colby Rasmus has ONCE AGAIN gone on the restricted list in MLB and (according to mlbtraderumors) is expected to be out for the rest of the season. Just like in 2017, his MLB team gets salary relief while he's gone, but will owe him salary again if he comes off the RL by making himself available to play. To give Haviland similar salary relief, but reflecting Rasmus will be gone 10 more days this year than last, and has provided no playing time for Haviland in July, the Commissioner proposes the following: a) If Rasmus is still on the RL at the end of July, Haviland gets $1,000,000 credit against Rasmus' $3,000,000 contract, and is ineligible for activation in August. b) if Rasmus is still on the RL at the end of August, Haviland gets another $500,000 salary credit, and Rasmus is ineligible for the rest of the season. Unless Rasmus formally retires or is still on the MLB Restricted List, Haviland is still on the hook for him next season.
Portland 7-7-2018 Marjama has retired. please credit Portland his salary. COMMISSIONER: Marjama is stricken from your liabilities.
Portland 7-6-2018 PR #1: Activate Niko Goodrum to the max at SS from bench. COMMISSIONER: All 67% of Goodrum's time originally allocated to the bench is now allocated to ss.
Old Detroit 7-5-2018 OD trades Alen Hanson to Peshastin for Jose Iglesias. COMMISSIONER: Done (last night before the deadline).
Flint Hill 7-5-2018 FH trades Buxton to Pittsburgh for Castellanos.
Flint Hill 6-30-2018 FH trades Samardizja and our 2019 first round draft pick to Haviland for Bryce Harper and 5mil dollars. COMMISSIONER: This trade is invalid as it stands, since FH does not have a 2019 rookie draft first round pick.
Flint Hill 6-29-2018 FH#3: activate Bader to the max across all three OF positions. COMMISSIONER: Bader is now at 2% at each OF position.
Peshastin 6-28-2018 The Pears trade James Pazos to Portland for Aledmys Diaz. COMMISSIONER: Done
Flint Hill 6-28-2018 FH#2: activate Robbie Ray at SP to the max. COMMISSIONER: Ray is now 12% SP.
Portland 6-26-2018 Rosebuds trade Taylor Williams to Haviland for Carlos Martinez. COMMISSIONER: Done
Portland 6-23-2018 PR #3: Activate Gray to Max at SP. COMMISSIONER: Gray is now 24% more at SP for a total of 94%
Portland 6-22-2018 PR #2: Bench Diaz. COMMISSIONER: Aledmys Diaz benched for games beginning June 23.
Flint Hill 6-20-2018 FH trades Margot, Moncada, and Grandal and its 2019 first round pick to Cottage for Trout, Barnes, Schoop, 20 million in 2018 and 5 million in 2019 First blockbuster of the season...and happy birthday to me! COMMISSIONER: Trade executed
Flint Hill 6-20-2018 FH trades Pollock to Kaline for Paxton. COMMISSIONER: Done
Old Detroit 6-20-2018 OD #3: Rich Hill to the max. COMMISSIONER: Added 33% to Hill's allocation as a reliever; now up to 66%.
Old Detroit 6-19-2018 OD #2: Activate Clayton Richard and his 2.75 June ERA to the max. Even though I know how the universe works... COMMISSIONER: Richard is now relieving 100% FTE. Good luck.
Brookland 6-18-2018 (Submitted via email on June 17) BO#1: Activate Jordan Lyles to the max at SP. BO#2: Activate Zack Godley to the max at SP. If I can’t use Godley as a starter I would like to push him to 100% as a reliever. COMMISSIONER: Lyles is now 42% at SP. Since Godley was activated this month as a reliever, he has to stay a reliever for the rest of the month.
Flint Hill 6-16-2018 FH #1: Activate gattis to the max at catcher. Bench Grandal. COMMISSIONER: Grandal has been sent to Rock CIty. Gattis is now 81% active at C, up from 33%.
Portland 6-15-2018 PR #1: Bench Morrisson. Activate Tauchman to max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Morrison has been sent to the Newberg Camelliabuds. Tauchman is now 48% at OH.
Pittsburgh 6-15-2018 PA #1: Activate Piscotty from the bench to the max across the three OF positions. Send Santana to the bench to work with the hitting coach. COMMISSIONER: Santana is in Altoona. Piscotty is 16% at each of the three OF positions.
Haviland 6-14-2018 HD#2: Lamb to the max at third base. Commissioner: Lamb i now 100% at 3b, up from 60%.
Old Detroit 6-11-2018 OD #1: Activate Ronald Acuna to the max across the three OF spots. COMMISSIONER: Acuna is now 20% at each OF position. The other 40% remains at OH. Get well fast!
Haviland 6-9-2018 HD #1: Covey to the max. COMMISSIONER: Covey increased as a starter by 50%, making him 100% at that position.
Peshastin 6-6-2018 Pears release David Paulino (rookie contract 2021). COMMISSIONER: DFA, you mean.
Flint Hill 6-6-2018 FH trades Morton and 1000 to Brookland for Andujar
Brookland 6-6-2018 Francisco Mejia needs a defensive rating. COMMISSIONER: Since he didn't automatically qualify at any position, I assign him the replacement rating at catcher.
D.C. 6-4-2018 DFA reliever Carson Fulmer. COMMISSIONER He'll be available on the Waiver Wire. IF not taken, he'll be a free agent.
Portland 6-3-2018 Drop Oswalt. COMMISSIONER He'll be available on the Waiver Wire. IF not taken, he'll be a free agent.
Kaline 6-3-2018 Kaline DFA's Howie Kendrick. COMMISSIONER He'll be available on the Waiver Wire. IF not taken, he'll be a free agent.
Haviland 6-3-2018 Hunter Dozier has been playing first base for a few weeks. COMMISSIONER: He'll be rated 2.6 at 1b in June.
D.C. 5-28-2018 DC #3: Falefa to 2B (35%), 3B (25%), and SS (40%).COMMISSIONER (after emailing with Rob) Kiner-Falefa is now 4% at each of 2b, 3b, and ss.
Portland 5-27-2018 Trade JaCoby Jones and our 2019 first round pick to Peshastin for JT Realmuto. COMMISSIONER: Trade executed
Cottage 5-26-2018 Jorge Polanco to PED restricted list, so credit Cottage for half his salary ($500,000).
Portland 5-26-2018 Welington Castillo to restricted list for PED. Credit Portland for half his salary ($2,125,000).
Haviland 5-25-2018 HD#3: Move Nimmo from 100% OH to 50% OH and 50% across all outfield positions. COMMISSIONER: Moved Nimmo to the max (21%) to the OF, 7% at each OF position.
D.C. 5-24-2018 DC #3 (attempted, rejected): Bundy to the max for the rest of the month. He promises he's given up auditioning for designated thrower for the home run derby. COMMISSIONER: Dear Rob: Once you send a player to the bench you can't bring him back. You sent Bundy there on May 8. Until we get Dave's new system, that's a one-way trip for technological reasons. I can turn a player off, but I can't turn him back on again, because while it would be POSSIBLE to do it, my morning update workload would expand rapidly -- I would need to specially load the player's stats from the day of his re-activation to the current day, then total those to his pre-demotion stats off my update spreadsheet, and then copy and past the total to the spreadsheet. With potentially a dozen or more of those a month, each with their own demotion and restart dates, and my historical error rate and the difficulty I would have in finding and fixing errors -- it's not feasible until I start getting paid for this work, So when we introduced the useful possibility of benching a player I tried to make it clear a benching was un-revocable until the beginning of the next month. On the other hand you get your third roster move back.
Pittsburgh 5-24-2018 PA #1 and #2: Bench Piscotty for the rest of the month. Activate D. Robinson at SS for 33% for the rest of the month. I'm not sure if this is one or two transactions. COMMISSIONER: Welcome back, Mark! Since Piscotty wasn't playing shortstop, this is two moves. Piscotty is benched for the rest of the month. Robinson is 24% at ss (the max allowable with 8 days left in the month, counting today).
Flint Hill 5-24-2018 FH#3: activate Gattis at OH as much as possible for the rest of the month. COMMISSIONER: Gattis is now 24% at OH.
Canberra 5-23-2018 CK#1: Canberra would like to DFA Greg Holland and/or punt him into outer space. COMMISSIONER: Since "punt him into outer space" translates as "send him to my furthest farm team", Greg Holland has been benched effective immediately and DFA'd as of the end of the month.
Haviland 5-18-2018 Because of HD#1 on 5-15 Alonso should be recording some 3B at-bats but he isn't. ?? COMMISSIONER: Fixed.
Haviland 5-18-2018 HD#2: Move Lamb's OH allocation to 3B. COMMISSIONER: Jake Lamb is now 100% at 3b
Portland 5-17-2018 PR#2: Bench Cuthbert, Add Villar to max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Villar is added. Cuthbert is off to Prineville or where ever your farm team is.
Portland 5-15-2018 PR #1: Move Morrsion at max allowed to 1b, Diaz to OH at max allowed. COMMISSIONER: Completing Johnson transaction night, Morison is now 48% at 1b and Diaz is 48% at OH.
Haviland 5-15-2018 HD #1: move half of Alonso’s OH allocation to 3B. COMMISSIONER: Continuing Johnson transaction night, 30% of Alonso has been moved to 3rd base.
Flint Hill 5-15-2018 FH #2: Activate Margot to the max across all 3 OF positions because poor AJ Pollock got hurt...again. COMMISSIONER: We'll kick off Johnson Transaction Night by moving all 40% of Mazara on the bench to the OF, making him 33 - 34- 33 across those three positions.
Old Detroit 5-15-2018 OD #3: Send Rich Hill to the Toledo Mound Hends to work on his form. Activate Andrew Heaney to the max as a SP: COMMISSIONER: The remaining 50% of Andrew Heaney is activated to make him a 100% starting pitcher. The entirety of Rich Hill going forward will recover his form in Toledo.
Old Detroit 5-15-2018 OD #2: Activate Clayton Richard 33% as LHRP. COMMISSIONER: Richard is now OD's one and only May LHRP.
Flint Hill 5-14-2018 FH #1: Bench Bradley, Jr. for the rest of the month and activate the remaining 67% if Pirela spread evenly across all three OF positions. COMMISSIONER: Today is May 14. Counting today there are only 18 days left in May. You can only increase Pirela by a maximum of 54%. He is now 18% at each OF position.
Old Detroit 5-11-2018 OD #1: Send Carlos Gonzalez to Toledo Hedgehogs. Move Acuna to the max to all thee OF positions. Activate remaining Candelario time to OH. COMMISSIONER: Cargo is in Toledo. Acuna is now 20% at each OF position. Candelario is now another 33% at OH for a total there of 67%. Fat lot of good all this will do, but at least management isn't comatose.
D.C. 5-9-2018 DC #2: Dylan Bundy to the bench as quickly as possible. COMMISSIONER: Bundy busted to the bushes May 9.
D.C. 5-8-2018 DC #1: Scooter Gennett to the max, split evenly between LF and RF (he's really fast). Commissioner: Since the transaction was posted after games began May 8, effective May 9 66% of Gennett was moved from OH to the OF, split evenly between LF and RF.
Haviland 5-3-2018 Cozart has earned rankings at Second and Third:
Haviland 4-28-2018 Dragons #2: Activate Glasnow to the max
Old Detroit 4-22-2018 OD #3: Bench Heaney. Bust him to the minors. Tell him every single day "I wish I still had Dylan Cease!" That'll motivate him. COMMISSIONER: Heaney has been sent to the Old Toledo Weasels.
Portland 4-18-2018 PR#3: Bench Marisnick, Move Hernandez at max to all three OF evenly, and Increase Cuthbert to max at OH! COMMISSIONER: Marisnick is in the minors. Hernandez has 42% moved from OH to OF, 14% at each OF position. Cuthbert moved 42% from bench to OH, making OH 67%.
Old Detroit 4-12-2018 OD #2: Activate Andrew Heaney to the max at SP.
Flint Hill 4-12-2018 FH#3: Activate JBJ to the max equally across all three OF positions, while benching the injured Margot for the rest of the month. COMMISSIONER: Margot is benched. JBJ is now 19% at each OF position, for a total of 57%, moved from the bench.
Canberra 4-10-2018 COMMISSIONER: Mitch Garver was originally allocated only 25%, all to OH, for Canberra. The minimum opening allocation is 33% (total across all allocated positions). I have increased Garver's allocation to 33%.
Haviland 4-9-2018 Zack Cozart has been playing second base for most of this season so should get a rating there going forward.
Old Detroit 4-9-2018 OD #1: Activate Carlos Gonzalez to the max across the OF. COMMISSIONER: CarGo is now 34-33-33 across the OF.
Portland 4-9-2018 PR #2: Activate Diaz to Max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Aledmys Diaz is now 100% at OH.
Portland 4-9-2018 Herrmann was signed by Seattle. PR should receive $500,000 salary relief, I think. COMMISSIONER: Done
Flint Hill 4-8-2018 FH #2: Bench Pirela and activate Solarte to the max at 2B. COMMISSIONER: PIrela benched. Solarte is 100% at 2b.
Flint Hill 4-8-2018 FH#1: I think I have to activate a P to be legal since I benched Parker, in which case I activate Tanner Scott as RP at 50%. This should count as the same transaction, I believe. COMMISSIONER: I will count it as one transaction in this case, but only by making it effective at the same time as the first part. In the future submit all parts of a transaction together to make sure the entire transaction occurs in the same information setting. Also, since you had 12 pitchers active without Parker, you were legal. Scott is now at 50% as a reliever.
Flint Hill 4-8-2018 FH #1: Bench Blake Parker for the rest of the month. He needs time to think about how to get hitters out. COMMISSIONER: Parker sent to minors after games of April 8. Stats through the 8th will still be counted.
Haviland 4-7-2018 HD #1: Nimmo to the max across all OF positions. COMMISSIONER: Moved Nimmo''s 25% bench allocation to OF. He is now 34% - 33% - 33% across the OF.
Portland 4-6-2018 PR #1: Activate Cuthbert at Minimum available at OH. COMMISSIONER: Maximum available on April 6 is 75%. Minimum available is 33% of the maximum. So Cuthbert is now 25% at OH, 75% on the bench.
Canberra 4-5-2018 CK # 1: Michael Conforto moves as much as possible from bench (sitting at 30% now because Canberra management mixed up Bench and OH during allocations) to LF (currently at 15% allocation). COMMISSIONER: Conforto now 0 on bench and 45% at LF.
D.C. 4-5-2018 DC #2: Alfaro to the max as Catcher (he's currently allocated at 100% OH). COMMISSIONER: Alfaro 76% at C, 24 % OH. You have one transaction left in April.
D.C. 4-3-2018 DC #1: Activate Jarlin Garcia to the maximum. COMMISSIONER: Garcia is now active at RP at 84%.
Old Detroit 3-28-2018 Trade Greg Holland to Canberra for Doug Fister
Old Detroit 3-28-2018 DFA Jordan Yamamoto and Ryan Schimpf.
Peshastin 3-27-2018 The Pears DFA Tony Zych
D.C. 3-26-2018 DFA rookie Jarlin Garcia. COMMISSIONER RULING: Disallowed. Since you drafted Garcia in this year's Rookie Draft, you cannot DFA or release him until you've held him for at least one month of the season ha passed.
D.C. 3-26-2018 DFA TJ Rivera
Portland 3-26-2018 Portland trades Justus Sheffield to Canberra for Jonathon Villar and $3 mil per year (until 2020).
Pittsburgh 3-23-2018 Jake Marisnick's agent got word of his DFA and worked out a better deal for his client. Marisnick has been traded to a strong pennant contender, the Portland Rosebuds, in return for Maikel Franco, who heads to Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh 3-23-2018 Pittsburgh DFA's Dalton Pompey, Jake Marisnick, and Jose Torres.
D.C. 3-22-2018 DFA Adonis Garcia
Cottage 3-22-2018 DFA Brian Flynn (who is on a rookie contract).
Cottage 3-21-2018 DFA Alex Dickerson
Portland 2-21-2018 $4 mil credit for Gomez, signing with Tamba Bay Rays
Portland 2-18-2018 trade Sierra and Alcantara for Ozuna
Canberra 2-18-2018 Drops Johnny Barbato from his rookie contract.
Old Detroit 2-17-2018 Old Detroit trades Steve Pearce and Jorge Soler to Kaline for Ryan Schimpf.
Canberra 2-17-2018 Canberra releases Henderson Alvarez. He's on a $2m veteran contract.
Old Detroit 2-17-2018 Old Detroit accepts the Rangers offer of Sam Wolfe and Israel Cruz for Matt Moore.
Cottage 2-15-2018 Cottage trades Daniel Mengden to D.C. for Josh Tomlin and $2250
D.C. 2-14-2018 The Balk DFA Brett Anderson.
Cottage 2-14-2018 dfa Grant Dayton and Dilson Herrera (for the second time)
Flint Hill 2-12-2018 FH trades Clint Frazier to Peshastin for Jackie Bradley Jr and Danny Salazar.
Old Detroit 2-10-2018 Old Detroit trades David Paulino and Monte Harrison to Peshastin for Max Scherzer
Old Detroit 2-10-2018 Old Detroit reluctantly accepts the trade of stalwart Wolverine Christian Yelich to Milwaukee for Lewis Brinson, Monte Harrison, and Jordan Yamamoto. The Cheese have the option of tossing Isan Diaz into this deal without the W's permission, if they want, since he also went to Miami in the Yelich trade.
Portland 2-7-2018 trade Pirela to Flint Hill for Castillo and $1 million
Cottage 2-7-2018 The Cheese send Travis d’Arnaud to Flint Hill for Isan Diaz.
Cottage 2-6-2018 The Cheese designate Travis d'Arnaud and Dilson Herrera for assignment. They are on rookie contracts, so Cottage won't have to pay them this year. Send your trade offers to
Cottage 2-6-2018 Cottage trades Chris Archer to the Portland Rosebuds, in return for Wilson Ramos, Eric Thames, and Joc Pederson.
Brookland 2-3-2018 Expansion Draft Acquisitions: 1. Zach Godley 2. Daniel Murphy (From FH) 3. Brad Peacock 4. Gregory Polanco (from OD) 5. Aaron Hicks 6. Scott Schebler (from DC) 7. Mychal Givens 8. Robinson Chirinos 9. CJ Cron 10. Koda Golver (from CK) 11. Carlos Rodon 12. David Robertson Ithe reliever) 13; Jose Martinez
D.C. 1-15-2018 DFA Phil Gosselin
Kaline 1-3-2018 dfa Kelvin Herrera. ACTION REVOKED, because it was taken based upon inadvertent misinformation from the Commissioner.
D.C. 1-3-2018 RULE 5 DRAFT: DC took Ryan Merritt from CK; CK took Doug Fister from Flint Hill; OD took Rick Porcello from CK; PP passed; KD took Brandon Morrow from OD; PR passed; CC took Dylan Cease from OD; HD passed; FH took Matt Barnes from HD. All passed.
Flint Hill 12-31-2017 FH sends 500k to Peshastin for Jharel Cotton
Flint Hill 12-30-2017 Flint Hill sends Todd Frazier to Kaline for 1 million dollars.
Portland 12-29-2017 Acquires Maikel Franco from Cottage for $250,000. Franco is protected, Cuthbert is unprotected for Rule V draft
Portland 12-28-2017 DFA Feldman
Flint Hill 12-27-2017 FH send 1mil to Peshastin for Khris Davis and Isan Diaz
Peshastin 12-23-2017 Peshastin trades Hunter Renfroe to Kaline for Christian Vazquez.
Pittsburgh 12-19-2017 Pittsburgh acquires Blake Swihart from Canberra for 500K.
Canberra 12-19-2017 Canberra also releases Michael Tonkin and Blake Swihart.
Canberra 12-19-2017 Canberra drops Christian Bethancourt and Rymer Liriano.
Cottage 12-15-2017 Colorado assumes Cottage's entire obligation to Chris Iannetta.
Peshastin 12-14-2017 Peshastin trades Carlos Santana to Flint Hill for Dan Straily.
Peshastin 12-13-2017 The Pears cut three rookie contracts: Socrates Brito, Matt Wisler, and Frankie Montas. We especially regret cutting Socrates, but a great name just isn't enough.
Flint Hill 12-8-2017 Flint Hill trades the rights to its first round Rookie draft pick to DC for C Welington Castillo.
Peshastin 11-16-2017 Peshastin designates for assignment: Tyson Ross
Peshastin 11-13-2017 Peshastin trades Carlos Carrasco (Vet contract, 10m 2020) to the DC Balk for Jharel Cotton (R 2021) and Robert Gsellman (R 2021).
Kaline 11-12-2017 DFA Danny Valencia and Asher Wojciechowksi
Peshastin 11-8-2017 The Pears dfa Tyson Ross, who should take his money and go home.
Portland 11-8-2017 dfa Chris Herrmann
Flint Hill 11-6-2017 DFA Mark Reynolds
Flint Hill 11-2-2017 DFA John Jaso
Flint Hill 11-2-2017 DFA Todd Frazier
Flint Hill 10-10-2017 FH DFAs Doug Fister
Flint Hill 10-10-2017 Flint Hill DFAs Trevor Cahill
Flint Hill 9-27-2017 FH #3: bench Samardijza; COMMISSIONER --benched prior to game of Sept 27 when Samardzija went 6 ip and allowed 1 er.
Pittsburgh 9-23-2017 PA #3 Activate the part of Nick Castellanos on the bench at 3B to the max. COMMISSIONER: Castellanos increased 24% to 74% at 3b.
Old Detroit 9-20-2017 OD #2: Increase Clayton Richard at SP by the max. OD # 3: Activate Tyler Skaggs to the max as a RP. COMMISSIONER: Both pitchers add 33% as directed.
Portland 9-17-2017 PR #3: Pederson to OF, across all three pos., from OH at max; Thames to OH from Bench max . COMMISSIONER: Pederson at 14% at each OF position, 30% remaining at OH, 28% on bench. Thames is 25% on bench, 75% at OH after moving 42%.
Pittsburgh 9-17-2017 PA #2: Activate Marco Estrada from the minors as relief pitcher to the max. Send Brandon Woodruff to the minors. COMMISSIONER: Woodruff to the minors. Estrada at 42% rp.
Cottage 9-16-2017 CC#1: Increase Daniel Mengden to the max at RP. COMMISSIONER: Mengden increased by 45% to 78%.
Haviland 9-16-2017 HD #2: Hader to the max at RP. COMMISSIONER: Hader 48% at RP. HD #3: Descalso to the max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Descalso 48% at OH.
Flint Hill 9-15-2017 FH #2: Bench Mark Reynolds and move the 50% of Moncada at OH to 2B. COMMISSIONER: Reynolds benched. Moncada moved 48% to 2b (total now 98%) -- the max possible on June 15.
Portland 9-14-2017 PR #2: Cuthbert to max at 3B. COMMISSIONER: Cuthbert now 84% at 3b (increase of 51%).
Flint Hill 9-14-2017 FH #1: bench fister and activate gray to the max at sp. COMMISSIONER: fister benched. Gray at 51% at SP.
Old Detroit 9-12-2017 OH #2:Send Heaney to the minors. Activate Andrew Moore to the Max as a SP. COMMISSIONER: Heaney sent to Mud Ferrets. Moore active at 57% as a SP.
Haviland 9-11-2017 HD #1: Tapia to the max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Tapia is 60% at OH
Old Detroit 9-7-2017 OD #1: Move 60% of Steve Pearce from OH to 2b. Move all of Matt Chapman from the minors to OH. COMMISSIONER: Pearce is 60% at 2b. Chapman is 67% at OH.
Portland 9-7-2017 PR #1: Morrison to 1b at max, Pederson to OH at max COMMISSIONER: Morrison is 72% at 1b , Pederson 72% at OH
Pittsburgh 9-7-2017 PA#1: Increase Stephen Piscotty's 55% on the bench to the max across 3 OF positions. Or, as autocorrect tried to tell me, Biscotti. COMMISSIONER: You've got Biscottio strewn all over the outfield to the max
Haviland 9-4-2017 Dragons trade their first round pick in the 2018 Rookie Draft for Johnny Cueto: COMMISSIONER: Can I presume Portland is still paying Cuecto? And who is Haviland DFAing? HD: DFA Nava. Portland pays Cueto. COMMISSIONER: OK, then.
Kaline 9-3-2017 PRE-DRAFT: Haviland dropped Jesse Winker to get under salary cap after Commissioner clerical error... IN-DRAFT: Haviland accepted N Walker trade, saving $8500. D.C. 3. Robert Stephenson ($750) 6. Mike Aviles ($500) DFA T. Lin CANBERRA 1. Thyago Vieira ($500) 2. Ozhaino Albies ($3250) DFA A. Rosales 4. Henderson Alvarez ($2000) DFA M. Perez OLD DETROITt 7. Amed Rosario ($1000) . 11. Brandon Morrow ($1750) 17. Emilio Pagan ($500) DFA N. Ahmed 18. Matt Chapman ($4250) DFA F. Liriano 23. Franklin Barreto ($500) DFA J Profar... PESHASTIN 5. Rhys Hoskins ($4000)... KALINE: Did not attend... PORTLAND 8. Aaron Blair ($500) 12. Adam Conley ($500) DFA E. Adrianza... HAVILAND 9. Daniel Descalso ($2750) 13. Tommy Hunter ($1750) 18A. Jesse Winker ($2000) 20. Kyle Crick ($500) DFA E. Young 24. John Brebbia ($500) DFA R Grossman ... FLINT HILL... 10. Doug Fister ($1500) 14. Nicky Delmonico ($500) 25. Ryan Sherriff ($500)... Cottage 15. Ben Lively ($500) . 19. Yandy Diaz ($750) 21. Herschel Powell ($500)... Pittsburgh 16. Tyler Mahle ($500) 22. Nick Williams: VOIDED -- Drop left PA with illegal roster 26. Brandon Woodruff ($500) DFA K Yates.
Flint Hill 9-2-2017 Change Clint Frazier contract expiration date to 2021. He was active tis year, making this the first year of his EFL rookie status.
Cottage 9-1-2017 Trades Sonny Gray to Flint Hill for Xander Bogaerts.
Haviland 8-30-2017 Reminder: Haviland gets a rebate for September from Rasmus' placement on the restricted list. COMMIISSIONER: True, but Rasmus somehow disappeared from your payroll. Putting him back on leaves you owning Rasmus $3,000,000 minus $1,350,000 for a total of $1,650,000. Compared to the $-750,000 you were "paying" last month, your obligation is increasing $2,400,000, leaving you with only $50,000 to spend now, pending other moves.
Old Detroit 8-29-2017 Old Detroit DFA's Wade LeBlanc.
Pittsburgh 8-28-2017 Aug #3: Sends Daniel Gossett to the minors for the rest of the month. COMMISSIONER: Gossett sent down hours before his 6.7 ip, 2 er outing. Shades of Gausman!
Old Detroit 8-28-2017 Old Detroit trades Paul DeJong to Cottage for Jorge Soler, effective Sept. 1.
Haviland 8-26-2017 Aug #3: Gausman to the minors. COMMISSIONER: Gausman benched before the games of 8/25.
Portland 8-24-2017 PR #3: Adrianza to bench, Cuthbert to 2b at Max. COMMISSIONER: Adrianza to the bench before the games of August 24. Cuthbert to 2b at 27%.
Portland 8-23-2017 Trade Machado and Parker to Flint Hill for Sheffield and Pederson. Portland is paying the difference in salary.
Portland 8-23-2017 Trades Puig to Haviland for Gausman
Cottage 8-23-2017 Cottage gets a credit of $500,000 for Henderson Alvarez due to Alvarez' new minor league contract with the Philies
Cottage 8-22-2017 The Cheese trade Wil Myers to Kaline for one month of Yoenis Cespedes, effective September 1. (I think the salary works; Tom will pay Myers and I will pay Cespedes.)
Cottage 8-22-2017 Cottage #2 (maybe #3 as well): Bench Aaron Hicks. Move all of Trout from OH to the OF, spreading him equally among the three positions. Promote Kepler and Polanco from bench to OH as much as possible. COMMISSIONER: CC#2:Trout is moved 30% to the OF, 10 at each position. Kepler is moved 30% to OH. CC#3: Polanco is moved 30% to OH.
Haviland 8-21-2017 Aug #2: Winker to the max equally across four positions - LF, CF, RF, OH. COMMISSIONER: Winker is now at 17% for LF, CF, and RF and 18% at OH.
Haviland 8-21-2017 Aug #1: Cecchini to the max at SS: COMMISSIONER: Cecchini is now 69% at SS, and increase of 36%.
Pittsburgh 8-20-2017 Aug #2 Send Marco Estrada to the minors for the rest of the month. COMMISSIONER: Estrada sent to the minors after games of Aug 19 were concluded.
Pittsburgh 8-20-2017 Aug #1 To cover Brantley's trip the DL, move J. D. Martinez from 100% OH to 15-15-15 across the OF positions and 55% at OH. Move Tyler Austin from the bench to the max at OH . (36%?). COMMISSIONER: Martinez is now 13-13-13 across the OF, and 61% as OH. Austin is 39% at OH.
Portland 8-19-2017 PR#2: Dickerson to bench, Fisher to OF a max available, Cuthbert to OH at max available. COMMISSIONER: Dickerson benched after Friday games. Fisher is now 33-34-33 across the of. Cuthbert is 42% at OH.
Flint Hill 8-19-2017 FH #3: bench Pederson and increase bogaerts to the max at oh COMMISSIONER: Bogaerts increased to 42% at OH. Pederson sent to the minors after Friday night's games.
Old Detroit 8-17-2017 OD#3: Move Steve Pearce from OH to 3b to the max. Move Jeimer Candelario to OH to the max. COMMISSIONER: Pearce increased at 3b by 30%. Candelario increased at OH to 45%.
Portland 8-16-2017 PR: #1Miller to bench, Asuaje to 2b max allowed. COMMISSIONER: Asuaje increased 48% to 98% at 2b. Miller benched prior to Aug 16 game
D.C. 8-15-2017 DC # 1: Activate Brock Holt to the max at SS. COMMISSIONER: Holt is 51% at ss.
Old Detroit 8-14-2017 OD #2: Activate Matt Moore to the max as a RP. COMMISSIONER: Matt Moore is now 51% active at RP -- he suckers you yet again. After 5.67 years, have you not yet learned?
Old Detroit 8-14-2017 OD #1: Increase Skaggs at SP to the max. COMMISSIONER: Skaggs is increased 50% to 100% at SP.
Flint Hill 8-14-2017 Activate Montgomery to the max at SP. COMMISSIONER: Montgomery increased 57% to 90% active at RP. He was already active as a RP; we cannot swap pitchers between SP mid-month.
Flint Hill 8-13-2017 FH #1: Bench Maton and increase Middleton to the max at rp. COMMISSIONER: Maton benched prior to games of August 13. Middleton increased to 60% at rp (effective Aug 12).
Cottage 8-10-2017 CC#1: Activate Jorge Polanco to the maximum allowed, split 50-50 between SS and 3B. COMMISSIONER: Polanco is now 33% at ss and 33% at 3b.
Peshastin 8-6-2017 Sam Gaviglio is no longer on the Pear roster, dropped in the August 5meeting.
Cottage 8-6-2017 Bridwell is a starter for the Angels, so please make him a starter in EFL.
Flint Hill 8-6-2017 Moncada has only played 2b this year, this needs a 2b rating. Thanks!
Old Detroit 8-6-2017 Trade Jose Quintana for Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease.
Old Detroit 8-6-2017 DFA Nate Jones
D.C. 8-5-2017 DRAFT RESULTS: . DC 1. Eduardo Nunez (V,$2750, 3 yrs) 9. Josh Tomlin (V, $2750, 2 yrs) Drop Kyle Kendrick .. . OD 2. Jose Quintana (V, $7000, 4 yrs) .. . CK 3. Lewis Brinson (D, $500) 10. Tim Beckham (V, $1250, 2 yrs) 11. Matt Albers (V, $1000, 2 yrs) .. . PP 4. Jarlin Garcia (D, $500) 12. Jason Motte (V, $500) Drop Sam Gaviglio .. . PA 6. Jose Alvarado (D, $500) 13. Daniel Gossett (D, $500) 16. Rafael Devers (D, $1500) Drop Allan Cordoba, Pedro Alvarez . . . KD 5. Asher Wojciechowski (V, $1000, 2 yrs) 7. Anthony Banda (D, $1250) Drop Chris Coghlan, Jared Cosart.. . PR 8. Derek Fisher (D, $1000) ... CC: None... . FH 14. Paul Sewald (D, $500) .. . HD 15. Yu Darvish (V, $5500, 4 years) 17. Jesse Winker (D, $750)
Portland 8-5-2017 Defense update: Pirela, 3B, July 15.
Flint Hill 8-5-2017 Drop Arroyo effective July 31
Cottage 8-5-2017 Schoop - played 4 games at SS in July. Please add SS rating.
Portland 8-5-2017 Dfa Robby Scott
Flint Hill 7-30-2017 FH trades James McCann and Brian Johnson to Kaline for Dinelson Lamet and $1 million.
Haviland 7-30-2017 HD #2: Bench Velasquez for the remainder of July. COMMISSIONER: Done. Final July standings will reflect this move. July 31 standings erroneously included Velasquez' 7 scoreless innings from July 30, in a game that started after Haviland posted its move at 7:03 AM PDT.
Pittsburgh 7-29-2017 July #3 Adalberto Mejia is sent to the minors to rest for the last weekend of the month. COMMISSIONER: Done before the games of July 29.
D.C. 7-28-2017 Brock Holt to the max at 3B. COMMISSIONER: Holt increased by 9% at 3b to a total of 51%
Pittsburgh 7-27-2017 Peshastin and Pittsburgh announce the following trade: Pittsburgh receives Corey Kluber, Allen Cordoba, and $2 million; Peshastin receives Pittsburgh's 2018 first-round draft pick, Socrates Brito, and Brandon Drury.
Flint Hill 7-26-2017 FH #3: Increase Zimmer to the max allowed over all three of positions. COMMSSIONER: Zimmer increased by 6% at each OF position, 18% overall.
Cottage 7-25-2017 CC#2: Send Dayton to the minors, immediately.COMMISSIONER: Done.
Old Detroit 7-25-2017 OD #3: Activate Alex Meyer to the max. COMMISSIONER: Meyer activated another 21% to total 60% at RP
Pittsburgh 7-24-2017 PA #2 Move Francis Martes from bench to SP, to the max for rest of July. COMMISSIONER: Martes is now 21% active as a SP.
Portland 7-23-2017 Pirela defense, 3B, july 15, 2017. COMMISSIONER: Pirela is now rated at third
Peshastin 7-22-2017 PP #1: Activate Danny Salazar as a starting pitcher. COMMISSIONER: Activated at 30%. Will include Saturday's game.
Old Detroit 7-22-2017 Crushed by three straight days of terrible pitching, the W's leave their season for dead by trading Manny Machado to the Rosebuds for Jeimer Candelario and the 'Buds' first round pick, effective Aug 1.
Haviland 7-20-2017 July #1: Grossman to OH to the max and, if this is possible, reduce Avila's OH status to zero. COMMISSIONER: Grossman is 33% at OH. You can only reduce Avila at OH if you move his OH PA to a defensive position. You can bench Avila, but that cuts off any further stats for all his positions. The rules prevent us from straight undoing what a player has already done for/to us. The database prevents us from benching a player for one position and not for another. It's far better than in the old spreadsheet days, but it's not perfect.
Old Detroit 7-19-2017 OD #2: SEND . LIRIANO TO THE MINORS. MOVE ALEX MEYER TO THE MAX TO RP. Commissioner: Liriano is benched. Meyer is 39% at RP.
Pittsburgh 7-19-2017 PA #1: Move the 50% of Nick Castellanos that is on the bench to 3B to the max. As part of the same move, if it is part of the same move, reduce Drury at 3B from 80% to 40% for the rest of the month. With the rest of Drury going to rest on the bench. Good grief, how many postings do I need to complete a transaction. I hope I'm truly done with this one. COMMISSIONER: 39% of Castellanos moves from the bench to 3b. Drury’s allocation at a defensive position may not be reduced (this would erase already- accumulated AB). But the player can be sent to minors for the rest of the month. So this is what is done: he’s on the BP watch list where any additional stats this month will be ignored, but his current stats remain on the Allegheny bench.
Old Detroit 7-19-2017 OD #1: Move the max from Contreras at OH to C.
Cottage 7-19-2017 CC#1: Please activate Maikel Franco at 3B to the max. COMMISSIONER: Franco is 39% at 3b.
Flint Hill 7-19-2017 FH #2: activate Brian Johnson as RP to the max. COMMISSIONER: Johnson at 42% as a RP.
Portland 7-18-2017 PR #3: activate guerra at max to SP. COMMISSIONER: Guerra is 42% as a SP
D.C. 7-18-2017 DC #3: Activate Brett Anderson at the max.
Portland 7-18-2017 PR #1 & #2: #1 Feldman to DL, Senzatela activate at max, RP... #2: Adrainza to SS at max available from bench
Flint Hill 7-16-2017 Are we allowed to rescind a transaction if done the same calendar day? COMMISSIONER RULING: We have no rule authorizing rescission of posted transactions. The two cases where owners were permitted to retract a transaction involved transactions that left the owner unable to form a legal roster, and to avoid erasing innings pitched already in the books. Since this transaction does not leave Flint Hill with an irremediably illegal foster, nor does create result in conflict with basic league policies. Therefor, it cannot be rescinded. No owners voted to overrule the commissioner, so the ruling stands.
Flint Hill 7-16-2017 FH #1: Activate Margot to the max across all 3 OF positions. Commissioner: Margot is at 17% or each of the three OF positions
Haviland 7-14-2017 Colby Rasmus has gone on the restricted list in MLB and (according to mlbtraderumors) is expected to be out for the rest of the season to be with his family. Tampa Bay gets salary relief while he's gone, but will owe him salary again if he comes off the RL by making himself available to play. To give Haviland similar salary relief, the Commissioner proposes the following: a) If Rasmus is still on the RL at the end of July, Haviland gets $750,000 credit against Rasmus' $3,000,000 contract, and is ineligible for activation in August. b) if Rasmus is still on the RL at the end of August, Haviland gets another $600,000 salary credit, and Rasmus is ineligible for the rest of the season. If no one objects by midnight Sunday, July 16, I will implement this plan.
7-8-2017 JULY 7 DRAFT: DC drafted Tsu-Wei Lin (D, $500), Pat Valaika (V, $500); dropped Henry Owens. OD drafted Johan Camargo (D, $750), Andrew Moore (D, $500), Paul DeJong (D, $750); dropped Rob Whalen. PR drafted Jose Pirela (V, $1750, 2 yrs), Sean Newcomb (D, $500), Scott Feldman (V, $2000, 2 yrs); dropped Conley. PP drafted Miguel Montero (V, $1000, 1 year), Tyler Wade (D, $500); dropped Robert Stephenson. KD drafted Nick Pivetta (D, $1500), Chris DeJong (D, 500); dropped Michael Saunders. PA drafted Francis Martes (D, $1000), Luis Castillo (D, 750); cut Miguel Diaz. FH drafted Phil Maton (D, 750. HD drafted Jacob Faria (D, $2500), Josh Hader (D, 750); cut Josh Smoker. CC drafted Parker Bridwell (V, 500).
Haviland 7-8-2017 Haviland trades Clevinger to DC for Gennett
D.C. 7-8-2017 The Balk DFA Henry Owens.
Portland 7-7-2017 Corey Luebke has Retired, which should give Portland $2 mil. COMMISSIONER: Confirmed Luebke's retirement and deleted his contract from the Rosebud balance sheet..
Flint Hill 7-3-2017 FH trades fulmer to D.C. For swarzak.
Peshastin 7-3-2017 Peshastin trades Trea Turner and Raisel Iglesias to Old Detroit for OD's 2018 first round pick, Cory Kluber, and Jose Iglesias. This is the first ever Iglesias for Iglesias (church for church) trade EFL history.
Peshastin 7-2-2017 Fielding: Allen Cordoba has played games at 2b and 3b and of, in addition to ss.
Peshastin 7-2-2017 Fielding: Joey Gallo has added 1b to his repertoire.
Peshastin 7-2-2017 Fielding position: Trey Mancini has been playing half his time at 1b.
Cottage 7-2-2017 Fielding position adds: Austin Barnes, 3B Wil Myers, 2B
Old Detroit 7-2-2017 Trades Starling Marte and $2,000,000 to Cottage for Cottage's 1st round pick in the 2018 rookie draft and $500,000 in 2018. COMMISSIONER: This transaction amounts to a loan of $500,000. Loans between teams are not permitted. The parties have agreed to substitute the transfer to OD of CC's right to pre-empt a computer pick, in place of the $500,000 payment next year.
Old Detroit 7-2-2017 Old Detroit gets half of David Paulino's salary back as a consequence of Paulino's 80 - game PED suspension announced by MLB on July 1.
Cottage 6-28-2017 Another Cheese bites the dust. Cottage DFAs Drew Smyly, who will miss the rest of this season and possibly his last chance to be a Cheese.
Pittsburgh 6-28-2017 PA June #2: Give Piscotty the last three days of the month off, sending him to the bench. COMMISSIONER: Done late, but having deleted Piscotty's 3 AB, 1 hbp and 2 SO from Wednesday. Oh, and also Piscotty's 3 AB, 1 double, 2 walks and a GDP from Thursday.
Flint Hill 6-27-2017 FH #2: Activate Manuel Margot to the max as follows: 25 at each OF position and 25 at OH. COMMISSIONER: The max for Manuel on June 27 was 12%. You cannot fill him in at two different positions -- so he can't go in the OF (all three treated as one position) AND OH unless he is replacing an OF going to the bench. It's complicated. His 13 PA at 12% will cover about half of the 3 replacement PA's you have at OH, while at this moment you have no replacements in the OF, so I put all 12% in OH.
Portland 6-26-2017 DFA Amir Garrett
Haviland 6-24-2017 DEFENSE: Rizzo should be rated at 2B, not OF
Haviland 6-24-2017 DEFENSE: Cecchini @ 2B, June 19
Haviland 6-24-2017 HD June #2: Tapia to OF to the max, equal across all three positions. COMMISSIONER: Tapia increased 8% at each OF position for a total increase of 24%, retroactive to June 23.
Flint Hill 6-23-2017 FH trades Zych to Peshastin for Grandal
Portland 6-23-2017 PR #2: A day too late, but Senzatela to minors. Increase Butler to max. COMMISSIONER: Done. Butler is increased by 27% to 94% (retroactive to June 22).
D.C. 6-22-2017 Reallocate Gennett to the max at 3B. COMMISSIONER: Our rules don't allow you to diminish a player's allocation at a defensive position. You can only decrease allocations to the bench or OH,. or (new this year) send someone to the minors for the rest of the month.
Pittsburgh 6-22-2017 PItt #1 to deal with Brantley to the DL: Move 81% of J.D. Martinez from OH to the 3 OF positions, 27% each, to the max; move the 67% of Castellanos on the bench to OH to the max. COMMISSIONER: On June 21 the max that can be moved is 30%. JD Martinez has been moved 30% into the OF, 10 at LF, 10 at CF, 10 at RF. Castellanos has been mover 30% to OH.
Haviland 6-20-2017 HD #1: Cecchini to the max at SS. COMMISSIONER: Cecchini is at 36% at SS. We apologize for not doing this in time for today's update, but the entire benefit will still be in effect starting with the next update.
Old Detroit 6-19-2017 OD #3: Activate David Paulino to the max as a starting pitcher. COMMISSIONER: Paulino is now 39% starter. No more transactions for OD this month.
Old Detroit 6-18-2017 OD #2: Activate Alex Meyer to the max at whatever he's doing now. COMMISSIONER: Meyer added 40% to make him 100% as a reliever.
Old Detroit 6-15-2017 OD #1: Step 1: Send Wade LeBlanc to the minors effective immediately! Step 2: Maximize Francisco Liriano as a reliever. Step 3: Wait 10 seconds before Liriano implodes and LeBlanc starts his 15-day shutout streak. COMMISSIONER: LeBlanc sent to the Mud Squirrels. Liriano at 48% as reliever.
Flint Hill 6-13-2017 FH # 1: Activate Joc Pederson to the max at OH. COMMISSIONER: Pederson up from 0% to 54% (3 x 18) at OH.
Portland 6-12-2017 PR #1: Cuthbert max at 2b please. COMMISSIONER: Cuthbert now at 90% at 2b (Orig: 33% add 57%: 3 x 19 days left,counting the activation from June 12).
Peshastin 6-9-2017 Move Khris Davis from OH to CF, due to the BONE HEADED STUPIDITY OF A CERTAIN OUTFIELDER WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED. Commissioner: Tsk. Shouldn't you learn to spell "Kiermaier" so you could name him at key moments like this? Khris Davis is now at 66% in CF.
D.C. 6-7-2017 DC#1: Activate Kole Calhoun 65% to RF and 10% to OH. DONE
Canberra 6-6-2017 COMMISSIONER: Because today's first update for June could not be completed without Canberra allocations, I completed Kangaroo allocations by: (1) copying May allocations, (2) allocating new player Espinoza at 0, and (3) filling in for the departed Mark Reynolds to get to 100% allocation for 1b with the fewest moves possible, ie, moving 30% of Adam Rosales from the bench to 1b.
Portland 6-5-2017 Asuaje was dropped at the last meeting...COMMISSIONER: Dropped Asuaje. Also added Eddie Butler who wasn't on your roster.
Haviland 6-5-2017 DEFENSE: Rizzo 2B April 16 (his 2B rating didn't show up - I'm not going to use him there but I need it to have a legal roster)
Canberra 6-5-2017 Canberra trades Mark Reynolds to Portland for Anderson Espinoza.
Haviland 6-5-2017 Nava: 1B. COMMISSIONER: He was already rated at 1st.
Haviland 6-5-2017 Rizzo: 2B & OF (if one appearance at OF with no outs recorded counts, not like I'm going to use him there)
D.C. 6-4-2017 DEFENSE: - Scooter Gennett @ OF June 3, @ 3b May 23. - Gerardo Parra @ 1B April 12. - T.J. Rivera @ 1B May 23, OF May 14.
Old Detroit 6-4-2017 DEFENSE: Willson Contreras @ 1b May 9, @ 3b May 1. K Schwarber @ 1b Apr 7.
6-3-2017 DRAFT RESULTS: PR: E Adrianza (750), L Morrison (2000,2), E Butler (750); Drop C Perez, C Asuaje. DC: Attended, drafted no one. CK: Could not attend. OD: M Taylor (1000,2), W LeBlanc (1000,2); Drop S Armstrong. HD: A Avila (2000,2), E Young (500); Drop J Jimenez, G Soto (or was that Sano? It was hard to tell.) PA: K Yates (500), R Bleier (500), K Suzuki (2000, 3); Drop G Petit. KD: E Sogard (1000, 1); D Lamet (2250, 1); TJ McFarland (500); drop E Aybar FH: B Zimmer (2750,1); Kate Middleton (500); Drop S Van Slyke. PP: R Delgado (2500,2); S Gaviglio (500); Drop S Gonzalez. CC: I Happ (2500,1).
Portland 6-3-2017 DEFENSE: Adrianza 1B on May 31; OF on May 29
Flint Hill 6-3-2017 Flint Hill sends Hahn and Kendrick to D.C. For Jeff Samardijza.
Flint Hill 6-3-2017 Flint Hill trades Senzatela to Portland for Keon Broxton
Cottage 6-1-2017 Cottage sends Addison Russell and Dylan Bundy to the Balk for Corey Seager.
5-31-2017 Jakob Junis should be listed as SP. He is a deb, and started a game on 5/21
Portland 5-28-2017 Defense: Cuthbert, 1b. May 27
D.C. 5-28-2017 DC # was something about Grossman, which I executed at the time it was posted, but then accidentally deleted the post.
Pittsburgh 5-28-2017 PA #2: Bench David Price for the rest of May. PA #3: activate Tyler Austin to the max at 1B. COMMISSIONER: Price is benched before he even appears in 2017! Austin is at 15% at 1b.
Haviland 5-28-2017 HD #3: Bench Glasnow remainder of May. COMMISSIONER: Done before the games of May 27.
Flint Hill 5-26-2017 FH #3: Increase Brian Johnson to the max at SP> COMMISSIONER: Johnson to 18% at sp
Flint Hill 5-25-2017 FH trades Forsythe to Cottage for Charlie Morton and Archie Bradley
Peshastin 5-24-2017 Move Allen Cordoba from bench to SS. 100%
Peshastin 5-24-2017 PP#1: Move R Stephenson from bench to reliever, 100%
Flint Hill 5-22-2017 FH receives $1.75 million from Angels subsidy for Doug Fister for 2017.
Portland 5-22-2017 PR #3: Miller on DL, Asuaje to max at 2B. COMMISSIONER: Asuaje at 30% at 2b.
Haviland 5-21-2017 HD #2: Clevinger to the max at RP. COMMISSIONER: Done -- Clevinger at 93%
Portland 5-20-2017 PR #2: (RESTORED AFTER ACCIDENTAL DELETION) Bench Amir Garrett. Activate Jose Berrios to the max. DONE effective May 19, Berrios at 100% as a starter.
Cottage 5-19-2017 CC#3: Allocate Sonny Gray to the max (never thought I'd say that). COMMISSIONER: Sonny Gray allocated 42% AS A RELIEVER. (If you meant to allocate as a starter, please tell me today.)
Flint Hill 5-18-2017 Change Manuel Margot's contract to expire 2021, since he's been active this year.
Old Detroit 5-18-2017 OD #3: Increase Ahmed at SS to the max. Commissioner: Ahmed increased by 42% to 92% at SS.
Pittsburgh 5-17-2017 PA #1: Send Castellanos to the bench. COMMISSIONER: Done before games of May 17.
Flint Hill 5-17-2017 FH #2: Move pederson to of to the max. Increase jaso at oh to the max. COMMISSIONER: Pederson now has 15% at each OF position. Jaso is now 63% at OH
Portland 5-17-2017 PR #1: Broxton to OH at max available. COMMISSIONER: Broxton's remaining 20% on the bench moved to OH, making him 40% there.
Haviland 5-14-2017 HD #1: Chad Green to the max. COMMISSIONER: Added 50A% to Green's PT as a starting pitcher, making him 100%.
D.C. 5-14-2017 DC #1: Narvaez to the bench.
Old Detroit 5-14-2017 OD #2: Activate the other 50% of Matt Moore as a reliever, now that his ERA is way down to 5.67.
Flint Hill 5-13-2017 FH #1: Bench Todd Frazier and move all of Arroyo from oh to 3b... McCann should have his other (50%) moved to oh. COMMISSIONER: Done, except Arroyo only mover 57% to 3b, considering the move was posted May 12.
Old Detroit 5-12-2017 OD #1: Activate Alex Meyer to the max as a starting pitcher
5-11-2017 Move Bellinger's 40 per cent at OH to 1B for the rest of the month. he is not rated at 1B--I don't know why--but has played 1B this year. Commish, please rule on whether this can be done. I have very little news, the commish's posts are my main sports page, so bless him. COMMISSIONER: Bellinger is not rated at 1b because he did not appear at 1b until May 2 He will be eligible to play there on June 1.
Cottage 5-10-2017 CC #2: Activate Charlie Morton to the maximum as a reliever.
Cottage 5-8-2017 CC #1: Please move half of Aaron Hicks into the 3 outfield positions, splitting that 50% into three equal parts for LF, CF, and RF. Leave the other 50% at OH.
D.C. 5-8-2017 Brett Anderson is placed on the DL with a strained lower back. He is replaced in the fearsome Balk rotation with Joe Musgrove. COMMISSIONER: Nothing needs to be done with Anderson -- he'll accumulte no stats while he's on the MLB DL. Musgrove is already at 100%, as a reliever. He cannot be switched to being a starter.
5-2-2017 Peshastin released Kyle Lobstein. COMMISSIONER: this was emailed to me this afternoon, well before the deadline.
Old Detroit 5-2-2017 $250,000 for Shawn Armstrong to Canberra
Old Detroit 5-2-2017 trades Jackie Bradley Jr and Trevor Williams to Peshastin for Alex Wood and Starling Marte.
Pittsburgh 4-30-2017 Pittsburgh sends 500K to the Portland Rosebuds for Dalton Pompey.
4-30-2017 EACH TEAM'S DRAFT: * DC: Drafted Anthony Swarzak, Kyle Freeland, Scooter Gennett; Dropped Eric Gonzalez, Jorge Lopez. COTTAGE: Drafted Danny Duffy for 4 years, $15,750,000. KALINE: Drafted Yonder Alonso, Ben Gamel. Flint Hill: Drafted Antonio Senzatella, Jordan Montgomery, Christian Arroyo. * Dropped Ben Heller and Drew Hutchison PESHASTIN: Drafted Allen Cordoba, (D) for $500K. Drafted James Pazos (V) for $2M for two years. Designated Starling Marte for assignment. CANBERRA: Drafted Wandy Peralta and Jorge Bonifacio. Dropped Shawn Armstrong. PITTSBURGH: Drafted Cody Bellinger, Dnaiel Roberston and Miguel Diaz. PORTLAND: Drafted Amir Garrett, Blake Parker, Chris Iannetta, Eric Thames, and Robbie Scott. Dropped Jayson Aquino, Eddie Butler, Dalton Pompey, plus Luebe (already announced) OLD DETROIT: Drafted Trevor WIlliams. HAVILAND: Drafted Joe Jimenez, Daniel Nava. Redropped Desmond Jennings. All will be processed after the last April update.
Flint Hill 4-28-2017 Drop Drew Hutchison effective today COMM: Hutchison is released as of the end of the month.
Portland 4-24-2017 PR #3, activate Urias to max amount possible. COMM: DONE -- Urias increased 21% to 54% total.
Old Detroit 4-21-2017 OD#3 Activate Mallex Smith to the Ma(lle)x divided equally among the OF spots. COMMISSIONER: The brilliant move has been executed. No more roster moves for OD in April.
Portland 4-20-2017 PR #2: deactivate Cuthbert. COM: Done
Flint Hill 4-18-2017 FH #2: Bench Kyle Kendrick, and increase Brian Johnson's time to the max. (Except Jamie said it better -- I accidentally deleted his version). COMMISSIONER: Kendrick sent to minors/benched. Johnson increased by 45% to 78%, still as a reliever.
D.C. 4-17-2017 Brock Holt is abandoning SS and will now spend 50% of his time at 2B. COMMISH: Not permitted. We can't move people from one defensive position to another. Nor can you send half of a player to the minors.
D.C. 4-17-2017 DC#2: Robbie Grossman moved 70% to LF, 30% OH. COMMISH: I moved the maximum of 42% from OH to LF.
Peshastin 4-17-2017 PP #2: Move Trey Mancini from bench to OH. PP #3: Move Hunter Renfroe from bench to LF. COMM: Done
Haviland 4-17-2017 HD #2: Activate Clevinger as SP to the maxim . COMM: Done at 42%
Flint Hill 4-17-2017 FH #3: With Marcus Semien being placed on the DL, FH activates the remaining 50% of James McCann to OH to the max. COMMISSIONER: McCann activted 42% as OH. Semien is still on the active roster.
Cottage 4-15-2017 CC#1: The Cheese send Greg Bird to the minors for the rest of the month. If the Yankees have any sense, they'll do the same. The Cheese promote Austin Barnes and Jorge Soler to the maximum available allocations at the position of OH for the rest of the month, to make up for Mr. Bird's demotion. COMMISSIONER: Moves made, taking effect after Saturday's games. Soler and Barnes added 45% to their OH allocations.
4-14-2017 OD #2: Send Austin Hedges to the minors as of today (yesterday's "stats" still count). Replace him at C with all 25% of Willson Contreras' OH. DONE
Portland 4-13-2017 DFA Luebke. COMMISSIONER: I will put this into effect before the next roster deadline.
D.C. 4-12-2017 DC #1 April: Sam Dyson has confessed his repeated grievous pitching sins, but still must make amends for the damage he's done. DC moves him to 100% on the bench for a time of reflection (in sackcloth and ashes). COMMISH: Dyson is deactivated before games of April 12. He cannot return to active duty for the rest of the month. His existing June stats as of this morning will still count.
Peshastin 4-12-2017 PP # 1 April: Peshastin moves Joey Gallo from OH to 3b. This covers 55% of Gallo's ABs. The portion assigned to OF is unchanged.
Flint Hill 4-10-2017 FH #2: Move Jesse Hahn to the max at SP in place of Cahill who was put on the DL Sunday. Commissioner: Hahn increased 63% (3 x 21 days) for a total of 96%. Unclear whether Cahill is to be demoted; owner interrogated.
Old Detroit 4-8-2017 OD #1 for April: Increase Nick Ahmed at SS to the max
Flint Hill 4-8-2017 FH #1 April: Move Buxton 100% to the bench and allocate Margot 100% in the same position. COMMISSIONER: Buxton is in the minors for the rest of the month. His stats through Apr 6 are preserved. Margot is allocated 23% LF, 23% CF, 23% RF for all his April stats. CORRECTION: The Twins/White Sox game was over, or nearly over, when this was posted on Apr 7 at 7:56 PM PDT. Thus Buxton's stats for Apr 7 will count and will be preserved. If the game has started, its stats will count for a player being de-activated.
Haviland 4-6-2017 HD April Move #1 DONE effective for games April 6: Move Soto's 20% Bench to OH at the max possible. (All 20% moved; OH now at 40%).
Kaline 3-31-2017 The Drive drops rookie Caleb Dirks, no MLB experience, RP for Atlanta.
Pittsburgh 3-31-2017 Pittsburgh DFA's Aaron Blair.
Flint Hill 3-28-2017 Flint Hill trades Nate Jones to Old Detroit for Dan Straily.
3-26-2017 The Cheese accept the trade of Jett Bandy for Martin Maldonado, and drop all minor-league players involved.
Old Detroit 3-26-2017 Old Detroit DFA's Colin Rea.
3-25-2017 Free Agent Draft: * OD DFA's John Lamb * CC DFA's Wotell * HD DFA's Miguel Almonte
Flint Hill 3-25-2017 Free Agent Draft: DFA Feyereisen, Meyer, Farmer, and some other guy the Commissioner forgot to write down -- Kaminsky.
3-25-2017 Free Agent Draft: CK DFA's Adeiny Hechavarria
D.C. 3-25-2017 Free agent draft: The Balk drop [DFA] Elvis Araujo (Rel LH).
Canberra 3-25-2017 Free Agent Draft: DFA Hechavarria
D.C. 3-25-2017 Pre-draft announcement: The Balk drop [DFA] RHP Trevor May, who will soon undergo Tommy John surgery.
Kaline 3-22-2017 The Drive drops Josh Tobias, a minor league 2B for Boston. No MLB experience.
Kaline 3-18-2017 The Drive drops rookie Anfernee Seymour (Atlanta minor leaguer, SS, OF)) THe Commissioner treats this as a DFA. Note -- while Kaline can trade Seymour before the roster deadline, he does NOT go on the FA list because he has never appeared in MLB.
Kaline 3-13-2017 The Drive drops Rookie Michael Mader, Atlanta reliever. The Commissioner transforms this to a DFA so the Cheese can maybe trade him before the Opening Day rosters are due.
Old Detroit 3-5-2017 Sean Rodriguez, injured in a terrible car wreck at the hands of a drunk driver that almost took the lives of his wife and two daughters, receives from OD management a warm "Get Well" card with his DFA papers tucked inside.
D.C. 3-5-2017 I should have designated these Balkers months ago, but would like to do so now: Hector Olivera Matthew Duffy Ramon Flores Yusmeiro Petit
Canberra 3-5-2017 The Kangaroos drop Adrian Houser. The Commissioner transforms this to a DFA so the 'Roos can maybe trade him before the Opening Day rosters are due.
Cottage 3-5-2017 Drops Tim Cooney. The Commissioner transforms this to a DFA so the Cheese can maybe trade him before the Opening Day rosters are due.
Canberra 3-4-2017 Accepts the trade of Giolio and Lopez for Adam Eaton.
Flint Hill 3-4-2017 FH accepts the de Leon for Forsythe trade
Flint Hill 3-1-2017 Subsidy from Toronto for Mat Latos: $1,500,000.
Peshastin 3-1-2017 Accepts trade of Wade LeBlanc for PTBNL, drops PTBNL.
Canberra 2-26-2017 Drops Robbie Erlin.
Canberra 2-25-2017 from Yankees for Chris Carter $3500
Kaline 2-13-2017 Kaline Drive trades Brad Miller to Portland Rosebuds for Ian Desmond and $2 million.
Haviland 2-10-2017 Dragons should receive some salary relief as both Conger and Jennings have signed (minor league, I think) deals. COMMISH: Conger gets $950,000 from ARI; Jennings gets $1,500,000 from Cincinnati.
Portland 2-6-2017 Hammel signed by KC (2/ $16), covering Portland's commitment over the next two years. Commissioner: Hammel deleted from PR roster sheet/salary obligations because KC has assumed PR's entire liability to Hammel.
Peshastin 2-4-2017 Pears trade Anthony Rendon to Portland for Starling Marte and Isan Diaz
Portland 1-25-2017 credit $2 million to Portland from San fransisco for hundley fA signing.
Flint Hill 1-22-2017 Yordano Ventura died in an automobile accident. Please drive safely.
Cottage 1-14-2017 Arizona has agreed to pay $1.5M of Ianetta's contract for 2017, thereby relieving the Cheese' budget of a portion of their obligation to him.
Cottage 1-12-2017 trades Yasiel Puig to Portland for Brian Flynn.
Peshastin 1-11-2017 DFA's Brett Eibner, Nick Tropeano, Jesus Aguilar, and Michael Taylor.
Cottage 1-11-2017 trades its first-round pick in the 2017 rookie draft to Canberra for Bryce Harper.
Kaline 12-29-2016 Kaline DFA's Brandon Morrow
Haviland 12-28-2016 request refund of A Escobar's salary as he has signed for a greater amount. Commissioner credits the Dragons with $3,000,000 from the Royals, who exercise their option after the Dragons dropped Escobar.
Kaline 12-28-2016 Kaline accepted the MLB trade of Buchholz for Joshua (Henry James) Tobias.
Portland 12-28-2016 Gomez (dfa) signed with texas, a 1 year deal, but for more than the rosebuds owe hin this year. Thanks
Cottage 12-8-2016 The Cheese accept the trade of Chris Heston for a PTBNL.
Kaline 12-2-2016 KD drops rookie contracts of Carson Smith and Philip Pfeifer.
Flint Hill 11-30-2016 I think I should actually release (not DFA) Gennett and Cingrani - both on rookie contracts. Sorry!
Flint Hill 11-30-2016 DFA Gennett and Cingrani
11-30-2016 The 'Roos really meant to DFA Chris Carter.
Canberra 11-29-2016 The 'Roos release Chris Carter.
Cottage 10-25-2016 The Cheese designate Matt Adams, Chris Ianetta, and Chris Heston for assignment. We hope that they all get traded.
Portland 10-19-2016 DFA Nick Hundley
Haviland 10-11-2016 DFA Alcides Escobar
Cottage 10-9-2016 The Cheese designate Henderson Alvarez (who never actually pitched for them!) for assignment.
Old Detroit 10-5-2016 DFA's Jeremy Hellickson and Justin Morneau
Kaline 10-5-2016 DFA Carlos Perez, Catcher
Portland 10-4-2016 Dfa Hammel
10-4-2016 FH dfas Doug fister
Haviland 10-4-2016 Dragons DFA Conger and Jennings
Portland 10-3-2016 Dfa Gomez, effective immediately
Cottage 9-9-2016 Duffy to DL; please move Jorge Polanco's 50% at OH to 25% at 2b and 25% at 3b.
Cottage 9-6-2016 Hicks to DL; please move Dickerson from 100% OH to 40% OH and then 20-20-20 across the three outfield positions.
Old Detroit 9-3-2016 OD trades Mallex Smith and its third round pick in the 2017 rookie draft for Ben Gamel from CK.
9-3-2016 Drops from the Sep 2 draft: CC drops Eflin, Mengden, Mallex Smith FH drops Ben Heller PA drops Darwin Barney OD drops DH Lee HD drops Neil Walker, Jimmy Rollins PA drops Joey Rickard, Nick Ahmed, Eddie Butler
Pittsburgh 9-1-2016 Accepts the trade of Arquimedes Caminiero for players to be named later.
Kaline 9-1-2016 Accept the trade of Daniel Nava for a PTBNL.
Kaline 9-1-2016 Accept the trade of Cervenka for Michael Mader and Anfernee Seymour, effective 9/1.
Peshastin 9-1-2016 Activate Ross Stipling 21% (request was made August 25) to replace Wade LeBlanc, who was DFA'd
Pittsburgh 8-23-2016 Add Graveman to the max at RP to replace Strasburg going on the DL.
Haviland 8-22-2016 Since Bregman has played second base in August I believe I can DFA Uribe and have a legal roster for September. if that is true then I DFA Uribe.
Pittsburgh 8-21-2016 Pittsburgh activates Domingo Santana to OH for the max, replacing Castellanos, who is languishing on the DL.
Old Detroit 8-20-2016 With Dae-Ho Lee going to AAA, the W's bring up Dan Vogelbach at OH for the max (39%).
Haviland 8-18-2016 Activate Gary Sanchez to the max at Catcher - Soto to the DL. Commissioner notes enviously the perfect timing -- Soto goes down at the same time Sanchez comes up.
Portland 8-17-2016 Drop Eovaldi. (He meant "DFA Eovaldi" which rolls off the tongue better and preserves the Rosebuds' rights to trade Eovaldi before the next roster deadline)). The deed will be done at the end of the month.
Portland 8-14-2016 Hammel to max at RP, Conley to DL
Old Detroit 8-13-2016 Move Sean Rodriguez 60% from bench to ss, replacing Jose Iglesias, on DL for hamstring injury,
Old Detroit 8-13-2016 Move Profar 60% to 2b to replace Mark Reynolds, on DL with broken hamate. Move Sean Rodriguez 40% to OH to replace Reynolds on roster.
Cottage 8-11-2016 Matt Adams sent to DL. Matt Duffy is currently allocated 50% to OH. I'd like to split that 50% evenly (if possible) between OH and 1B.
Portland 8-9-2016 Guerra to DL, activate Anderson to max
Old Detroit 8-6-2016 Correct the expiration date on Jose Iglesias' contract from 2018 to 2017. Iglesias was drafted in the spring of 2015 on a three year, $2,000,000 contract. Never mind -- it was right in the first place at 2018, so correct it back.
Haviland 8-3-2016 Haviland retracts its DFA of Juan Uribe - it's the only way to have a legal roster. Commissioner Ruling: There is no provision in our rules for retracting DFA's, so Haviland cannot retract it once made. There being five votes to overturn the Commissioner's ruling (Commissioner and Haviland recusing), it is overturned. Uribe is restored to the Haviland roster, and will have to be active at least 33%.
Old Detroit 8-3-2016 OD accepts the trade of Wade Miley for minor leaguer Ariel Miranda, but opts not to keep Miranda.
Cottage 8-2-2016 $500,000 credit for Graveman due to Allegheny's paying Graveman's salary.
Flint Hill 8-2-2016 Flint Hill trades Kenta Maeda and 4mil to Old Detroit for Yan Gomes
Old Detroit 8-2-2016 Accept the trade of Michael Montgomery and some minor leaguer for Dan Vogelbach and some minor leaguer
Flint Hill 8-1-2016 Drop almora and Austin Jackson. Accept the trade for Andrew Miller. I should have enough roster spots for all 4 prospects, and none of them have debuted so they are each owed 500 with a 2099 contract expiration date.
Cottage 8-1-2016 Cottage DFA's Cesar Vargas, who never got to pitch, even once, for the Cheese, which probably saves his career, if he ever comes back from the DL. This makes roster space for Max Wotell, who is too far from MLB for the Curse of the Cheese to affect him. Yet. By the way the Cheese do NOT need to make a roster spot for Dilson Herrera, the other participant in the Bruce trade. He's already on our roster.
Cottage 8-1-2016 Cottage accepts the trade of Jay Bruce for Dilson Herrera and Max Wotell. (Note to commissioner: I believe that Flint Hill's salary obligation to Jay Bruce is cancelled by this deal, as is Cottage's.)
Haviland 8-1-2016 I'll give this a shot: Dragons trade Andrew Susac and nameless minor leaguer to the Brewers for Will Smith. Then the Dragons trade Will Smith for Andrew Susac and minor leaguer Phil Pickford. So the end result is to trade one of our nameless, faceless minor leaguers for Phil Pickford. Legal? COMMISSIONER: No. It's a trade in which a particular player goes both ways. Against the rules.
Haviland 8-1-2016 Designate Juan Uribe for assignment
Peshastin 8-1-2016 Accepts trade of Billy Burns for Brett Eibner. This saves Peshastin $5ooK in salary. Per the commissioner's explanation of the rules, Eibner has a rookie contract with the Pears, through 2020.
Old Detroit 7-31-2016 Old Detroit sets an EFL record for smallest activation by activating Tyler Skaggs for 3% (of 7 innings!) in light of Rich Hill's banishment to the DL. You laugh, but wait until the Wolverines win by 0.01 games.
Pittsburgh 7-30-2016 Accepts Adalberto Mejia in trade for Eduardo Nunez.
Flint Hill 7-30-2016 Accepts trade: Espinoza for Pomeranz
Portland 7-28-2016 trades Yordano Ventura to Flint Hill for Leonys Martin
Cottage 7-28-2016 Cottage trades Michael Fulmer to Portland for Jorge Polanco.
Haviland 7-28-2016 Conger optioned to AAA, raise Suzuki to the max at C
Portland 7-27-2016 accepts Aaron Hill trade. drop both minor league players. Hill's $5,500,000 salary will come off the Rosebud books as of Aug 1, when this trade takes effect in the EFL . 8/2: Commissioner removed a $5,500,000 "credit for Aaron Hill" since Hill is no longer listed on the Rosebud payroll.
Pittsburgh 7-24-2016 $500,000 obligation to Alexi Ogando cancelled when Ogando signed with Arizona on July 11.
Old Detroit 7-18-2016 Yan Gomes to DL; JJ Hardy 42% (max) to OH to replace roster spot.
Flint Hill 7-8-2016 Activate Fister as a starter to the max (75%) to replace demoted Urias.
Flint Hill 7-1-2016 FH trades Jeff Samardzija to DC for Kenta Maeda.
Flint Hill 6-30-2016 Latos signed a minor league deal with the Nationals, giving the Tornados $500,000 in salary relief in 2016 only.
Peshastin 6-23-2016 Move Luis Severino max (27% since this as submitted via email 6/22) to start in place of DLed Tyson Rosss.
Portland 6-21-2016 Pearce to dl, turner max at 1b from OH, Gomez max from Bench to OH.
Old Detroit 6-21-2016 With Drury headed to AAA, Jose Iglesias is activated another 30% at OH.
Cottage 6-21-2016 Mallex Smith got his thumb broken and went on the DL. Please activate Yasiel Puig in RF as much as possible.
Cottage 6-21-2016 Cottage trades Nathan Eovaldi and Salvador Perez (both of them quality, 4.5-year-aged Cheese) to Portland for Chris Iannetta and Maikel Franco.
Haviland 6-18-2016 JDMartinez to the DL. The Dragons, in an act of desperation, move Conger's 40% bench allocation and his 4 unused at-bats to OF, evenly spread across L, C and R.
Haviland 6-17-2016 Souza to the DL; acticate Jennings to the max across all OF positions
6-12-2016 Credit $500,000 to Rosebuds for Michael McKenry's signing with the Cardinals
Portland 6-12-2016 Commissioiner Ruling: The Portland Rosebuds will be relieved of $1,000,000 (half of their obligation) owed to Dee Gordon this year due to his 80-game steroids suspension.
Flint Hill 6-12-2016 DFA Mat Latos
Flint Hill 6-12-2016 (6/10) Fister to the max replacing demoted Jesse Hahn. COMM: Added 63%.
Flint Hill 6-12-2016 Scooter Gennett to the max in OF, replacing Austin Jackson (DL). Commissioner: with 20 days in the month (counting today), that makes a total of 60% in the OF (20-20-20)
Old Detroit 6-12-2016 John Lamb to the max (from 70% to 100%) to replace Rich Hill (DL).
Cottage 6-7-2016 Soler to DL - move Kepler's 40% from OH to RF.
Old Detroit 6-7-2016 As soon as Kolten Wong's demotion is official Tuesday, June 7, the Wolverines will activate to the max (72%) Jurickson Profar at 2b.
D.C. 5-30-2016 DFA's JP Arencibia, Troy Featherston, Giovanny Urshela, and Yimi Garcia
Portland 5-28-2016 Flynn to AAA, Kelly to max at RP. Commissioner: Done effective May 28 -- 12% of Kelly activated.
Pittsburgh 5-26-2016 Caminero goes on the DL. Replace him at RP with Eddie Butler's other 50%, to the max for these last few days of May. COMMISSIONER: Butler was increased 18% (6 days x 3 %)
Canberra 5-26-2016 VIA EMAIL, 5/24: So, I just found out that Logan Forsythe was placed on the DL on Saturday, retroactive to May 10. Do we allow retroactive replacements? Either way, I'd like to activate Hybridise... Gettysburg's...Necessaries...stupid swipe keyboard, Hechevarria for the max that I can at SS. COMMISSIONER: Heche increased 24% at SS. No retroactive activations so you can't wait to see who has a good month and then take retroactive advantage of it.
Kaline 5-26-2016 The Drive sends Justin Turner to Portland for Chase Anderson and Joe Kelly. The Drive drops Tommy Milone to remain at 31 players. (Effective June 1)
Kaline 5-26-2016 The Drive lost two pitchers yesterday: Vogelsong (smashed face) and Carson Smith (TJ surgery). We would like to activate Bud Norris for the rest of the month as a reliever.
Flint Hill 5-25-2016 Flint Hill sends Wil Myers and Cesar Vargas to cottage for Todd Frazier and Andrew Miller.
Portland 5-22-2016 Hundley Dl, Ianetta to C at Max, Franco to 1B at Max, Hill to 3b at Max. COMMISSIONER: Since Hundley was only active at C, you cannot replace him at 1b or 3b. You cannot move Iannetta from 1b to C. You can only INCREASE playing time at a defensive position, not decrease it. You could move 30% of Cuthbert, Broxton, or Diaz to OH to replace Hundley's lost time there.
Portland 5-20-2016 Flynn to max rp, Luebke optioned to aaa. Commissioner: Flynn increased by 36% to an allocation of 69% as a reliever.
Portland 5-17-2016 Gomez to DL, Dickerson max at OF, Hill max to OH. Cancel previous transaction of Dickerson replacing Marte. Commissioner: Dickerson moved to 15% at each OF position. Hill increased from 50 to 95% at OH
Portland 5-16-2016 Marte to Paternity Leave, Dickerson from OH to OF at 2% daily until end of month. Commissioner: the rule refers to disabled list and demotions. We have extended it in practice to drug suspensions and restricted lists. We have not extended it to brief suspensions or paternity leaves because they are short. Fortunately, the issue is mooted by your next request.
Portland 5-16-2016 Jon Gray to max, Lobstein to AAA. Commissioner: Gray increased by 48% to 81% active.
Pittsburgh 5-14-2016 In case the commissioner is so picky as to insist on a name, the prior request is for Domingo Santana. (Commissioner: Pretty sure the injured player is Michael Brantley, not David, but why should I be so picky? I bet your brain conflated Brantley with David Brinkley. Anyway, all 25% of Santana's unallocated time is allocated across the three positions at 8 - 9 - 8.)
Pittsburgh 5-14-2016 Pittsburgh activates the portion of Domingo what's his name, that guy on the Brewers that I can't look up because I'm in England w/o my computer, to the max across 3 OF positions to replace David Brantley, who has taken a trip to DL.
Flint Hill 5-12-2016 Activate Doug Fister up to 50% as reliever, replacing injured Tony Zych.
Peshastin 5-11-2016 Activate Stripling as a starter to the max to replace Raisel Iglesias, on the DL.
D.C. 5-1-2016 DFA Ramon Cabrera
Old Detroit 5-1-2016 Michael Broadway sent to minors. Also given his ticket out of Old Detroit, but that's irrelevant here. Active Rea as reliever to the max (3% !).
Haviland 4-30-2016 Haviland sends Stephen Pearce and 3 million dollars to Portland for Danny Duffy
Portland 4-29-2016 Luebke on DL, increase Lobstein to max available.
Flint Hill 4-28-2016 Requested via email, Apr 13: activate Austin Jackson to the max, spilt among the three OF positions to make them even, due to Scott Van Slyke's injury.
Kaline 4-26-2016 Activate Vazquez to replace injured Avila.
Haviland 4-25-2016 Activate Farmer to the max, Carrasco to the DL. Commissioner's Note (CN): Farmer given an additional 21% to make his total allocation 71%
Peshastin 4-23-2016 Activate Nick Tropeano to the max (24% as of today) to replace DLed Tyson Ross.
Cottage 4-20-2016 Heston sent to minors; please activate Graveman as RP to max allowable. (Commissioner Note: Graveman is active 36% as a reliever.)
Old Detroit 4-17-2016 Increases Erasmo Ramirez' active allocation from 67% to 100% due to Andrew Heaney going on the DL April 6.
Portland 4-14-2016 Luebke to DL, Increase Anderson to max allowed. COMMISSIONER's NOTE: Anderson increased 51% (17 days left on April 14, counting the 14th, x 3% per day) -- actually only 50% since Anderson was already 50% active -- to a total of 100%
D.C. 4-14-2016 Activate Adonis Garcia to the max at 3b (from the 34% originally allocated to the bench) to replace Hector Garcia, put on administrative leave by MLB.
Cottage 4-13-2016 Pablo Sandoval has been put on the DL with a broken belt. Please replace him as Cheese OH with as much of Max Kepler as is available. (Commissioner: all 40% was moved.)
Pittsburgh 4-13-2016 To replace Inciarte, who is on the DL: Move 50% of Brantley to the max from OH to RF; Move the 40% of Castellanos on the bench to the max from the bench to OH. COMMISSIONER NOTE: You are permitted to spread Brantley where Inciarte's playing time in the OF was spread. So I put Brantley 16-17-17 in LF - CF - RF. If you want him 50% in RF instead, I can fix it.
Flint Hill 4-12-2016 Activate Gattis to the max to replace McCann, on the DL. Gattis activated from 50% to 100%.
Old Detroit 4-9-2016 Wolverines activate JJHardy 67% from the bench to OH, "replacing" injured Kyle Schwarber.
Flint Hill 4-3-2016 Trades Kaminsky and $3 million to Portland for Wil Myers
Old Detroit 4-2-2016 Old Detroit trades Dillon Gee to the DC Balk for Yohan Pino and $750,000.
Flint Hill 4-2-2016 Flint Hill Tornados traded RHP Craig Kimbrel to Boston Red Sox for SS Javier Guerra and CF Manuel Margot. 3B Carlos Asuaje and LHP Logan Allen disappeared to Oz. Anthony Ranaudo of the Tornado was released to accompany them there.
Portland 4-2-2016 Portland accepts trade of Jake McGee for Corey dickerson.
Flint Hill 4-2-2016 DFAs Collmenter and Middlebrooks
Canberra 3-30-2016 Drops Josmil Pinto and Jake Smolinski (rookie contracts), and places Jason Frasor on whatever version of waivers/DFA we're now using for veterans.
Portland 3-28-2016 Rosebuds trade Gennett to Flint Hill for Koehler. Flint Hill sends $750,000 to Portland as part of this deal.
Old Detroit 3-26-2016 Old Detroit trades Adeiny Hechavarria to Canberra for Richie Shaffer.
Old Detroit 3-15-2016 Wolverines acquire AJ Cole from Kaline in exchange for $250,000 cash.
Cottage 3-11-2016 Cottage trades Wil Myers to Portland for Drew Smyly and .5 million.
Portland 2-29-2016 dfa Asche
Portland 2-28-2016 Trade Segura and Wagner for Hill, Anderson, and Diaz. Arizona also sends $6.5 to cover a portion of Hill's contract
Cottage 2-27-2016 accepts Todd Frazier from Cincinnati in trade for Jose Peraza.
Kaline 2-27-2016 DFA: Travis Snider, Jared Parker, Alex Torres, AJ Cole, Tyler Matzek
Pittsburgh 2-25-2016 The Pittsburgh Alleghenys ship their first round draft choice in the upcoming Rookie Draft to the Peshastin Pears in return for Brett Lawrie, Jake Marisnick, and Jake Odorizzi.
Cottage 2-25-2016 very quietly DFAs Arismendy Alcantara, hoping no one will notice
D.C. 2-14-2016 Expansion Draft: Josh Timlin, Franklin Gutierrez, Carter Capps, JP Arencibia, Sam Dyson, Yimi Garcia, Brett Wallace, Trevor May, Alex Wilson, Phil Gosselin, Liam Hendriks, Aaron Altherr, Yohan Pino all added to DC. Justin Upton, Trevor Bauer, Wilmer Flores, Trevor Rosenthal, Christian Colon, Garret Richards all taken by Dundee Dummies.
Cottage 2-9-2016 Sells Drew Pomeranz to Flint Hill for $250K
Cottage 2-8-2016 sells Eddie Butler (another bit of tasty Cheese) to the Pittsburgh Alleghenys for $500K
Cottage 2-7-2016 sells Drew Hutchison back to the Flint Hill Tornadoes (who traded him to Cottage for JASON HEYWARD last year, wow was that a ripoff) for a measly $500K.
Portland 2-7-2016 trades Alcides Escobar to Haviland for $750K
Portland 2-2-2016 Received $5,750,000 from Houston to subsidize Doug Fister for 2016. 2017 and 2018 still on the Rosebud's tab at $5,750,000.
Canberra 1-31-2016 Just before the Rule 5 protection deadline: Canberra trades Cam Bedrosian to Peshastin for Rymer Liriano.
Portland 1-22-2016 Drop Wilin Rosario, as he has signed with a Korean baseball team
Portland 1-9-2016 Old Detroit trades Justin Upton to Portland for Tyler Skaggs.
Flint Hill 1-8-2016 NOV 30, 2015: Flint Hill DFA's Abad. (Effective on 11/30, but not recorded here until now).
Pittsburgh 12-30-2015 Pittsburgh DFA's OF Dexter Fowler.
Pittsburgh 12-30-2015 Pittsburgh accepts the trade of Shelby Miller for Ender Inciarte, Dansby Swanson, and Aaron Blair.
Haviland 12-19-2015 Cueto's salary picked up by SF Giants, after signing him to an MLB contract.
Kaline 12-15-2015 Kaline DFA's Kyle Kendrick.
Flint Hill 12-15-2015 FH trades Chris Davis to Canberra for Marcus Semien.
Peshastin 11-29-2015 From 12/18/14: 1 Peshastin gets Jay Bruce, salary of $9m per year 2 Flint Hill gets Tony Cingrani, rookie salary scale through 2017. 3 Flint Hill pays Peshastin $2m in 15, $3m in 16, $3m in 17, $4m in 18.
Haviland 11-27-2015 Haviland trades Samardzija to Flint Hill for $500K for next year
Cottage 10-9-2015 Cottage DFAs Clay Buchholz, on the condition that if the Red Sox pick up his option, that frees The Cheese from the obligation of his EFL salary. Cottage management thanks the anonymous author of a letter to Mr. EFL Answer Man for this suggestion, and also thanks Mr. EFL Answer Man for "reminding" us of the rule about team option pickups working just like new contracts.
Haviland 10-9-2015 The Haviland DFAs Alcides Escobar
Haviland 10-6-2015 Dragons DFA Jeff Samardzija
Cottage 10-6-2015 Cottage DFA's Gerardo Parra and Mike Leake
Old Detroit 10-6-2015 OD DFA's Justin Upton
Portland 9-30-2015 Drop Fister, Avila effective end of season. COMMISSIONER: IN keeping with policy announced last week, this is interpreted as announcing that Fister and Avila have been DFA'd and will not be on the next Portland roster. Portland can trade these players to EFL or MLB teams until the next roster deadline (next spring), or until they have signed new contracts in the EFL or MLB, whichever comes first.
Haviland 9-30-2015 Activate Samardzija to the max - Carlos Martinez to the DL. COMMISSIONER NOTE: Activated 15% more, despite what the COmmissioner mistakenly said in today's update about the maximum being only 6%.
Pittsburgh 9-29-2015 Pittsburgh moves Chris Carter from the bench to OH at the max (I believe 3% times 5 games = 15%). Also Miguel Sano is moved from OH to 3B at the max (also I believe 15%). This is to replace Kang, who went to the DL.
Pittsburgh 9-29-2015 Pittsburgh moves Chris Carter from the bench to OH at the max (I believe 3% times 5 games = 15%). Also Miguel Sano is moved from OH to 3B at the max (also I believe 15%). This is to replace Kang, who went to the DL. COMMISSIONER NOTE: The max on Sept 28 was 18%, so these allocations have been set accordingly.
Portland 9-16-2015 Drops Josh Johnson
Haviland 9-14-2015 The Dragons release Johnny Cueto at the end of the season. COMMISSIONER'S NOTE: In keeping with current policy, this (like all releases unless clearly specified otherwise) is treated as a DFA. Haviland can trade Cueto until such time as Cueto signs a new contract in MLB or EFL, or until the next roster deadline, whichever is first.
Haviland 9-5-2015 During the Sept 5 draft, Haviland dropped Kyle Blanks and Carlos Peguero
Haviland 8-26-2015 Carlos Carrasco to the DL so activate Alex Colome to the max at SP
Flint Hill 8-25-2015 From FH to the Commissioner's Office: "Please activate Jennings to the fullest at eh for Giovatella going in the DL. " Why not? Not every player needs to be exciting. Jennings is now 21% active at eh.
Old Detroit 8-25-2015 With JJ Hardy going on the DL, activate Adeiny Hechavarria to the max (24%).
Kaline 8-22-2015 Drive trade $2,000,000 to Pittsburgh Alleghenys for Dellin Betances; Drive drop Matt Boyd -- all effective Sept 1
Kaline 8-22-2015 Drive drop Joey Butler and David Lough as of Sept. 1.
Old Detroit 8-21-2015 Old Detroit trades Michael Saunders, Brandon Morrow, Jarrod Parker and $4,000,000 to Kaline for Craig Kimbrel, effective Sept. 1.
Cottage 8-18-2015 Hutchison sent to the minors (!) so please allocate Drew Pomeranz to the max at SP #1. COMMISSIONER: Done, at 39%
Old Detroit 8-16-2015 With Yelich going on the DL, activate Jackie Bradley to the max -- ie, to 48%, spread evenly across the OF.
Cottage 8-13-2015 Since Hughes was placed on the DL, please increase Drew Hutchison's allocation at SP to 100%. Even though he is only marginally better than a replacement. COMMISSIONER: Maximum allocation increase on the 13th of a 31-day month is 57%. Hutchison is now 57% at 1st starter position.
Haviland 8-10-2015 As part of the Kaminsky - Flint Hill trade, Haviland will transfer $1,000,000 to Flint Hill in 2016.
Old Detroit 8-8-2015 Despite pious avowals that they never sacrifice the future for immediate gain, the Wolverine trade Jean Segura to Portland for JJ Hardy and a one-time subsidy of $5,000,000
Haviland 8-8-2015 Credit of $500,000 against the Dragons' obligations to Kyle Parker now that the Rosebuds have drafted him.
Old Detroit 8-8-2015 Stung by the massive moves made by Haviland and Pittsburgh, Old Detroit answered by trading Alex Guerrero to Flint Hill for Kevin Kiermaier.
Haviland 8-8-2015 Trades and drops during the Aug 7 Draft: 1. Haviland trades Brandon Moss for Rob Kaminsky, per MLB deal. 2. HD trades Kaminsky to Flint Hill for Jayson Heyward. 3. HD trades Garrett Richards and Yunel Escobar to Peshastin for Carlos Correa. Peshastin will, in effect, stab Old Detroit in the back -- I mean, will pay Correa's salary while Haviland pays Richards and Escobar. 4. Kaline drops Eduardo Escobar. 5. Cottage drops Keven Plawecki 6. Peshastin drops Garin Cecchini 7. Cottage drops Chi Chi Gonzalez Rodriguez Velasquez 8. Cottage drops John Holdzkom
Haviland 8-7-2015 Haviland trades Dylan Bundy to Cottage for Yunel Escobar but Cottage will continue to pay Escobar's salary and Haviland will continue to pay Bundy.
Cottage 8-6-2015 Cottage drops Bronson Arroyo.
Old Detroit 8-6-2015 Pursuant to an MLB trade, Old Detroit sends Paco Rodriguez to Cottage. Cottage trades Paco to Atlanta for Luis Avilan, Bronson Arroyo, Jim Johnson, and Jose Peraza. Cottage sends Avilan to Old Detroit.
Portland 8-5-2015 Accepts trade on Blanton for cash
Pittsburgh 8-4-2015 Pittsburgh DFA's Vance Worley.
Cottage 8-2-2015 Cottage accepts the trade of Dan Haren for two minor-leaguers whom we've never heard of, and who will not be added to the Cheese roster.
Portland 7-31-2015 $500,000 credit against Geovany Soto's salary due to Kaline signing Soto
Portland 7-31-2015 Dfa Parmalee
Cottage 7-29-2015 Cottage accepts the trade of Ben Zobrist for Sean Manaea and Aaron Brooks. Cottage immediately drops Aaron Brooks, but Manaea will remain a Cheese. These moves will be effective August 1.
Old Detroit 7-23-2015 Just realized Jackie Bradley was sent to the minors on July 3, AFTER our July 2 roster deadline. Jean Segura activated at OH at 27% as of July 23. Move 27% of Justin Upton to OF, spread across all three spots.
Haviland 7-23-2015 Pearce to the DL, activate Tucker to the max across each outfield position
Portland 7-22-2015 Ventura optioned, Duffy max at sp
Portland 7-18-2015 Gordon to dl, Gennet to 2b from Bench at max.
Flint Hill 7-18-2015 $500,000 credit to Flint Hill for Detwiler signing with Philadelphia.
Flint Hill 7-13-2015 Detwiler DFA'd July 12. Effect: as of July 12, if Detwiler signs a new contract Flint Hill will get salary relief. As of end of play on July 31, Detwiler's stats will stop affecting the Tornados. As of the August roster deadline, Detwiler will be unavailable to the Tornados. They may trade him from now until then, but if they don't they must release him at the roster deadline.
Cottage 7-12-2015 Buchholz to the DL; please activate Haren at SP to the maximum possible. COMMISSIONER: Haren activated at 60% (Retroactive to July 12).
Haviland 7-10-2015 Gausman to the minors, activate Cody Anderson to the max as a starter. COMMISSIONER RULING: Anderson is already active as a reliever. He cannot be switched over to being a starter under our rules.
Haviland 7-7-2015 Souza, Jr to the DL so we move JD Martinez's 30% at OH to OF, evenly distributed across the 3 positions. Also activate Colabello's bench allocation to OH at the max.
Flint Hill 7-3-2015 AS OF JUNE 6: Everth Cabrera DFA'd. Drops off the Flint Hill roster as of July 1 / roster deadline. Still paid by FH through 2015 unless someone gives him a new deal or claims him off waivers.
Old Detroit 6-27-2015 Move 15% of Alex Guerrero from OH to lf, cf, rf, 5% each. Move 15% of Adeniy Hechavarria from bench to OH. All in response to Giancarlo Stanton going on the DL for broken hamate bone.
Portland 6-18-2015 Ventura to DL, Fister max allowed at SP. Commissioner Response: Fister is set at 81% as a reliever. He can't be allocated as a starter this month. NO WAIT A MINUTE -- you did ask Fister to be reallocated on 6/5 as a starter -- MY MISTAKE -- I allocated him as a reliever. I will now allocate him as a starter, for the original 81% and for an additional 19% per this second request. I apologize for the confusion, and for your team's languishing somewhat further in the basement than was deserved.
Portland 6-14-2015 Asche rated 1.0 in OF, having debuted no later than May 29.
Portland 6-11-2015 Zimmerman to dl, Canha to 1b from Bench at max
Cottage 6-11-2015 Activate Kendall Graveman 63% as reliever to replace Andrew Miller (DL).
Portland 6-5-2015 Wright optioned, Fister to starter at mac allowed
Cottage 6-4-2015 Since Soler was put on the DL, shift the maximum percentage possible for Yunel Escobar from OH to RF, and shift the maximum percentage possible for Jonathan Schoop from bench to OH.
Flint Hill 6-2-2015 Delete Varvaro -- contract returned to Red Sox 5/24.
Cottage 6-1-2015 Kendall Graveman reclassified as a SP due to having started in MLB
Flint Hill 6-1-2015 Carlos Rodon reclassified as a SP due to having started in MLB
Old Detroit 6-1-2015 Subsidy for Eric Stults increased from $500,000 to $2,000,000 as a result of his promotion to majors and trade to the Dodgers
Pittsburgh 5-30-2015 DFA Rhadames Liz
Portland 5-26-2015 Trade kiermaeir to Flint hill for Wandy Rodriguez and Chris Heston
Portland 5-25-2015 Lobstein to dl, increase Kelly at max for rest of month. REQUEST DENIED: cannot replace a starting pitcher with a relief pitcher.
Flint Hill 5-23-2015 AS OF May 16: Activate Will Middlebrooks 45% at 1b due to Morneau going on the DL
Old Detroit 5-23-2015 In light of Texas designating Kyuji Fujikawa for assignment, the Wolverines activate Wade Miley 30% at relief pitcher.
Old Detroit 5-23-2015 Designate Kyuji Fujikawa for assignment. (OD has until its next roster deadline to trade or release Fujikawa, but cannot retain him.)
Haviland 5-20-2015 As Peguero is DFA'd, allocate JD Martinez to the max at OH.
Portland 5-17-2015 Flynn recalled and moved to dl; Kelly activated to rp at max available.
Portland 5-16-2015 Fister to DL; Young activated max for rest of month
Old Detroit 5-15-2015 In light of Jean Segura going to the DL, the Wolverines allocate the remaining 50% of Jose Iglesias to shortstop.
Cottage 5-8-2015 The Cheese, in anguish and pain, DFA Alex Cobb. If you'd like to take a chance on him coming back next year, you have about two hours to offer me some cash.
Cottage 5-7-2015 Trades Jason Heyward to Flint Hill for Drew Hutchison.
Flint Hill 5-5-2015 Drop Andy Dirks effective 3:04 PDT today (when Jaime sent the e-mail).
Portland 4-28-2015 From E. Santana for Drug Suspension for half the 2015 season: Discount of half his annual salary, or $2,250,000.
Old Detroit 4-28-2015 Bailey to DL; Andrew Heaney activated 12% as a reliever.
Pittsburgh 4-27-2015 Pittsburgh activates Jerome Williams for the last four days of April (12%) as starting pitcher. This replaces Iwakuma, who went on the DL.
Old Detroit 4-24-2015 Yelich to DL.. Move 21% of Alexander Guerrero from Bench to OF, 7% in each OF slot.
Haviland 4-23-2015 Activate Coghlan to the max at third base due to Jake Lamb's DL assignment, and active Souza to the max at OH. Commissioner: Souza activated 24% from the bench to OH. Coghlan moved 24% from OH to 3b.
Portland 4-23-2015 Soto to max at Catcher, as Rosario was optioned... 20% reallocated for Soto from OH to C. Now 100% at C, 0 at OH.
Portland 4-21-2015 Gennet sent to DL, Soto activated to max at C. COMMISSIONER RULING: This is not a legal transaction. You cannot use injury at one one position to bolster playing time at another position. You can do two things: 1. Activate someone from OH or the Bench to replaces Gennet at 2b. 2. If you move someone from OH to 2b, you can activate someone else from the bench to OH to replace the time at OH.
Cottage 4-20-2015 Due to Travis D'Arnaud's trip to the DL, activate Yunel Escobar 33% to OH.
Cottage 4-19-2015 In light of Jonathan Schoop going on the DL, activates Matt Duffy the maximum 39% to 2b from the bench.
Canberra 4-17-2015 Trades Erasmo Ramirez to Old Detroit for Jacob Turner effective the end of the month.
Old Detroit 4-12-2015 Yan Gomes to DL. Switch 57% of Carlos Santana from OH to C, resulting in 67% at C and 33% at OH. Activate Jose Iglesias 57% at OH, leaving 10% on bench.
Old Detroit 4-9-2015 Increased Anthony DeSclafani from 50% to 100% as a reliever to replace Kyuji Fujikawa who went on the DL Sunday Apr 5.
Peshastin 4-9-2015 Moved Mike Olt's 50% at OH to 3b to replace injured Anthony Rondon, who went on the DL Apr 5.
Cottage 4-6-2015 Switch Kendall Graveman to a 75% SP, in light of Alex Cobb going on the DL. This move was cancelled APr 8 upon discovery of Graveman's ineligibility to start. Instead Drew Pomeranz was moved from relieving to bing a 69% starter, and Graveman was activated as a 69% reliever.
Pittsburgh 4-2-2015 Pittsburgh releases P Kyle Drabek.
Flint Hill 3-31-2015 Acquire Fernando Abad in Special Session FA Draft for $1.5 million per year through 2016.
Kaline 3-29-2015 Dropped Zach McAllister at the FA draft
Portland 3-29-2015 Traded Aaron Crow for Brian Flynn whoever that is.
Peshastin 3-29-2015 Dropped Lavarnway and Cesar Hernandez at the FA draft.
Haviland 3-29-2015 Dropped Chris Heisey, James Ramsay, and Hak-Ju Lee at the FA draft
Portland 3-29-2015 Dropped Domonic Brown at the FA Draft.
Canberra 3-29-2015 Dropped Steve Lombardozzi at the FA draft. Is still working out how to tell him.
Old Detroit 3-29-2015 Dropped Mitch Moreland at the Free Agent draft. Then dropped Jenrry Mejia there, too.
Cottage 3-29-2015 Traded John Jaso for Ben Zobrist
Old Detroit 3-29-2015 Traded Eddie Butler to Cottage Cheese for Jean Segura and $250,000.
Canberra 3-25-2015 From Boston for F. Paulino: $500,000 for 2015
Kaline 3-19-2015 Kaline trades Mitch Moreland to Old Detroit for Tom Koehler, Alex Torres and $1,000,000 in 2015 and 2016.
Old Detroit 3-17-2015 Announced at the Rookie Draft just before pick #29: Old Detroit trades its 2015 Rookie Draft first round pick (#29) to Canberra for Jurickson Profar and the right to swap first round Rookie Draft picks in the first year in which all of the following are true: 1. The Wolverines have a later pick than the Kangaroos, and 2. The Kangaroo pick is not in the first three picks overall, unless the Wolverines' pick is in the first 10 picks, and 3. The Kangaroos do not have the first EFL pick unless the Wolverines' pick is in the first 10 overall picks or is only one or two EFL picks after the Kangaroos.
Flint Hill 3-15-2015 Accepted the MLB trade of Michael Foltynewicz for Evan Gattis
Peshastin 3-15-2015 Designated Cesar Hernandez for assignment
Peshastin 3-15-2015 Accepted the MLB trade of Anthony Gose for Devon Travis.
Portland 3-11-2015 Rosebuds dropped Erik Johnson quite awhile ago. The Commissioner failed to record the transaction. Johnson will be on the FA List.
3-8-2015 $500,000 from Philadelphia to Old Detroit for Eric Stults
Cottage 3-7-2015 Drops the following players: Stephen Pryor, Allen Webster, Paco Rodriguez, Logan Forsythe, and Michael Choice.
Portland 3-6-2015 Acquire Dee Gordon from Pittsburgh for Rubby de la Rosa.
Portland 3-2-2015 Drop Erik Johnson
Old Detroit 2-13-2015 Traded Danny Salazar to Peshastin for Trevor Bauer and Jackie Bradley, Jr.
Portland 2-4-2015 Traded Chris Heisey to Haviland for Domonic Brown
Flint Hill 2-4-2015 Traded Jean Segura to Cottage for Leonys Martin
12-27-2014 2014/15 Rule 5 Draft:
Canberra: Josmil Pinto from Cottage
Kaline: Jason Hammel from Portland
Pittsburgh: Matt Davidson from Cottage
Canberra: Daniel Hudson from Old Detroit
Old Detroit: Tom Koehler from Haviland
Pittsburgh: Justin Williams from Peshastin
Portland 12-22-2014 Relieved of $5,000,000 liability to Jason Hammel by Chicago Cubs
Cottage 12-17-2014 Credited $500 thousand from some MLB team who signed Scott Sizemore.
Old Detroit 12-16-2014 Credited $2250 from NY Yankees for Chris Capuano in 2015.
Portland 12-12-2014 Trades Hutchinson and Segura to Flint Hill for Hardy, Asche, and $1,000,000
Portland 11-8-2014 DFA Ryan Sweeney
Old Detroit 11-2-2014 Old Detroit DFA's Eric Stults
Portland 10-5-2014 Drop Jason Hammel outright.
Flint Hill 9-20-2014 With C Davis on the restricted list, effective Sep 12 Flint Hill allocates Sam Fuld 13-13-14 as replacement in the OF, and Flaherty 17% at 1b. Entry delayed to today by Commissioner for no good reason.
Portland 9-13-2014 Dfa Yonder Alonso
Pittsburgh 9-1-2014 Jayson Nix claimed on waivers by some MLB team... relieves the Alleghenys of contractual obligation to Nix, since he was DFA'd
8-31-2014 The beginning-of-August free agent draft record can be found here.
Cottage 8-29-2014 Sells Justin Turner to the Wolverines for a mere $500K to satisfy the demands of Old Detroit's ego. Make that "to allow the Wolverines to finish the season with dignity rather than a bunch of replacements at third base."
Haviland 8-29-2014 Allocate Carlos Martinez to the max due to DL trip for Garrett Richards. (Added 12% for 4 days left in the month as of 8/28.)
Pittsburgh 8-27-2014 Pittsburgh designates Jayson Nix for assignment.
Old Detroit 8-25-2014 Activates Welington Castillo another 24% at catcher to replace Yan Gomes, sent to DL for concussion. This increase the W's run production by 0.3. Tremble, ye Alleghenys!
Pittsburgh 8-21-2014 Pittsburgh allocates Tsuyoshi Wada as relief pitcher at maximum value to replace Tommy Khanle, now on the disable list. Is this 11 days times .3 for 33%? -- "Yes" says the Commissioner, "and you get all 33% even though it took me four days to see this."
Old Detroit 8-21-2014 Now that he's safely out of the LAD game with 5 ip, 1 er, Old Detroit activates Eric Stults another 33% to replace Jesse Hahn, demoted to AAA.
Old Detroit 8-17-2014 Activate Eric Stults 48% at sp for Homer Bailey going on DL
8-14-2014 Haviland: Activate Justin Wilson to the max due to Josh Beckett's DL status
Old Detroit 8-14-2014 Activate Adeiny Hechavarria 51% at 3b to "replace" injured Manny Machado.
Flint Hill 8-12-2014 Activated Bud Norris 63% as a starting pitcher to replace the injured de Grom. (Requested via email on August 11.)
Canberra 8-6-2014 Drops at the End of July Managers Meeting: Canberra: Juan Oviedo, Joe Saunders, Michael Bolsinger Kaline: Cole Gillespie Haviland: CJ Cron, Ryan Raburn, Shin-Soo Choo, Pedro Florimon, Shae Simmons Old Detroit: Ian Thomas Pittsburgh: Prince Fielder, Tyler Pastornicky
Haviland 8-6-2014 Accepts trade of Chase Headley to the Yankees for Rafael De Paula, declines to keep De Paula.
Portland 8-5-2014 Trades Steve Pearce and Alex Torres to Old Detroit for Joe Kelly
Portland 8-5-2014 Sends Allan Webster to Cottage for Drew Hutchison
Flint Hill 8-4-2014 The Tornados trade Dan Straily for Jeff Samardzija
Kaline 8-1-2014 Kaline trades Sam Fuld and $500K to Flint Hill for Tommy Milone.
Haviland 7-30-2014 Dragons accept trade of Justin Masterson for James Ramsey. Thanks, Dave, for fixing the rosters pageI broke!
Portland 7-28-2014 Alonso max to OH from Bench for Marte DL (12%)
Flint Hill 7-28-2014 Increase Jacob deGrom by 15% to replace Disuke Matsuzaka. (Request was made July 27.)
Pittsburgh 7-27-2014 Pittsburgh sends Jurickson Profar and Martin Perez to Canberra in return for Stephen Strasburg, effective August 1. Canberra has an open roster spot to take on the extra player.
Pittsburgh 7-25-2014 Activate Jerome Williams from the bench as a SP at the maximum, replacing Tanaka.
Cottage 7-25-2014 Accepted Stephen Pryor from the M's in trade for Kendrys Morales. And not because we're excited about Pryor, in case you were wondering.
Portland 7-25-2014 Corey Hart max from bench to OH, Zimmerman to DL.
Pittsburgh 7-24-2014 Move Dellin Betances from relief pitcher to starting pitcher for the rest of July at the max. TRANSACTION RETRACTED ON THE SAME DAY BY ALLEGHENYS WITH COMMISSIONER PERMISSION.
7-11-2014 The July free agent draft can be viewed here.
Portland 7-10-2014 De La Rosa activated max at RP; Norris was optioned.
Cottage 7-9-2014 Trades Oscar Taveras to Flint Hill for Travis d'Arnaud. Effective August 1. Someone probably will need to remind the Commissioner.
Haviland 7-8-2014 Activate Gausman to the max due to Beckett's trip to the DL
Haviland 7-8-2014 Activate Latos to the max due to Gausman's demotion
Flint Hill 7-8-2014 Flint Hill sends Erik Johnson to Portland Rosebuds for Bud Norris, Max Stassi, and Will Middlebrooks effective Aug 1
Canberra 7-8-2014 Increase Joe Mauer's playing time at C to 100% (shifting 10% from OH) and shift Ender Inciarte's 30% time on the bench to OH, in response to Mauer being sent to the DL by the Twins.
Old Detroit 7-7-2014 From Colorado for Capuano: -$500,000
Pittsburgh 7-1-2014 Dropped Chris Stewart at the end of June meeting
Peshastin 7-1-2014 Dropped Carlos Marmol at the end of June meeting
Haviland 7-1-2014 Dropped Jaff Decker at the end of June meeting
Portland 7-1-2014 Dropped Donnie Joseph at the end of June meeting
Portland 7-1-2014 Dropped Jose Lobaton at the end of June meeting
Flint Hill 7-1-2014 Dropped W.C. Wang at the end of June meeting
Cottage 7-1-2014 Dropped Jacob Turner the pitcher at the end of June meeting
Flint Hill 7-1-2014 Dropped Anthony Bass at the end of June meeting
Old Detroit 7-1-2014 Dropped Burch Smith at the end of June meeting
Old Detroit 6-26-2014 Designates Chris Capuano for assignment. He will be off the team by 12:01 AM July 1.
Portland 6-24-2014 Drops Donnie Joseph, effective 12:01 AM July 1, 2014.
Old Detroit 6-24-2014 Moved Adeiny Hechavarria 24% more to 2b in light of Kolton Wong's trip to the DL.
Peshastin 6-24-2014 Moved Mike Olt 24% more to 3b in light of Brett Lowrie's trip to the DL.
Haviland 6-23-2014 Gausman sent down, activate Rosenthal to the max. (Commissioner's note: Rosenthal activation increased 24% (8 days x 3% per day)
Pittsburgh 6-21-2014 Stern Note TO the Commissioner: Read the rules, you buffoon! For the second time this season, the Commissioner has been corrected. The Daniel Santana Allocation is approved -- but only up to the limit of 36% allowed for a transaction with 12 days left in the month -- so 12% to each OF position. .
Pittsburgh 6-21-2014 Stern Note from the Commissioner: The rules only allow two moves in reallocations: one to OH from the bench, and another from OH to one defensive position where the injured player had been playing. Allocating to three defensive positions is not permitted. SANTANA REALLOCATION NOT APPROVED; however, a reallocation to one OF position will be approved as of 6 /19 if you submit it promptly.
Portland 6-19-2014 Alonso to DL, Frandsen allocated to 1B for max (36%)
Pittsburgh 6-19-2014 Please make that 17% to LF in the prior message.
Pittsburgh 6-19-2014 With Grady Sizemore being DFA'd by the Red Sox, Pittsburgh moves all of the 50% allocated to OH for Daniel Santana to the OF, 17% to RF, 17% to CF, and 16% to RF. I leave to the Commissioner/Votaw axis to calculate the proper percentages.
Old Detroit 6-17-2014 In light of Michael Saunders being sent to the DL last week, Old Detroit activated the last 20% of Welington Castillo's time at OH.
6-14-2014 The June draft record can be viewed here.
Cottage 6-12-2014 Changed John Jaso's allocation at C from 25% to 50% and reduced his allocation at OH from 50% to 25% to compensate for J. Pinto being sent to the minors.
Flint Hill 6-11-2014 Increased Tommy La Stella by 25% to 100% at OH after Travis D'Arnaud went on DL.
Flint Hill 5-27-2014 Activate Flaherty 15% to 3b to replaced injured Asche
Portland 5-24-2014 Activate Alonso for max at 3b for Middlebrooks DL.
Pittsburgh 5-23-2014 move 27% of Chris Carter from bench to OH to replace Fielder going on DL
Peshastin 5-19-2014 Reallocate 39% of Mike Olt from OH to 1b due to Jose Abreu going on the DL.
Portland 5-19-2014 Trade Colby Lewis to Old Detroit for Kevin Frandsen. Effective June 1.
Flint Hill 5-13-2014 Reallocated Daisuke Matsusaka to starting pitcher (60% ; 0% relief pitcher) to replace demoted Dan Straily.
Portland 5-10-2014 Dfa Maikel Cleto
Portland 5-6-2014 Activate Calhoun to OF from OH, 25,25,25, for Sweeney on DL
Portland 5-6-2014 Activate Lobaton from 50% Bench to 100% Cathcer with Rosario on DL
Flint Hill 5-6-2014 Activated Brandon Barnes 22% each in RF, CF, and LF to replace J Bruce, injured.
Flint Hill 5-5-2014 Activated Ryan Flaherty from the bench 50% to 1b to replace C. Davis, DL.
5-1-2014 The free agent draft record can be viewed here.
Pittsburgh 4-30-2014 Pittsburgh dropped John Lannan during the April Managers Meeting.
Kaline 4-30-2014 Cottage dropped Heath Hembree during the April Managers Meeting.
Kaline 4-30-2014 Kaline dropped Neftali Feliz and Ivan Nova during the April Managers Meeting.
Canberra 4-30-2014 Canberra dropped Scott Diamond during the end of April Managers Meeting.
Old Detroit 4-29-2014 Moved 9% of Adeiny Hechavarria's playing time from the bench to 2b to replace Kolton Wong after St. Louis sent Wong to the minors.
Flint Hill 4-28-2014 12% of Ryan Flaherty's playing time moved from Bench to 1B.
Haviland 4-26-2014 Allocated Casey McGehee at 3rd base for 15% for April, the maximum allowed by the rules, since Chase Headley went on the DL.
Portland 4-15-2014 With Zimmerman to DL, Lobaton activated for max possible at OH.
Cottage 4-13-2014 Re-allocated Phil Hughes to reliever at 51% after Jacob Turner went on DL.
Canberra 4-10-2014 Effective April 9, re-allocated 66% of Marcus Semien from OH to ss to replace Brendan Ryan on DL.
Portland 4-6-2014 Re-allocated 25% of Zimmerman from OH to 3b after Middlebrooks went on DL
Haviland 3-30-2014 Haviland drops Wilmer Font, RP
Pittsburgh 3-25-2014 Corrected entries for John Lannan, eliminating subsidy from the Mets since the Alleghenies re-signed Lannan. Pittsburgh now has $8,000,000 available under the salary cap.
Haviland 3-23-2014 Haviland drops Taylor Green and Brett Jackson, both on rookie contracts.
Old Detroit 3-23-2014 Old Detroit drops Brandon Beachy and Derek Holland, both on rookie contracts.
3-23-2014 Free Agent draft record can be viewed here.
Canberra 3-12-2014 Releases reliever Cole Kimball. He'll be available at the end of April draft.
Portland 3-5-2014 Acquires Ryan Zimmerman from Old Detroit for Craig Gentry, Jenry Mejia, and Joe Kelly.
Old Detroit 3-5-2014 Traded iconic Wolverine Ryan Zimmerman to Portland for Jenrry Mejia, Joe Kelly, and Craig Gentry
3-2-2014 2014 Rookie Draft can be viewed here.
Kaline 3-2-2014 Kaline drops J.P. Arencibia
Portland 3-2-2014 Accepts trade of Nate Karns for Jose Lobaton
Canberra 3-1-2014 Drops Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Cottage 2-28-2014 Acquired Yasiel Puig from the Portland Rosebuds in exchange for Will Middlebrooks, Starling Marte, and Tyler Skaggs.
Peshastin 2-28-2014 The Pears cut Tyler Colvin, still on a rookie contract.
Pittsburgh 2-28-2014 Traded Homer Bailey and 1st Rd pick in the Rookie Draft to Old Detroit
Pittsburgh 2-28-2014 Pittsburgh drops Carlos Carrasco and Eduardo Escobar, both rookies.
Canberra 2-28-2014 Drops C Tyler Flowers and his $2m Rookie contract.
Canberra 2-28-2014 Drops Daniel Hudson and his $2m Rookie contract.
Old Detroit 2-28-2014 Traded Shelby Miller and Jose Altuve to Pittsburgh Alleghenys
Kaline 2-25-2014 Traded Elvis Andrus to Canberra
Canberra 2-25-2014 Traded Madison Bumgarner to Kaline
Kaline 2-25-2014 Kaline drops Giavotella
Kaline 2-12-2014 Kaline drops Trevor May, Tyler Robertson, and Vance Worley
Kaline 2-12-2014 Kaline DFA's Tommy Hanson
Peshastin 2-12-2014 Peshastin drops Brian Matusz
Peshastin 2-12-2014 Peshastin: Roy Oswalt officially retired
Old Detroit 1-28-2014 Traded Dustin Pedroia and Derek Norris to Flint Hill
Flint Hill 1-28-2014 Traded Jose Altuve and Yan Gomes to Old Detroit
Portland 1-25-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #23: Jenrry Mejia from New York Mets
Portland 1-25-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #22: Joe Kelly from St. Louis
Flint Hill 1-25-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #21: Josh Collmenter from Arizona
Flint Hill 1-25-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #20: Ryan Flaherty from Baltimore
Portland 1-25-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #19: Alex Torres from Tampa Bay
Portland 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #18: Chris Heisey from Cincinnati
Flint Hill 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #17: Nate Jones from Chicago White Sox
Flint Hill 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #16: Hank Conger from LA Angels
Portland 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #15: Ryan Sweeney from Chicago Cubs
Portland 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #14: Bud Norris from Haviland
Flint Hill 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #13: Tomy Milone from Old Detroit
Flint Hill 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #12: Andy Dirks from Kaline
Portland 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #11: Craig Gentry from Texas
Portland 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #10: Danny Duffy from Kansas City
Flint Hill 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #9: Jose Altuve from Cottage
Flint Hill 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #8: DanStraily from Oakland
Portland 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #7: Josh Rutledge from Colorado
Portland 1-24-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #6: Yonder Alonso from Peshastin
Flint Hill 1-23-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #5: Tyson Ross
Flint Hill 1-23-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #4: Desmond Jennings
Portland 1-23-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #3: Drew Smyly
Portland 1-23-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #2: Wilin Rosario
Flint Hill 1-23-2014 Expansion Draft, Pick #1: Yan Gomes
Pittsburgh 1-23-2014 From Boston for Grady Sizemore: -$750,000 for 2014
Pittsburgh 12-31-2013 DFA'd John Lannan
Cottage 12-20-2013 Trades Jake Odorizzi and Dillon Gee to the Pears for Alex Cobb and Phil Hughes.
Cottage 12-17-2013 Accepts Matt Davidson (MLB:Arizona) in trade for Addison Reed (MLB: White Sox)
Canberra 12-15-2013 Took David Freese from the Cheese in the Rule 5 draft
Cottage 12-15-2013 Took Drew Pomeranz from the Dragons in the Rule 5 draft
Flint Hill 12-15-2013 Took Doug Fister from McPherson in the Rule 5 draft
Portland 12-15-2013 Took Jean Segura from McPherson in the Rule 5 draft
Cottage 12-14-2013 Traded Logan Morrison to the Pears for Drew Hutchison.
Old Detroit 12-7-2013 Old Detroit:From Washington Nationals for Nate McLouth,$1750000 through 2014.
Old Detroit 12-4-2013 Old Detroit: Jose Iglesias from Peshastin for Michael Brantley and $500,000.
Haviland 12-1-2013 Haviland: $1.75 from Cincinnati for Schumaker through 2014.
Kaline 12-1-2013 Kaline: $8,000,000 from San Diego for Josh Johnson for 2014